How to Make Big Money with Blogging

How to Make Big Money with Blogging

Editor’s Note: Sometimes last week, I began to think of what to share with YOU but to tell you what, I was blank. That was when I saw Ryan’s post where he offered to guest post on weblogs that share stuff on Blogging. We exchange a few texts about that, and this morning, Ryan contacted me with an attachment of this post, he was going to share with us on how to make BIG money with blogging. My heart leaped for joy as I read through the article and I couldn’t hold back on sharing it with you!

I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as i did. Over to you, Ryan. 🙂

How to Make Big Money with Blogging

Man catching falling cash

“The fun is the reward.”

Repeat that phrase to yourself 10 times. Right now.

If you are struggling like a flopping fish out of water to make any money with your blog, repeating that mantra above will help you.

You probably made a god out of money. Or maybe you are just terrified to lose money, or to go broke.

I have been in your shoes. I have lost almost everything years ago. But I also turned my financial life around by living that mantra above.

When you blog mainly to have fun, the blogging/work/fun is the reward. All else feels like extra, or a bonus. Like money.  When money feels like an extra or bonus, or no big deal, more money flows into your life.

This is the perfect attitude to take to earn some sweet coin through blogging.

1: Follow Your Fun

Follow your fun. Primarily. Your finances follow.

Follow your passion. Primarily. The profits follow.

When you follow each step below you will notice something: I mentioned the word “money” only a few times. This is because to make big money you don’t just stare at money all day long, or focus on money. Money is inanimate. It cannot act. *People* do act, though. And money flows through people.

So if you want to make a ton of money, focus on following your passion through blogging, for fun. This detaches you largely from money outcomes which helps you focus on helping people which helps you make more money now, and in the long run.

2: Define What “Big” Money Means to You

Big money is $10,000 a year to some folks.

Big money is $1,000,000 a year to other folks.

A different crowd may define big money as $10,000,000,000 a year.

There is one scary but freeing part of defining your money goals: you are going to BE such a different person while you work toward those goals that it will make you sprint out of your comfort zone into fun and freeing and sometimes terrifying spots.

This is the tuition you need to pay to make big money. Especially if you have little money now. No longer can you cower to your fears or make excuses or blame other people for your failures.

You committed to enter the big boy and big girl club now. These folks laugh at fears as they glide through the fears, like a hot knife through butter. You need to do the same to make that scrilla.

3: Create Helpful Posts

Create helpful blog posts to address the needs of your readers.

Increase your blogging income.

Ask readers questions. What are they struggling with? What obstacles do they face? Ask how you can help them.

Provide answers in the form of your blog posts. Be thorough. Be generous. Tackle their problem/questions with your solutions/answers/blog posts.

If you regularly solve your reader’s problems you lay the foundation for becoming a full time, professional blogger.

4: HOB

Help Other Bloggers.

Promote other bloggers through social media, by interviewing them and by featuring them on your blog.

This is my favorite tip for boosting my blogging profits. I help other bloggers make money and they help me to make money. Simple formula. Not rocket science here.

Helping successful bloggers builds friendships. Those friends expand your reach by promoting you. Some will hire you. Some will buy your product or eBooks.

Help other bloggers freely. Make that sweet chedda.

5: Guest Post

Guest post on top blogs from your niche.

Wow the socks off of successful pro bloggers and impress their audiences too.

Guest posting simply leverages your presence quickly. Being seen by more folks who are interested in your blog, products and services increases your income potential.

Reach out to your blogging buddies. Ask if you can guest post on their blog and share 3 ideas with them.

If you build really strong friendships and practice writing 1,000 words daily (in a Word document) your friends will invite you to guest post before you ask them.

The magic of making online buddies, eh?

6: Blog Comment

Comment on top blogs from your niche.

Increase your exposure. Build brand awareness. Boost your blogging profits.

Write a 5 paragraph – or longer – insightful, personalized, helpful comment on top blogs from your niche. Help people. Make friends. Increase your blog traffic and income.

Commenting on blogs gives you greater online visibility and more friends. That’s a profitable combo.

7: Build an Email List

Build an email list.

The money may not be in the list but when it is easy for folks to read your latest posts and buy your latest products and hire you for your services, you will see it is easier to make money when you’re list building.

List building is convenience on steroids. Folks WILL read your blog when they get your posts through email. Ditto for buying new eBook releases; I spotted an uptick in eBook sales when I got serious about building a list.

Readers may see your post on Twitter. They probably won’t see it on Facebook these days. They will see it and read it and follow your call to action if your post pops up in their email inbox.

Build a list.

8: Create Products and Services

Create products and services to cash in.

Doing so helps diversify your income streams.

I just checked my stats now; I sold one more eBook on Amazon. That is a quick 3 bucks. Which does not seem like much. Until you factor in the other income streams through which I am earning.

It all adds up.

Consider: offering freelance writing services, blog consulting services, writing and self-publishing eBooks on Amazon, self-publishing audio books, affiliate income and creating helpful online courses.

Add an income stream every 3-6 months.


Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

About Author:


Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, John Chows Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging at Blogging From Paradise.

 How New Writers Can Start To Make Their Entire Living Writing

 How New Writers Can Start To Make Their Entire Living Writing

Editor’s Note: Yusuff Busayo is one writer I respect a lot and he has spared no efforts in dishing out his knowledge about how you can as a new writer make your entire living writing for individuals and organizations. Make sure to spend the next 10-minutes in consuming this piece and the next 3-days in applying the lessons taught in Yusuff’s “How New Writers Can Start To Make Their Entire living Writing“. I will see you at the top!

 How New Writers Can Start To Make Their Entire Living Writing


Let’s face it: you’re a writer.

But there is a clause.

You are not just a writer who writes when you feel like; when the food tastes nice, or when your sweethearts break your heart.


Instead, you write professionally. You practice your writing deliberately. To make money. To build your blog. To build your business. Or simply spread your message.

You tell people you’re a writer who makes money writing. And you even raise your hands when online entrepreneurs are called.

But the truth is: you don’t make a as a writer.

You struggle all you can, put in all the effort you know to. But somehow, all your efforts seem to be crawling down a bottomless hole.

So these days, you’re quietly telling yourself it’s impossible to really make money writing.

It’s impossible for anyone to make their entire living writing and in this piece I have spared no efforts in sharing with you some of the strategies involved in making that happen.

Of course, you can make money writing books. But besides that, no one makes money any other way, you think.

Is that really true?

The Story That’ll Change Your Life

Mine may not be a revolutionary story, but it is somewhat like yours.

I jumped into the online world in the year 2013; determined to create businesses around writing.

I studied all I could about blogging and making money online. I practised all I could and even wrote tons of blog posts on different topics that never succeeded.

I mastered nearly all the tricks of making money writing, but I was so darn broke my poverty scared the willies out of me.

The table did not turn so quickly, because I fell for the ruse new online entrepreneurs believe: if you can’t beat them, join them.

I gave up trying to make money writing, forgot that dream, and instead began to read blogs for fun. Soon, I took a high school teaching job that was more frustrating than if I had just been without employment.

Long story short, frustration and zeal drove me to find an Email Marketing blog in May, 2016. The author was a no-nonsense email marketing specialist who taught me (and his numerous subscribers) how to set up an email copywriting business.

The result is that, almost 60 days after I launched into the business, I was making the exact income I couldn’t make in the last three years struggling online.

Over the next few months, I made over N500, 000 just writing short, snappy sales emails for mine and clients’ businesses.

And these emails are usually written under 20 minutes per day.

First Things First: How You Can Succeed As A Newbie Web Writer

How did I grow my email writing business to such a fairly massive success?

I could tell you I was lucky. And that would be true.

I could tell you I worked hard to get there. And that would also be true

But instead, I will hand you the most important lesson I learned, that saved me from toiling ever again to make money as a writer. This lesson was staring me in the face all along (as it is with you, now) but I never saw it.

What’s the lesson?

I chose a single writing niche and specialised in it.

Listen, that means instead of trying to be a freelance writer, a copywriter, a social media expert, a direct response copywriter, etc…all of those at the same time (like most new writers always want to do)…

I chose only Email Copywriting and stuck with it.

I studied all I could, practiced as many times as I could (daily), and the results started to come in less than 60 days.

I’ll confess that I practised the advice of popular Freelance Copywriter and author of over 70 books, Bob Bly, “New freelance writers should specialise; not generalise.”

In other words, in lieu of trying to be everything to everyone, be one thing to a specific crowd.

Write for people who need you. Not people who don’t.

More elaborately: choose a specific writing niche you’ll write for. Ignore all other niches. Then develop your chosen niche until you’re so good you’re the go-to person.

But how you do make money specialising your writing?

How Do You Make Money Writing In Your Specific Niche

Seriously, I cannot decide this for you. Each niche comes with their capabilities; which all can be harnessed if you’ve studied your market well.

When you stop trying to do everything and start to put all your proverbial eggs in one basket, you will realise what financial opportunities there are in your niche.

For example, I did not know I could set up other associated businesses with my email copywriting skill.

Studying that niche showed me the needs I could meet with only that writing skill.

I realised I could write for clients.

I could create reports on Email Copywriting.

I could start an Email Copywriting newsletter.

I could launch video and audio trainings on Email Copywriting.

98% of which I have started to do, and earn from.

If you choose to become a social media expert, there is much money to be had there also. Companies are constantly requiring the help of social media experts to manage their accounts. And most companies do pay well.

Delving into the social media is even more tasking; requiring a skillset that demands extreme focus. The social media world is a constantly evolving medium that demands you to keep abreast of it changes.

So the lesson still stands true that: you should become the Jill of one trade instead of being Jack of all trades and master of none.

The better you are at one thing, the more effective you become…and the more money you make.

Closing: Change Your Finances By Becoming A Go-To Writer

Look, will you pay for a doctor who specialises in treating a particular disease or one who treats all kinds of diseases?

The story is told of Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers. To increase his business advantage, he searches for a person who was the best in his field and hire him; no matter the price.

Legendary Copywriter and Direct Response Marketer, late Gary Halbert charged his clients as much $15,000 for his service, plus 5% on each product sale…because he was a legend at writing highly-converting copies.

Maya Angelou made a great deal of her income just writing poems and short stories.

This is a contrarian attitude. The world (and its pressures) wants you to do more. But successful people do less to achieve more.

The more you do more of one thing every day, the more you grow your skill in that area, and the more you increase your chances to earn more money.

As Brent Jones of once told me, “You’ll be paid what you’re worth.” And what you’re worth is determined by what you can do.

If you can do a bit of everything, you’ll only earn a bit from everything. But if you can do much of one thing – and you can do it well – you up your chances to create a greatly successful life.

About The Author

Yusuff Busayo

Yusuff Busayo is an Email Copywriter who teaches newbies and struggling entrepreneurs how to DOUBLE their sales using only emails. Learn how to set up an email copywriting business that makes money in its first month…just like he did. Click here to get his FREE 84-page eBook to help. (Time-sensitive offer).

How to Start a Blog in 6 Easy Ways – My Best Tips!

How to Start a Blog in 6 Easy Ways – My Best Tips!


Editor’s Note: Sam Adeyinka is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Public Speaker, Freelance Writer and Podcaster!  He first published this post on Huffington Post as a contributor.


Have you ever wonder and ask the one million dollar question of how to start a blog?

Well, you’re in luck because I will in this post share with you six easy ways to get your blog up and running.

Now, I understand the craving of wanting to start your own blog, part of which might stem from the desire of espousing your knowledge to the world around you.

To tell you what, you can start and get a blog running in less than 20 minutes.


Yes, I mean it – 20 minutes!

And did I tell you that you don’t need any knowledge of html, coding or at the most, web design.

Albeit, I will share with you a little story about how I got started and I’m sure it will get you fired up. Read on…

Okay, a little over 5 years ago, I started my first blog on the and it was called

Before I start that blog though, I changed from platform to platforms. That said. I started with and then I moved to and then to and on and on until I found, which I thought was fairly easy to manoeuvre.

But the truth was, I knew next to nothing about writing or running a blog letting alone making it successful. So I got frustrated and quit working on the blog.

Then after 2 years, I came back to it, having downloaded and studied several books on “How to Start a Blog”.

So I went on and bought a domain (Pro Motivator), registered it with a web host (Arvixe), and then installed WordPress on it with Softaculous and that took about 10 minutes.

That’s it – that’s how I started, launched and became successful at growing successful blogs.

It’s the same thing I hope to do with this post and if you will take the next 7 minutes or so to read this post and of course apply the shared lessons, you will have been able to start and grow a successful blog of your own.

Must read: How To Secure A Domain Name from Hackers

N.B: Should in case you get stuck while making your blog, please do not hesitate to get in touch via [email protected] and I’ll be glad to help you out for free.

How to Start a Blog in 6 Easy Steps
  1. Know exactly WHY you want to start a blog
  2. Decide WHAT your blog will be about
  3. Choose a platform to blog on
  4. Choose a web host
  5. Install WordPress using Arvixe or Godaddy or any other web hosting companies.
  6. Login to your new blog and start blogging, sharing your awesomeness with your readers.

#1. Know exactly WHY you want to start a blog

A wise man once said, “When you know your destination, getting your direction becomes easier.” Isn’t that right?

Now, people start blogs for different reasons. And it’s been discovered that blogging can help you become a better person, help you think clearer, communicate with intentionality and build your creative flair. Improve your writing style is one of the things blogging can help you with.

It’s what I have experienced. 🙂

So why do you want to blog becomes the question that begs an answer.

I can’t answer that for you as only you are in the best position to answer the question.

However, I have shared some of the few reasons why you might want to start a blog.

For me though, I launched into the world of blogging also known as the blogosphere because I wanted to be able to communicate my thoughts and ideas to a larger audience and really help them live fully and sensually.

So I ask you; why do you want to start a blog?

#2. Decide WHAT your blog will be about






You can name it. Exactly what do you want your blog to be about?

For the few who are familiar with Linda Ikeji, you will know that she run the most popular and controversial entertainment blog in Nigeria. I can already see some folks nodding a BIG yes to my claim. 🙂

I am sure the name Brian Clark is not strange to you. And if it is, I am not sure Copyblogger is strange to you as you will rarely make a search query on terms like, “How to start a successful blog” or say “How to be a better writer and not be redirected to his powerful blog.

Where do you go to when you are looking for news about politics? CNN of course! For Nigerian’s suffers, you know its, right?

I can continue listing blogs and what they focus their strength and energy upon. Tells why some blogs are greater than the others.

The simple truth is that bloggers who knows exactly what they should blog about are not always short on words or better put, they don’t experience what you call writer’s block.

I mean if you don’t have talker’s block, why then should you have writer’s block. Just saying.

I highlighted in this post exactly what you should do to know what you should blog about. And Jeff Boss shared four powerful points in his “find your niche in 60 minutes... post he made on You should check out those two links if you are really serious about knowing what to blog about.

Let me also share some really pretty easy steps to knowing what you should focus on as you start your own blog.

Write down and sincerely answer the following questions in a sheet of paper…

What are your hobbies? What do you feel happy doing? What are you always excited to talk about to your friends? Is it fashion, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, food, traveling, relationship, movies or fiction?

Answering the above questions will sure help you to make the decision of blogging about what it is you should be blogging about.

And trust me, passion is one of the few things that will stand you out, that will determine if or not you are going to quit anytime soon, or that you are going to always put your head in the game as to brewing new contents week-in-week-out.

In the light of this, I ask you to go on to create a blog, talk about what you know, love and are willing to learn and the sky will only be your starting point.

Highly recommended: How To Win Over Your Fear of Technology and Run Your Business Like a Pro

#3. Choose a platform to blog on

There are several blogging platforms out there and you just have to choose one to install your blog on.

Would you like to know the ones that exist?

WordPress – WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform. I use this one and you can go here to learn about the 7 Major Reasons Why I Love And Use WordPress.

Tumblr – Tumblr is one of the easiest free blogging platforms to use.

Blogger – Blogger is one of the longest running free blogging platforms on the web.









I should tell you however that these free blogging platforms aren’t really free. Remember that even in Freetown there’s actually nothing free.

Now, these blogging platforms all come with TONS of annoying limitations that seek nothing else but to enslave you. I share 5 of them below:

Limitation #1: They use your blog as a hub for sharing their annoying adverts which proceeds they will not share with you.

Limitation #2: You can’t promote affiliate products and the most annoying one is that you are not allowed to install Adsense codes on your blog. Now tell me, how do they intend for you to make money online?

Limitation #3: You can’t use many of the thousands of the must have wordpress plugins out there, let alone be able to install out-of-the-box wordpress themes. Now, that’s a BIG put off, right? I thought so too.

Limitation #4: you can’t use a custom email ID like [email protected] That’s not cool. You deserve something better.

Limitation #5: On free blogging platforms, your blog can be deleted at any time if the company’s server mistakes your blog for a spam, or if you accidentally violate their rules.

And guess what – you have no remedy if that happens. So the smart choice is to go with a selfhosted blog.

Convinced now about why you shouldn’t even think of starting your blog with a free blogging platform? Read on…

So how much does a self-hosted blog cost?

Turns out, not much of a hassle anyways.

What you’ll pay to set up your blog is less than a movie ticket…

First, you’ll need a domain name – usually sold for $15 but I’ll tell you how to grab it for almost FREE.

Second, you’ll need a hosting account which costs less than $68 and $95 for the first year.

You can go here to get coupon codes to get cheap domain names and web host services with Godaddy.

#4. Choose a web host

There are actually several web hosting companies out there but I have been using Arixe since 2013, though I left them sometimes because of the few glitches they had and that affected my blog at the time. But as soon as it was fixed, I came back.

There is however some really important things to take note of when choosing a web host. They are:

Reliability Speed 99% Server Uptime Ease of use Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts. Inexpensive. “one-click WordPress blog” installation, so you can install WordPress with few clicks. 90-day money- back guarantee. So if you open a blog today and decide later that blogging is not something you want to do again, you can cancel your account and get a refund.

Should in case you scared out of your wit about this whole new technology, feel free to tap from Najeem Akinwande‘s great post on How To Win Over Your Fear of Technology and Run Your Business Like a Pro. It will sure help you tackle this whole thing head on.

#5. Install WordPress using Arvixe or Godaddy or any other web hosting companies.

Now, you need to install wordpress using arvixe or Godaddy cPanel. Let the images guide you!

Promote Yourself Online: It’s All About You & Your Business

Promote Yourself Online: It’s All About You & Your Business

I bet you are here to simply promote yourself online via my blogging platform. Not so?

Before I continue though, I like to welcome you back to my blog all of you who are friends and loyal readers of this great blog! And if perhaps, it’s your first time here, good to have you.  I’m so glad YOU stopped by.

So Sam, what do you mean by “Promote Yourself Online via my blog”?

You asked a good question.

Well, I wanted to create a place just for you  where you will feel welcome and can share with my readers who you are and why you are online doing what you are doing. In other words, I’m giving you your own advertising space to promote yourself and what you do to help people!

Trust me this is gonna be the turn-around for your business as this will help you and your business get into more limelight and achieve the success you’ve always dreamed about!

How do I know Promoting Yourself here will get you into limelight?

I know cause I caught this idea from the likes of Adriene Smith, Angela McCall, Lorraine Reguly and the likes of them and thought of doing so too here as I love to always help people with the slightest opportunity I get. By the way, my friend Abraham Ologundudu also published a similar page that got people connected and do business with each other.

I hope you guys like the idea and thank me for it by dropping your invaluable comments and of course Promote Yourself Online via my blog. 🙂

[alert-note]Note: You should visit their blogs and introduce yourself to them and their readers. Adrienne’s Promote Yourself Page got (598comments). Angela’s Promote Yourself Page got (64 comments) And Lorraine’s Promote Yourself Page got (227 comments). I will take advantage of those huge numbers if I were you.[/alert-note]

promote yourself online

Quickly & Easily Advertise/Promote Yourself/Brand Here

Like these folks, I too believe in giving back. This is my sixth year online and you can almost trust I have met intrinsic and particularly awesome folks who are also doing great in their various niches.

How has connecting with people online helped me?

Oh, a lot!

I have, by virtue of connecting with people on different online platforms, been able to build my contacts, which obviously have over time giving me speaking, writing and making money online opportunities.

And hey, I not only meet people online, I also make sure I’m learning a great deal first-hand from their experiences; and then the both parties give themselves heads up, which to me is the coolest part of blogging. Adrienne calls this relationships building.

BTW, I think you should download her Report on Relationship Marketing if you truly want to thrive online or be successful as a blogger.

One thing I have noticed about blogging and that I like so much about it is “blog visitors & commenting”. I love the fact that people can hop around my blog and comment on my posts.

That’s how I knew everybody would  like their blogs to have more visitors and more comments. So why not start by introducing yourself to my readers so they can get to know you a little better. In return, they just might drop by your blog and share the love as well.

You know what I feel? I feel it’s a great way to not only introduce/promote yourself and share what you do, but also meet some new people and possibly make some great connections.

So here is what I would love for you to do:

  • Introduce yourself
  • What do you do
  • What are you passionate about
  • Do you need any help or do you offer help
  • Promote yourself

The first thing you should know is that I’m hoping to engage people a little further out here in the blog-o-sphere, and create my own little group of awesome bloggers that can interact with one another, who will also become part of the discussions that may happen in future blog posts! Note that you can choose your level of participation, too.

Jump in and participate when you feel like it, with no pressure from anyone, and sit back and observe when you want, too!

I know that many of you would like more engagement with others, and this is your opportunity to meet someone new, who just might have more knowledge and experience than you, or who might happen to be a really interesting person who you’d like to connect with. I know that I am looking forward to meeting some new and awesome people!

The second thing that you should know is that, in exchange for this free promotion and introduction service to each other, I am requesting that you subscribe to my blog posts via e-mail, which means I’d like for you to click on the “SUBSCRIBE” button (located in the right-hand side of the page underneath my social media site buttons) so that you get a short, friendly reminder in your email inbox each time a new post is published on this site!

I generally only post thrice a week, which are (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) And yeah! Being an interviewer, I interview a lot of experts and published their interviews in the “Expert Interview Series” on the blog, which I think you should not miss for anything in the world!

[alert-note]Note: I’m not making this a requirement, but I would like for you to join my community! We’re a good bunch! If you just want to promote yourself, and then never read anything I write in the future, that’s totally up to you. Of course, I may cry about it. :)[/alert-note]

I’d also like you to share this with others on your other social networks. I’d really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word, so that I can get to know your “friends”, too!

I know that most of you have been blogging for a while and are used to the demands that blogging can sometimes place on you.

I have been blogging for about five years now, and I have just this blog, which was created to teach people how to start, launch, and grow a successful online business.

The cool thing about WordPress is that I get notified each time someone subscribes to my blog, and so I know if you’ve subscribed. I usually respond to every comment on my blog, too, because I love interacting with those who took the time to say a few words to me. Engagement is key, in my opinion.

If you are already one of my regular readers, please feel free to post your links and Twitter handle here! If you’re not, here’s your chance to get in on the action! (Remember, one or two emails per week isn’t too much to ask in exchange for some “free” promotion, is it?) Of course, this isn’t mandatory… just a request! 🙂

And gonna I’m looking forward to seeing your posts in the comment section!

I can’t wait to introduce all of you awesome people to one another this way! 🙂

It is important to note that this post will be left up a bit longer than any other post, too, for a couple of reasons:

  1. I want you all to meet each other, and me, too, of course!
  2. It’ll take me some time to move my other blog, and
  3. I want you all to get as much promotion as possible!

I would love for you to stay awhile and check out some of my posts. Comments are always welcome and I promise to return the favor. It’s definitely a win-win situation for us both. You get more links to your site and it will help improve the search engine rankings for us both!

I’ve got one more favor to ask of you! Once your comment is approved (I’ll do that as soon as possible), come back by and hit the “Tweet” button. People will not only be interested in promoting themselves, but they will be able to read all about you as well (free advertising). If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll add me as a friend. My Twitter ID is “@IamOratorsam”.

Let the meeting and promotion of awesome people take place!

I’ll start.


So I am Sam Adeyinka and I am the founder of Accelerated Income mastermind, a platform that was created to help and teach young adults how to start, launch, and grow successful online business.

I am a creative writer, podcaster, interviewer, online business strategiest and a passionate teacher!

Feel free, to read my blog, comment on it and follow me on my Twitter Handle @IamOratorsam

I am outgoing, friendly and have been through a lot. This post on my other blog might just give you a glimpse: January 1st | A Day Never To Be Forgotten! 

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know my blog posts are interesting, informative, and unexpected, since you’ll never know what I’m going to blog about next! I like to keep things interesting! Variety is the spice of life, you know!

One of the quotes I live by is “Dare to be different in a world trying to make you everybody else!”

I’ve since realized that men who make the difference are those who dared to be unique and not try to be just like everyone else.

And if I have achieved anything in life, it would be solely because I dared to be different and leaned first-hand on the experiences of those that has gone ahead of me.

Over To You Awesome Friends!

Do please spread the love, leave me a comment on my posts and let’s get to know each other. I will be forever grateful!

Thank you so much and see you soon!

P.S. If you don’t tell me more about you and what you’re up to your comment won’t be approved.  I mean that is what this page is all about.  So, look forward to learning all about you. So go ahead and promote yourself online using my blog as a stage. 🙂

Webinar 1: The Paradigm Shift Masterclass

Webinar 1: The Paradigm Shift Masterclass

Hey folks!
This is another powerful online event powered by Hazo-Kemuel Initiatives and it promises to be an explosive one.
Right now in our country, Nigeria, we are experiencing a great economy melt-down which has paved way for several pyramid schemes that promise to make you rich, whereas the real intent is to steal the little money you have and make it theirs.
Let me guess.
There are 2, 4, 6, and 10 of you reading this that is into MMM, Ultimate Cycler and other Ponzi schemes that fly around everywhere, especially the internet.
And many of you are a victim already, and right now, you just feel like giving yourself a break. Well, it’s cool but definitely not the way to go.
Let me ask you, do you not think it is cool to start building your own future by taking on an honest work? By honest work, I simply mean building your own business (online business) and make plenty of money while at it.
I know you are probably asking right now it is true that people make money online. How?
Is it true people make money online?
The Paradigm Shift with Sam Adeyinka
At the Paradigm Shift on Friday 20th, 2017. I will be hosting on my Facebook Platform four other guys who would take on the responsibility of impacting and getting you fired up to start, launch, and grow your own successful online business.
By the way, January 20th is the birthday of yours faithfully and I feel it is a great time to share even more value with my network of friends, with YOU.
This masterclass though is a PAY WHAT YOU WANT oriented webinar and what that means is that you can pay any amount you have to get yourself enrolled to participate in the webinar on Friday 20th, 2017.
Topics to be discussed:
“Lead Your Life” – Abraham Ologundudu
“How to Build a Marketing Funnel” – Abe Cherian
“How to Build a Thriving Online Business (Blogging as a Case Study)” – Shamsudeen Adeshokan
“How to Gain Business Clarity” – Simeon Taiwo
Learning outcomes:
  • You will learn to lead your life no matter what the circumstances are
  • You will gain clarity into yourself and about the kind of business you should run
  • You will learn how to use blogging to grow your business
  • You will make plenty money online and be able to travel the world
  • You will learn to market your business through several marketing funnels and getting massive results!

Like to be a part of this class, please shoot me a message now via my mobile on 08161646027 (Whatsapp number). In the main time, JOIN our Facebook Platform @ Accelerated Income Mastermind (AIM) to start building contacts for a successful online business experience.