I wasn’t crazy when I exclaimed up there that chasing your dreams is far greater than education (even though education is great) and that’s because no matter what you learn in college, there comes a time when those things fail to work but your dreams well worked at don’t and will never fail you when you most needed it.

That said. I traveled to Lagos from Ibadan to a friend’s event (happened to be the social media guy talking about the whole event on social networking sites) the other day. The event was titled “Leverageng“. Now, that event was about Social Media and the best ways to leverage it as Nigerian youths. Trust me it was a very fantastic event put together by my homeboy, Abraham Ologundudu.

Just when I got engrossed tweeting away the event, a video popped up on the screen and all I saw was this not so beautiful, fat and too talking black lady. It took her only 17minutes to win over my attention (I forgot I was supposed to be tweeting) and that of the other people present in the large hall, even Sisi Yemie was won over by the charm and aura of this young lady that she had to use her as a case-study throughout her talk.

I’m talking about no other person than the popular comedienne Chigurl (real name: Chioma Omeruah). A very funny and inspiring young lady who is making her dough through making people laugh away their sorrows.

So the amazing Chigurl was on TEDx! In all her ‘razz-local- accent-glory’! Lol… 😀 Isn’t God good? Now, if you don’t know Chioma Omeruah aka Chigurl then I really cannot help you more than the embedded video I had taken much hassle to provide below.

Now, for those of you who are just getting to know her, Chigurl is also a talented linguist and voice over artist. She speaks 5 languages and can imitate 12 different accents. Trust me when I say that lady is multi-talented! You can scroll down to play the embedded video to listen to her story about “Chasing Your Dreams” on TED.

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In that video, she shared stories of her journey through failure, learning different foreign languages (speaks French, Spanish, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and pidgin) and how she decided to embrace comedy as a profession.

Having watched the video so many times, I was able to transcribe her inspiring story and you can read that just below the embedded video. But before I even share that with you, I should share with you what really inspired me about her story. Do you mind?

While Chioma’s stories teaches inventiveness it also shows and teach young minds why they must not fear failure. Chioma is an exemplar of failure turned inside out. True she failed many times but what she didn’t do was to allow it to shame her into inaction. She leveraged on her failed attempt until she got the right prototype for success.

Here, I really want to charge young minds privilege to be reading this to please try and shoot for the moon, cause even if they fail, they would undeniably land amongst the stars.

Do you enjoy the Amazing and Inspiring Video on Chasing Your Dreams? Please keep the words of this wise man to heart;

[clicktotweet]“Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams” – Donovan Bailey #TeamCPC16 [/clicktotweet]

Obviously, I will be putting up the same video at my forthcoming event (Tagged: Digital Marketing; Maximizing Online Opportunities for National & Global Efficacy!) in the ancient city of Ibadan, where young minds will learn the best strategies to Honing their digital marketing skills while rubbing shoulders with the industry’s best and brightest. This program comes up in March, get yourself prepared to attend!

[clicktotweet]I daresay that following your dreams is not enough but chasing your dreams will get you the desired result! #TeamCPC16[/clicktotweet]

The Transcription:

“Before we get started, Mr. Sunday Oliseh came up here and talk about education and what he did for him and what he did for his life, but education did not do a damn thing for me. I am a person who have always sort of failed subjects, I failed maths with dignity and when I got P (Pass) in Maths. I would celebrate it and treat myself to lunch cos I had a ‘P’…but look at me today, education did not help me get to where I am today. I will tell you what did though and I’ll have to misbehave just a little bit.

After I failed in military school, I had to repeat year four and I told my daddy, “Daddy don’t worry, I would go back to school”, and he looked at me and said, “get out of my sight!” He didn’t want me to embarrass him, as per a whole daughter of a chief air force officer, repeating… so he changed my school but after that I failed again, I left Nigeria to America. He was like Chioma, ‘you talk too much so you are going America to do Law.’

He didn’t care if I was interested in Law or not, he just wanted me to go to School. I loved talking, doing crazy things, making peeps laugh but he insisted I went to School.

I did criminal justice for two years and I was failing so badly and I was on AP (academic. probation) for two years, I was failing woefully. So I decided to switch to languages, my mum said I should study French so that I would at least have a major after graduating from school, but my dad was like why would I study French in school despite all the money he paid for school fees, and they called a family meeting that consists of family elders all over the place, they inquired about the reason why I had to change my major and asked what I changed to. I replied, “I changed to French because I love language”. “What is French and what will it do for you?” They queried. To their dismay, I replied, “It will help me to learn how to speak a language.”

To cut a long story short, I did not listen to them and had to act against their wills but according to mine. I studied French and got my first job three months after School as a Language teacher.

I developed myself and also learnt Spanish, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Pidgin, and a bit of phonetics…you see, I was a crazy teacher, and I was crazy even to my students. Sometimes I would be like, hey dearies if you pass this test, I would dance on this table for you…and when they pass I would truly get my ass on the table and dance for them, yea, I was that crazy.

After being in America for twelve years, my dad said I should come home….but he passed away a month after I got home….I had nothing doing in Nigeria sha but then one day in my house, I started doing this funny voices thing, and started the Chigurl character and send to my friends…and somehow, it spread and  many people started sending it around, and it got back to me via BC, and they were like have you heard this funny chigurl, she is funny and razz, and I’m like wow, that’s me…and that was when I hit my breakthrough, with people calling me around.”

[clicktotweet]“It doesn’t matter what you are doing, as long as what you are doing is touching somebody in a positive manner…”  – Chigurl #TeamCPC16[/clicktotweet]

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[clicktotweet]“A waste is somebody who sits down and dreams while others are working.” – Chigurl #TeamCPC16[/clicktotweet]

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