Editor’s Note: Yusuff Busayo is one writer I respect a lot and he has spared no efforts in dishing out his knowledge about how you can as a new writer make your entire living writing for individuals and organizations. Make sure to spend the next 10-minutes in consuming this piece and the next 3-days in applying the lessons taught in Yusuff’s “How New Writers Can Start To Make Their Entire living Writing“. I will see you at the top!

 How New Writers Can Start To Make Their Entire Living Writing


Let’s face it: you’re a writer.

But there is a clause.

You are not just a writer who writes when you feel like; when the food tastes nice, or when your sweethearts break your heart.


Instead, you write professionally. You practice your writing deliberately. To make money. To build your blog. To build your business. Or simply spread your message.

You tell people you’re a writer who makes money writing. And you even raise your hands when online entrepreneurs are called.

But the truth is: you don’t make a as a writer.

You struggle all you can, put in all the effort you know to. But somehow, all your efforts seem to be crawling down a bottomless hole.

So these days, you’re quietly telling yourself it’s impossible to really make money writing.

It’s impossible for anyone to make their entire living writing and in this piece I have spared no efforts in sharing with you some of the strategies involved in making that happen.

Of course, you can make money writing books. But besides that, no one makes money any other way, you think.

Is that really true?

The Story That’ll Change Your Life

Mine may not be a revolutionary story, but it is somewhat like yours.

I jumped into the online world in the year 2013; determined to create businesses around writing.

I studied all I could about blogging and making money online. I practised all I could and even wrote tons of blog posts on different topics that never succeeded.

I mastered nearly all the tricks of making money writing, but I was so darn broke my poverty scared the willies out of me.

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The table did not turn so quickly, because I fell for the ruse new online entrepreneurs believe: if you can’t beat them, join them.

I gave up trying to make money writing, forgot that dream, and instead began to read blogs for fun. Soon, I took a high school teaching job that was more frustrating than if I had just been without employment.

Long story short, frustration and zeal drove me to find an Email Marketing blog in May, 2016. The author was a no-nonsense email marketing specialist who taught me (and his numerous subscribers) how to set up an email copywriting business.

The result is that, almost 60 days after I launched into the business, I was making the exact income I couldn’t make in the last three years struggling online.

Over the next few months, I made over N500, 000 just writing short, snappy sales emails for mine and clients’ businesses.

And these emails are usually written under 20 minutes per day.

First Things First: How You Can Succeed As A Newbie Web Writer

How did I grow my email writing business to such a fairly massive success?

I could tell you I was lucky. And that would be true.

I could tell you I worked hard to get there. And that would also be true

But instead, I will hand you the most important lesson I learned, that saved me from toiling ever again to make money as a writer. This lesson was staring me in the face all along (as it is with you, now) but I never saw it.

What’s the lesson?

I chose a single writing niche and specialised in it.

Listen, that means instead of trying to be a freelance writer, a copywriter, a social media expert, a direct response copywriter, etc…all of those at the same time (like most new writers always want to do)…

I chose only Email Copywriting and stuck with it.

I studied all I could, practiced as many times as I could (daily), and the results started to come in less than 60 days.

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I’ll confess that I practised the advice of popular Freelance Copywriter and author of over 70 books, Bob Bly, “New freelance writers should specialise; not generalise.”

In other words, in lieu of trying to be everything to everyone, be one thing to a specific crowd.

Write for people who need you. Not people who don’t.

More elaborately: choose a specific writing niche you’ll write for. Ignore all other niches. Then develop your chosen niche until you’re so good you’re the go-to person.

But how you do make money specialising your writing?

How Do You Make Money Writing In Your Specific Niche

Seriously, I cannot decide this for you. Each niche comes with their capabilities; which all can be harnessed if you’ve studied your market well.

When you stop trying to do everything and start to put all your proverbial eggs in one basket, you will realise what financial opportunities there are in your niche.

For example, I did not know I could set up other associated businesses with my email copywriting skill.

Studying that niche showed me the needs I could meet with only that writing skill.

I realised I could write for clients.

I could create reports on Email Copywriting.

I could start an Email Copywriting newsletter.

I could launch video and audio trainings on Email Copywriting.

98% of which I have started to do, and earn from.

If you choose to become a social media expert, there is much money to be had there also. Companies are constantly requiring the help of social media experts to manage their accounts. And most companies do pay well.

Delving into the social media is even more tasking; requiring a skillset that demands extreme focus. The social media world is a constantly evolving medium that demands you to keep abreast of it changes.

So the lesson still stands true that: you should become the Jill of one trade instead of being Jack of all trades and master of none.

The better you are at one thing, the more effective you become…and the more money you make.

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Closing: Change Your Finances By Becoming A Go-To Writer

Look, will you pay for a doctor who specialises in treating a particular disease or one who treats all kinds of diseases?

The story is told of Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers. To increase his business advantage, he searches for a person who was the best in his field and hire him; no matter the price.

Legendary Copywriter and Direct Response Marketer, late Gary Halbert charged his clients as much $15,000 for his service, plus 5% on each product sale…because he was a legend at writing highly-converting copies.

Maya Angelou made a great deal of her income just writing poems and short stories.

This is a contrarian attitude. The world (and its pressures) wants you to do more. But successful people do less to achieve more.

The more you do more of one thing every day, the more you grow your skill in that area, and the more you increase your chances to earn more money.

As Brent Jones of BrentJonesonline.com once told me, “You’ll be paid what you’re worth.” And what you’re worth is determined by what you can do.

If you can do a bit of everything, you’ll only earn a bit from everything. But if you can do much of one thing – and you can do it well – you up your chances to create a greatly successful life.

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