Since the advent of smartphones; iPhones, Blackberry, Androids, etc. we all would admit that running daily activities had become easier. You can connect with the whole world. Everything is just a touch screen away.

Indeed technology has made the world smaller. But we would also agree that technology have made some people lose control.

I’m not here to sermonize but just like everyone else, bloggers are also likely to get addicted to their smartphones.  You can’t carry your laptops everywhere so the alternative obviously would be your phone.

Smartphone over wife

I’ll share with 5 signs that can indicate you are addicted to your smartphone.

  • You are restless when you have a  flat battery

This may not be applicable to everyone. If your business transactions are on mobile, your money can make you restless

So To Whom It May Concern, you know how your blood level rise suddenly when your phone’s battery goes flat and you are in a condition where you can’t charge it neither do you have a spare. Here in Nigeria, such person can walk about five blocks away just to get a place to power up the phone.

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Calm down, it’s just a flat battery and not a plane crash.

  • You check constantly for new messages on your notification bar.

Social media freaks fall into this category. I was once a victim of this. It’s like I don’t want to miss out on anything. So within 30 seconds intervals I would check my phone for new messages. This is not a good habit. If one is not careful, one may spend the whole day doing nothing productive.

  • When on your phone, nothing else exists.

Check out this illustration.

John is chatting with his friends on BBM. A burglar comes into the house, empties the house of all the furniture, except the one john is sitting on. But when the burglar realizes that john is too busy with his phone to notice him, he went ahead to lift john up  drops him on the floor and takes the last chair in the house.

All this happened and john didn’t know. I hope you understand. That’s how serious it gets. You scream their name but they won’t hear.

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You can imagine right? The Smartphone is also a mind travel device.

  • You are married to your phone.

    For better for worse

You even take your phone into the bathroom for a shower. You never want to share your phone, not even for a minute.

  • You starve yourself to pay for data bundles.

This is very common with students. My younger brother does this a lot Just to meet up with his weekly blackberry subscription. Easy kid, Ulcer is real.


Some of us have one or two of these symptoms. It’s very important to regulate our smartphone usage or any other gadget. Don’t let obsession set in.

Over to you.

Be sincere. Are you addicted to your smartphone? How do you manage your time without letting your smartphone get in the way?

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