You’re a Fiverr seller. You want more people to buy your gigs so you can retire to Bermuda and lounge on the pink sand beaches all day. Of course you do, who wouldn’t? And you’ve always been wondering what are the Ways to Make More Money on Fiverr? (Even racking your brain every now and then).

Well, Good news is there are some very basic and free things you can do to promote your worthwhile work, hence, increasing your chances of making money on fiverr.

Mind you, there are many different ways to make more money on Fiverr but here are some of the ways we tried and that worked…

Do You Want To Make More Money on Fiverr?

Do you have a video on your Fiverr gigs?

Videos increase sales in two ways: They entice the reader into playing the video and thus spending more time on the gig page, plus often you can explain the gig more clearly by demonstrating what it is you do.

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The Fiverr gig description field is only 1200 characters. Once you have the video and submit it with your gig, you can post it to the various video-sharing sites.

When you do, make sure you use lots of relevant tags. Can’t make a video or don’t know how? There are sellers who will do this for you and the price (which we’re sure you can guess) is right.

Post blog comments.

Two good places to start commenting away are Fiverr’s own blog ( and our very own scrap of virtual paper right here.Be sure to mention your Fiverr username and provide a link to your gig.

If we’re intrigued, we may just buy your gig and feature it. We are always amazed at how few people take advantage of these free resources.

You should also be a frequent visitor and commenter on Fiverr’s Facebook page as well as the LinkedIn group. Some of the top sellers hang out there. They must know something. Wouldn’t you like to know what?

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If you don’t have Twitter and Facebook accounts, set those up now and start gaining followers.

To see what it’s possible to do, look at the pages of highly successful Fiverr users like Laura Catlow (catlow) and Sam Proof (samproof).

Offer to write guest posts.

We love guest posters here and since traffic to FL is growing steadily, you know your article will be read.

Come up with some creative gig ideas.

Each user is allowed twenty gigs and the more gigs you have, the more likely it is your gigs will be seen. What amazing, quirky, off-beat, bizarre things can you do? Strange acts involving food objects seem to sell well.

Stick with it.

If you have done all these things and more, stay the course. Sometimes it takes months to gain traction on Fiverr, but once you build up some good feedback the gigs keep coming.

That’s it for now – 6 Ways to Make Make More Money on Fiverr. Hey fellas, if you have more ideas we haven’t covered, leave a comment. And don’t forget that Fiverr username thing, okay.

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