You will quite agree that building a successful blog whether as a full time or part time blogger could be a herculean task if not well managed.

There is stiff competition in the blogosphere. It is very much possible to be under pressure. Even in the midst of the competition and the pursuit to make money or make more money, you should remember that you are not one of Google’s bots. You are human!

Bloggers manage pressure

I know it’s no child play to work on SEO, mailing lists, guest blogging, attending to clients, etc. If you have a proper blogging strategy, you will be under little pressure and doing all of your blogging activities would not be frustrating.

If you are in dire need of ways to manage pressure as a blogger, the following tips might help.

Dale Carnegie said “Everything is created twice; first in the mind and then reality.” Pressure starts from the mind. Tweet this

Think on paper

I would not assume that all bloggers do this. Peradventure you still muddle up thoughts of different magnitude in your head, you need to stop now! If you keep carrying the thoughts of what you want to do in your head, it can get pretty scary.

Transferring your thoughts to a paper can help declutter your mind. This leaves enough space in your mind to think of how to solve your problems.  I believe this is good way to manage pressure.

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Learn to make use of a pen and a writing paper. The old saying that the dullest pen is better than the sharpest brain is still very much valid. If you feel you are a sage and you can manage all those information all in your head, you can go on. But I doubt it.

List out those things you need to do daily in a scale of preference. You should constrict your list to a specific time schedule. Your unwritten list can lead to confusion, vagueness, misdirection and numerous mistakes.

Stick to your schedule

Most times you skip some activities and you begin to put yourself under pressure to catch up with what you have lost. If you are not disciplined, you will always be under pressure.

Apart from skipping an activity, you should not allow the time you spend on a particular activity encroach into another.  One of the causes of time encroachment in working out schedules could be traced back to how you drafted the schedule.

Study the list well before allocating time.

“Failure is rarely the result of some isolated event. Rather, it is a consequence of a long list of accumulated little failures which happen as a result of too little discipline” – Jim Rohn

Take time to rest

Don’t be a workaholic. Accumulated stress can lead to breakdown. Do not wear out your body.

How many hours do you sleep in a day? Bamidele Onibalusi of said “sleeping 8-9 hours a day compared to 6 hours helps him remain more focused and he gets more work done”

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Do you take short naps in the afternoon? Give your mind a chance to gather lost energy. During rest periods, there is a high tendency for amazing ideas to pop in. Do not use rest periods to text, chat, or to visit friends.

Use your rest period wisely. Make yourself happy. You can think of how cute you are.

As a blogger, lot of thinking is involved and you have got to be focused. Getting things done is not about having more time; it is having enough focused time.

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Take a day off

This is an extension of my previous point. The truth is that your blog can’t be better than you. If you see any brilliant blog, you are seeing a reflection of the blog author.  I believe hard work is not about stressing your muscles but making use of your brain profitably. You need to take good care of yourself.

If you want to remove clutter from your mind, why not take a day off.  Some bloggers might find this difficult especially when they enjoy making cool money.

If you want to hide behind the fact that you love solving people’s problems, if you don’t take a break, you may soon need a doctor to solve your own problem.

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Go to the cinema, spend time with family.  The whole essence of this exercise  is to reboot your brain for more productivity.

Ignore daily Fluctuations

Yes! Ignore daily fluctuations of your alexa rank, feedburner subscribers, page visits, etc.  Don’t pressure yourself over this. It doesn’t actually mean you are not doing your best. Instead, aim at  improving on whatever condition you find yourself. Don’t forget, I said daily ‘fluctuations’.  If your blog statistics are getting pretty bad, you should take immediate steps to improve on it.

Bonus Tips

-Hire an expert

– Accept guest bloggers

-Dedicate a whole day to write numerous blog posts (maybe 20 posts or more).


Blogging activities are infinite. Every day is filled with something to do. Make sure obsession doesn’t set in. You only live once. Take care of yourself. Don’t hurt yourself because of blogging. Be organized, focused and consistent.

Your turn

Are you guilty of all the charges highlighted in this post? If yes. This are sure ways of taking those pressures from off your neck! Perhaps there are other ways in which you follow, why not share it with us in the comment box?


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