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There are plenty of things you can do right and wrong when you are trying to find a place to accept your guest post. Sometimes all you want is the opportunity to give it a go. In any case, here are some tips you should try, along with some warnings about things you should not do.

Find the blog that you want to put a guest post on

You have to find it first because you need to do a little bit of research before you send off your request to guest post. Find a few and compile a list because you are probably going to be ignored by a lot of them, and some of them will just come right out and say no.

Do not harass or nag the blogger

Some people think that a good technique is to keep contacting and nagging the blogger until the blogger gives in. This is not a technique that works and any savvy blogger will just block your email address so that you cannot keep making contact with him or her.

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Have a look on the website or blog to see if it has a guest post section

If there are guest posts on the blog, then it may just be a case of waiting for the right opportunity. Make contact with the blog master and find out about guest posting and see if they would be willing to accept a guest post that you write.

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Do not send them spun content

It boggles the mind how writers think that sending spun content is acceptable. It is also frightening that some people pay them for this content, even though it is horribly written and barely readable.

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Does the blog have a submission page?

There may be a section on the blog where the blogger has very cleverly made up a submissions guidelines page. If this is the case, then it is highly advisable that you look through the guidelines thoroughly before you send any sort of submission. It is very annoying for a blogger when you write out a bunch of instructions only to have them ignored.

Do not submit an article without first making the request

If you are lucky then your article and email will be ignored. If you are unlucky then your article will be stolen and placed on another person’s blog and linked back to the person’s blog who stole your article. The person receiving the email and the attached article has no business with you and has no reason why he or she should not steal your work.

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Make a polite request with an original message

If the blogger has guest posters, then the blogger gets a lot of messages from people using template messages and such. That blogger is very used to having people send him or her messages that have been sent to a hundred other people. If you want to be taken seriously then you need to write your own message that is original.

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Do not write your message with big paragraphs

When you send the request message you have to pretend like it is an audition. A message with big paragraphs suggests that you will write in a similar fashion, which is not going to be easy to read. Also, if your message is littered with mistakes and slang, then the blogger is not going to want to post anything you write on his or her beloved blog.

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Tell the blogger in your message why your post would be great

Pitch your blog post to the blogger and explain why it would be ideal for the blog. Explain a bit about it and try to sell the idea to the blogger. You will discover in life that it is hard to sell things for free. Explain the post you are pitching whilst also promoting it at the same time.

Do not write a pitch without researching the blog

You are going to set yourself up for rejection if you pitch a blog post that has nothing to do with the blog. You need to research the blog to see what it is all about. You then need to pitch a post that is suitable for the blog theme.

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Tell the blogger how you plan to promote your guest blog

There are very few guest posters that offer to promote the guest post once it is up, so if you offer to promote your guest post over social media and places like that, then the blogger is probably going to be impressed enough to want you writing on the blog. You will probably get the yes you have been looking for if you offer to promote to post once it is live.


Sonia has shared a lot of ways and you would agree with me that she’d stayed true to her headline “Simple Tips“, isn’t it? I’m particularly thrilled with those point she mentioned and more thrilled I am owing to the fact that I have tried her tips before and it’d work for me.

Now over to you.

Do you think that she’s missed some things out of the list that you think should be there? I’m guessing it’d be better that you share it with us in the comment box below. Remember, no man is an island.


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