Seth’s Funny Looks….Hehe

I have recently been reading Seth Godin’s great blog and the truth is reading his blog has made a better blogger out of me and as such I would be sharing with you some of Seth’s technique of producing great piece despite his not more than 200-300 words blog posts.

Without wasting much of your time I would quickly delve into my findings of Seth’s technique and I sincerely hope it helps and motivate you to indeed write like Seth Godin and in the process become a successful blogger.

So in this article, I share 5 ways to write like Seth Godin. Enjoy it! 🙂

1. Be Conversational

If you ever wanted to go viral with your writings or with your blog then you would need to deploy Seth Godin’s greatest asset, which simply is to write like you are having a conversation with a friend or with your girlfriend on a dinner date.

Seth is someone who strongly believe in the act of writing like you are conversing.

In one of his interviews , the interviewer, Kelton Reid, had asked him if he writes everyday. Contrary to the answer Kelton would have loved to hear, Seth replied him with a question: “Do you talk every day?”

I remember Kelton also asking him if he used to have writer’s block. See an excerpt:

Kelton: Do you believe in “writer’s block”? If so, how do you avoid it?

Seth Godin: This is a fancy term for fear. I avoid it by not getting it. Because I write like I talk and I don’t get talker’s block.

Seth once said, “If you wake up and you can’t talk, then go see a doctor.” From what I deduced from Seth’s words, to be a great writer means to write like you are talking, which literally means jotting down what’s on your mind.

If you ever wanted to be regarded as a successful blogger, if all you wanted is to drive traffic to your blog and get good engagements with your readers, then you would need to be conversational as its what showcase convictions in your writings and the conviction people constantly see in your writings attracts and makes them stick around your blog.

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 2. Be Consistent

“The secret of success is consistency of purpose.” – Benjamin Disraeli 

You’ve decided to blog, right? Fine. But to be successful in the niche, that is, the ‘purpose’ you’ve chosen, you would need to be highly consistent.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my many visits to Seth Godin’s domain, it would be his “Consistent Attitude”.

Seth is indeed an exemplary of the word ‘consistent’. He would work, that is, research, read and write for 16 straight hours everyday. What is that? Consistency!

And another thing I noticed and that fascinated me about Seth’s is that he blogs everyday.

Now this is pretty hard you might be thinking. If I do that I will definitely burn out trust me you won’t if only you are really determined and are wise while at it.

The end results of being consistent is success, no wonder Seth’s name today is synonymous with blogging.

[Tweet “”Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier “]

3. Be Productive

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment  to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. – Paul J. Meyer

The singular most important thing that makes a success out of every man; a blogger is his productivity instincts.

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And if I could point one great quality out of Seth Godin, it would be that he is an epitome of “productiveness”.

So what exactly is his secret of being very productive?

Well, good question.

I for one have noticed two things from my closely studying him via his blog.

i. He doesn’t accept comments on his blog, and

ii. He doesn’t use Twitter.

You are surprise about the twitter part, right? Like you I was surprised too but I got to know in my findings that Seth avoids Twitter because he knows he would be very bad at it.

I also find out that he disabled comment on his blog because he believed comment to be a waste of time. I’d love to put it in his own words; “Comment is an opportunity to stay busy while not actually doing anything. Wonder if that’s a good choice.”

You don’t agree with his thought, right?  Well, he admit comment can be good for getting feedback about your writings and what have you.

But like seriously, it would have been hellish for Seth had he make a step of even accepting comment on his blog, considering his caliber and popularity in the blog-o-sphere.

[Tweet “”Comment is an opportunity to stay busy while not actually doing anything. Wonder if that’s a good choice?” – Seth Godin”]

4. Make sure you’re adding value

“For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lesson the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you. – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Perhaps the best thing I love about Seth is his love towards people. I know you are like, ‘what has he done for you that makes you think he loves people?’

Truth be known, Seth hasn’t done anything for me neither is there a dollar waiting for me after this post goes live or something but I noticed Seth’s love towards people from the quality and serenity of his blog posts.

His post are habitually very valuable, they carry potent powers, capable enough to transforming lives and making a pacesetter out of every individual reading his posts.

And I think he was able to maintain this quality owing to the fact that he didn’t think of his blog to be a sales funnel or something. He is got a lot of products but he never planned on selling them through his blog. He prefers the blog selling itself.

That I believe is the main reason he constantly add value to his readers, like me.

Therefore to be successful as a blogger, you will seriously have to change your preconceived ideas, I mean have a rethink, a change of mind from the craps you share with your readers.

Stop giving them half meats, uncooked meals but rather give them all you’ve got by providing them with quality piece – “value”.

Trust me doing this will make you an expert in your niche – you will in no time become the “go to” blogger. Isn’t that interesting?

[Tweet “”It has since come to my notice that value is the breeder of quality & engaging contents.” – Sam Adeyinka”]

5. Be Passionate

“Show me a man who is highly successful and I will show you a man who is highly passionate.” – Sam Adeyinka

I lately realized that to succeed in life’s endeavor you will need to be highly passionate about that thing which you do, that even when it doesn’t fetch you money you will still want to do it.

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I started my blog some few months ago, in September 6th will make it a year, and I got quick success from the blog at the time, that in just three months some of my colleagues wished to have had the kinda success I have amassed when they started their own blogs.

MY alexa rank was dropping pretty quickly as do my bounce rate and I was getting massive comments, and now unlike Seth I favor comments on my blog because it’s one of the metrics I used in studying my success.

I was getting mentioned on several blogs on the web, okay my friends blogs to be precise and I even got my first interview. A blogger friend, Siraj Wahid, also structured a whole post around me.

But all of a sudden in January things started to change, my success started to turn into failure that all the hypes and engagements dropped and my alexa rank increased so very high and my blog’s bounce rate skyrocketed high too. I got zero comments on my post and this made me stopped blogging for several weeks, as a matter of fact, I published my last post on January 7, 2014.

Why did that happen?

I lost my passion, my enthusiasm for blogging in the first place. I lost interest in my readers, in my blog itself because I got too interested in making money.

I felt it was time to start making money and I started looking for means to getting that money when I started joining different giveaways and reading articles about generating money from ones blog.

Here’s what I realize though, blogging is not about making money but rather it’s about adding value to people’s life via your experiences.

I hope my story will help you get back into blogging if you’ve like me missed your way and if you’ve not, it should teach you not to derail from your passion.

So what can Seth Godin teach us about this?

He doesn’t believe people should blog to generate a full-time income(just a guess)

Well, you guessed right! 🙂

Trust me if that’s the reason you are blogging or have decided to wanna blog then I’m so sorry to tell you that you don’t have a passion but a job. And the last I checked a job simply means J.O.B, that is, it keeps you Just Over Broke.

And because you are not making the money you desire from it you will only end up being a worthless quitter(failure that is).

So how do I get my passions right? How do I do blogging just for the passion and not for the money?

Simple. Ask yourself these thought provoking questions:

  • What is it that makes me get out of bed in the morning?
  • What is it I just can’t do without telling my friends?
  • What is it that keeps me up at night?
  • What is it I constantly think of and that I can’t get off my head?
  • Simply put, what am I passionate about?

See mates, if like me you ever aspire to become a successful blogger, then you would need to decide what exactly you’re enthusiastic, that is, passionate about.

Take that as my own advice and here’s the question Seth strongly advice you to ask yourself: “How hard are you willing to push?”

Quite an inventive question. Your answer to that question will play a major role in whether or not you will actually be successful as a blogger.

And there’s this one other important thing I feel you should know about blogging your way through to success. You’ve got to stay small at it.

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Yes, you heard me right, small.

Don’t try to be the best at everything rather strive to be the best at one particular thing, that is, “Don’t try to be the best blogger but rather try to be the best SEO blogger”. With the latter chances are that you will quickly register yourself as one expert people should flock around his/her blog.

My friend and blogging boss – Enstine Muki is well known as the “Make Money Online” expert. Why? Because that’s what he is passionate about and I remember he shared the story of how he made $29000 in his first year of blogging. (Click that link and learn how to make money online has taught by the likes of Jon Morrow)

Another person that readily comes to my mind is – Adrienne Smith. That name I’m sure you know is synonymous to “Relationships”. Adrienne is actually a relationship expert and it was from her I learned the very act of building quality relationships with fellow bloggers. (Read Adrienne’s Report on Building Relationship)

The likes of Brian Clark is not left out, like Brian, he focus more on “Content Marketing”. And trust me I’ve learned a great deal from reading his blog. (And Ramsay Taplin just did a really fantastic post on Brian’s blog: 5 Subtle Writing Strategies That Drive Email Signups)

What I am saying in other words is that if you want to be known as an Entrepreneur, then make sure you’re choosing an industry you can further learn about and master entrepreneurship just like Henry Ford did with cars.

Henry didn’t say he wanted to be the best in transportation. No! Instead he said he wanted to be the best in cars. And that was exactly what he did with “Fords Motors”.

NOTE: This post was inspired by reading something of this nature on Neil Patel’s blog. Go here to read it too.

Final Words

Now, that’s the 5 lessons I learned from my scrupulously studying Seth Godin. And I’m sure if you make use of this tips coined out from this Virtuoso you will in know time indeed master and write like Seth Godin.

Mates remember, Seth Godin didn’t become a brilliant blogger overnight. It literally took him years of indomitably trying to master what he was passionate about. And you can too if you try and persist.

Your Take

Do you think you have or can have this Seth Godin’s traits? IF you have it already, do please share with us your success stories using the comment box.

And IF you think you can have it, tell us how you plan to applying it on your blog and in your day to day life.

Okay, you don’t yet have it and don’t know how to actually apply it on your blog. Well fine, just avail yourself the opportunity to ask questions and let our community answer it for you.

Oh you think there are other blogging-related things we could still learn from Seth Godin, right? Well, that’s cool. Why not share it with our community by making use of the commentluv enabled comment box.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Thanks!

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