Hello Friends, right now with me I have a young entrepreneur with me who is also an accidental blogger. Very quickly he has been able to learn the tricks on the trade due to his quick learner attitude and ability to help people and even learn from them too.

Abhishek Tavasalkar Interview

India a land of flourishing new bloggers, one blogger that has been able to stand out is Abhishek Tavasalkar. He blogs at AllTechTrix.com and the blog has been able to show lot of traction and only last month it showed a growth of 1100%+ compared to his blog traffic in June.

It feels very proud to present readers and lover of Pro Motivator with an awe inspiring blogger like Abhishek Tavasalkar. I wouldn’t waste much time and here is the conversation I had with him.

I hope you will enjoy it.

1. Hey Abhishek, welcome to Pro Motivator! My readers would love to know you. Would you please introduce yourself to them?

Thank You Sam! for having me here, its feels really great here with all the motivation floating around. It feels enthusiastic to reach out to another awesome country like Nigeria which has some great names in the blogosphere and some really cool flourishing bloggers.

To my Nigerian friends to whom I haven’t reached yet; I am Abhishek Tavasalkar, an optimistic 20 years old blogger from Mumbai, India. You’ll find some nice stuff about computer and technology tips and tricks at alltechtrix.com which I believe you all will love to read.
Right now I’m pursuing Computer Engineering, along with that I also work as a computer technician from past 5 years and a graphic designer too.

2. How and when did you get started as a blogger?

Blogging for me was accidental. Like most bloggers; I too hadn’t planned for serious blogging but it came, hit me like a bullet and I felt for it. Imran Uddin, a big name in the Indian blogosphere scene inspired me to start blogging. His blog was the first on which I had seen an income report from a blogger and he was making cool money.

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Being a 20 something you always think of utilizing your life for the best and try to pull out some money from it. For me blogging is it, since I am a computer technician too, I naturally have immense knowledge about computers, mobiles and new tech and it led to start of alltechtrix.com, a computer and technology blog.

3. What are your top 5 blogging mistakes and how did you get them fixed?

I’d like to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger here and motto that I live by, “Don’t be afraid to fail. Anything I’ve ever attempted, I was always willing to fail. So you can’t always win, but don’t afraid of making decisions. You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure or you will never push yourself. You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and in your vision and you know that it is the right thing to do, and success will come. So don’t be afraid to fail.”

5 Blogging Mistakes Made by Abhishek Tavasalkar.
Took Blogging for Granted – You have to care for blogging like a baby. If you don’t give it your precious time, fuck it won’t give you back the money you deserve.

Thought blogging as a 2 hour extra work – Right now 70% time of a day is spent in blogging.

Believed I could make huge money in the 1st month itself – I was wrong.

Went for fancy theme rather than a simple one – Thankfully I have reduced the theme glamour and just kept the bare essentials.

Cared less for SEO – SEO can make the difference between you making $1/day, $10/day or $100/day. Don’t neglect it.

4. Some of my readers are tech lovers. To be able to present them more value for their time on my blog, where do I get latest and trending tech news?

Technobuffalo.com, Engadget.com and Phonedog.com are the three sites from which I keep myself updated for worldwide tech news. For Indian tech update news Trak.in, Techtree.com and tech.firstpost.com do all the needful.

5. What advantage do bloggers from India have over those from other parts of the world? And do you feel privileged to have come from India?

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There’s one word which synonyms with India and it is called ‘Jugaad’, Wikipedia defines it as innovative fix – solutions that bend rule. This is the reason why most tech companies have Indians in their technical department. Even Indian bloggers have a god-gifted ability to come with an innovative solution for a problem even though with limited resources.

Even Bill Gates says, “there is a lot of technical expertise in India.” And yeah I feel a lot privileged to have come from India.

6. What is the greatest thing blogging has helped you achieved?

Blogging has helped me believe that Nothing is Impossible, even though it seems that way keep trying till its done. If you fail to do it; nothing to worry because you finally find a way that doesn’t works, so you’ll always take away something useful.

7. What are the necessary skills every bloggers must possess?

Every blogger must be able to ‘Jugaad’ his way out. 😀

8. If you were to advice someone interested in starting a blog, what niche would you advise him/her to go into and why?

A lot of probloggers talk about profitable niche and non-profitable niche. I believe one should be able to write about something he/she loves. I love tech but if my first blog was about health niche then you can imagine, I would really be a terrible blogger.

At start a blog should be hunch driven and a little later data driven.

9. With Google’s clampdown on poorly written sites, do you think link building is still relevant?

High quality articles supported by high quality link building can do wonders to a blog. Google isn’t a bot; its run by humans. Just like you wouldn’t want a cockroach to live in your home, how can Google let low quality articles rank on its search engine and disappoint users.

10. It’s been a debating topic: “Which blogging platorm is the best?” Abhishek, which do you prefer – wordpress or blogspot? Kindly state your reasons.

Both are great I believe. For anyone who is starting a blog, I’d advice him to start with blogger. Once he/she gets the basic understanding of the barebone system, working on WordPress will be cheerful. Here is an exhaustive article which states complete difference between both platform. Click here to access it.

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11. What are your 3 favourites SEO tools?

For on-page SEO I use WordPress SEO by Yoast. Other tools I’d advice bloggers to use is OpenLinkProfiler and Keyword Inspector.

12. Anything else you would like to add?

Since this is a motivation blog, I’d like to share something motivational which I shared in my previous interview and here it goes.

“I strongly believe that successful are the people who are willing to die every day, who are willing to cross the line, who are willing to take a chance, who are trying to make a mark, who aren’t afraid to make mistakes, who aren’t always thinking of the consequences.
You may call them idiots, jerks, out of the world, crazy, non-cooperative, arrogant. But these are the people who are always going to reach where they want. Maybe a little late but surely they will.
And I strongly believe you’re one of them.”

13. In your honest opinion, what do you think we should do right here on Pro Motivator?

We all, love something and motivation helps us to hold onto it. Pro Motivator hits the bull’s eye. I loved the article about 5 Ways to Write Like Seth Godin and I’d gladly request Sam to come up with more such kind of articles. If you keeps working hard on this blog Sam, you can make it more successful than addicted2success.com

I hope that interview was the best that you could get out of Abhishek Tavasalkar, a 20 year old blogger. Hope you’ve learned something useful today.

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