Become a Guest Writer

Guest writing is an effective way to increasing your online presence and did I mention the fact that it draws massive traffic to your site? It also helps you in gaining new subscribers and the chances of making money through your online efforts.

Write for Income Splash(IS)

Are you interested in writing a guest post for Income Splash (IS)? I’d love to have you! There are so many amazing things to write about, I could never do it all myself. Here are some guidelines & suggestions for you:

How to Guest Post?

It’s really easy!

Write a post, it must be a relevant and quality filled article and must be related to the topic of this website. You can submit it via the contact us page and then it will be reviewed and published.

Why Should I Guest Post on IS?

  • You will help to create value in this website
  • Increase the traffic to your website
  • Social media promotion
  • Increase your online presence
  • Quality backlinks to your site
  • Grow your Online Network
  • Become more visible on the Internet

Self Promotion

You are absolutely welcome to link to your own blog within the body of the post (though I’d ask you limit it to two or three links, and no affiliate links please), and to write your own byline. If you want to include a picture with your byline, sign up for a Gravatar and it will be automatically included at the bottom of the post (as long as you provide me with the associated email address!). You can also provide the URL for your website, and URLs for the following services, which will show up as icons:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • YouTube

Guest Posting Guidelines

Here are some basic guidelines you need to follow:

I maintain a high standard of quality on the blog and guest posts are held to the same standards.

These are the qualities I’m looking for when reviewing posts-

  • Provide hands on actionable advice
  • Be a tutorial and/or case study based
  • Backed up with real world data/example (can be anonymized)
  • Include appropriate images to guide readers
  • Readers walk away with actionable advice they can apply to their own sites
  • The post must be minimum 650+ words long
  • The post must be relevant to the blog categories below
  • The post must be 100% original and not published anywhere else (as I am the  jealous type )
  • The post must be checked for spelling and grammar error
  • The post should include a catchy headline similar in style to samples below
  • The post should include sub-headlines
  • The post should include bullet text when appropriate
  • The post should include your Bio with not more than 2 links (1 extra link for twitter profile)
  • The post should not include any affiliate links
  • This post can be a written as a “How to” or “Top 7 tips for” article
  • Other type articles can be submitted as well if the post is helpful to the reader
  • The post must be relevant and related to this website

If you are not sure, you can send a brief excerpt of the post via the contact us page.

Sample Headlines

Here are some sample headlines for you to model, look how these headlines are very catchy and offer precise information to the reader.

  • The Top 10 Best and Worst _____ in the World
  • Top 19 Most ____ Friendly ____
  • 100 Useful or Beautiful ____
  • 5 Reasons _____ is Better than ______
  • The World’s Top 10 Most Important ______
  • When is it Smarter to ____ or ____?
  • Little Known Ways to ________
  • 10 Reasons it’s Better to ______
  • How to Plan the Ultimate _____
  • How to _____ Like a _____
  • ____ Jobs You Can Do Yourself
  • Here is a Method That is Helping _____ to _____
  • Here’s a Quick Way to _______
  • 7 Creative Ways to ______
  • How to be a _______
  • 9 Surprising Things You Can _____
  • _____ Like an Expert in 10 Easy Steps
  • 21 Expert ____ Tips
  • 5 Reasons You Should ______
  • 10 Money/Time Saving Tips for ______
  • The Secret of Getting the Best Price for Your _______
  • How to Find the Best _____ Deals on the Web
  • Top Gadgets for _____
  • Are _____ Worth the Money?
  • Everything You Need to Know About Getting Cheaper _____
  • Top 10 Tips For Hassle Free ______
  • Best ____ For Under [Price]
  • Unusual but Achievable ____
  • 5 Ways to Boost Your ____ Without Spending More _____
  • 5 Ways to ____ on a Budget
  • 5 Ways to _____ and Profit
  • 21 Audacious and Creative _____ Ideas
  • Who Else Wants to ____?
  • Now You Can ____ for Free!
  • How to Get _____ in Half the Time
  • 10 Stars and their ____
  • _____ Life Styles of the Rich and Famous
  • How to Look and Act ________
  • Now You Can Have Get More and Better ____ With Less Effort
  • ______ like a Movie Star
  • 9 Ways You Can ____ Better Than You Deserve

Content & Writing Format

Please follow the guidelines below when writing your posts-

  • Tone of voice should be casual like your talking to a friend
  • Do not be afraid to be yourself – have fun with it!
  • No pretentious business tones
  • No fluff – if you can say the same thing in a shorter sentence – do it!
  • No more than 2-3 sentences per paragraph
  • There is no minimum word count

Format your content in this structure-

  • Open with a ‘What You Will Learn’ section with 3-5 bullet points
  • Move into main content
  • End the post with a ‘Wrapping It Up’ section, plus a powerful CTA, that is call to action that draws in readers attention to sharing their thoughts and sharing the post on social networking sites.

Remember your content must offer clear actionable advice with step by step instruction preferable backed up by case study data/examples.


Feel free to take a look at the examples below to get a better idea of what I am looking for-

Still Want To Be Published On The Blog?

If you still want to be published on the blog then please get in touch with me and send over-

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Provide examples of previous work
  3. A list of potential article titles/ideas
  4. If you’ve already written the article – include it

Good luck!