Last week, I began to show and teach you how to fix the common blogging mistakes you are making when I shared five of them in the first part of this blog post.

And today, I will continue with that and share will share another 10 of the common blogging mistakes you are making and of course share with you the quick and easy ways to get the mistakes fixed.

Just be for I roll out to you these mistakes, I think there’s a need to do a quick recap on what we learned last week on this phenomenon.

S0 we learned in the earlier post in this blog series that “Content is the King” and without it, it becomes difficult to succeed as a blogger as readers won’t take you serious.

We also mentioned how having a blog post schedule will help get your blog in front of hungry readers, which ultimately gets you your desired success.

Another one we rightly mentioned was having an “About” Page that makes and cut across your background, who you are, what your blog is about and how it will help your blog’s audience as it is the best way of retaining them as loyal visitors of your blog.

We also stressed on writing majorly for human beings and not robot (all in the name of SEO) as it is humans who will consume your posts not the robots.

And finally, we got to learn that having a blogging goal is the way to go if we seek lasting success with our blogs.

[clicktotweet]Folks, Show me your goal and I will tell you how successful you will become in the blogging industry.[/clicktotweet]

If you missed the first part of this blog post series, please click: Common Blogging Mistakes & Smart Ways To Fix Them.

Alright, let’s get straight into today’s post as I share with you 10 common blogging mistakes that ruins your blog!

Blogging Mistakes #1 – You don’t network with other folks

Network with other bloggers

Can You Network Like This?

One of the reasons for your blogging failures is that you don’t network with fellow bloggers. Have you ever heard of the famous word that, “no man is an island of knowledge?” Oh yes it’s very true. In blogging you can’t succeed all by yourself.

Arun Kallarackal in his post advised newbie bloggers to start making connections even before starting their blogs and trust me it’s what has brought Income Splash to the level it is now.

My advice: Do not just focus on content creation. Be everywhere by making significant connections.

Perhaps you are like, “but Sam, how on earth do you expect me to make such connections, considering that I’m new to blogging?” Simple! Start commenting on other blogs, leave insightful and thoughtful comments on such blogs…you would be building your reputation by doing this and of course get targeted traffic to your blog.

[clicktotweet]Good bloggers focus on content creation, great bloggers build connection.[/clicktotweet]

5 tips to help manage pressure as a blogger

Blogging Mistakes #2 – Quit being a copycat!

Quit being a copycat blogger

Are You Like This Copycat?

A lot of bloggers commit this deadly blogging mistakes.

This is a moment of truth! I did it too while starting up but I soon realized that to standout in the blog-o-sphere I needed to be 100% original, I must possess a unique voice, one that would attract and engage well with my readers.

Truth be told, copying other people’s work would not help your cause of becoming a renowned blogger.

Of course there are various other people blogging about the same thing you blog about, meaning you can be writing the same thing other people have written or are writing about, but you need to add your own views to make it unique and original by making use of your own voice.

My advice: Peradventure, you come across an interesting masterpiece from other blogs, the next best thing you should do is to draw some inspirations from such blog posts and scribble down your own opinions about it on your blog rather than copying it in its entirety.

[clicktotweet]After all said, the most unique thing about your blog is YOU![/clicktotweet]

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Blogging Mistakes #3 – Not building an emailing list

Start building an email list

Money is in the List!

(sigh) To some people, blogging is fun. But if you would ask my opinion, blogging to me is a serious business not fun! Every successful business needs proper investment. And one of the best investments is having a mailing list right from the very first day of starting your blogging empire. By the way, blogging is a mixture of fun and business.

[clicktotweet]To some people, blogging is fun. But if you would ask my opinion, blogging to me is a serious business not fun! [/clicktotweet]

I made a mistake myself in this light but I have since corrected it, thanks to Mr. Suresh of Bivori for helping me out with setting it up (That’s my first ever mail list, it’s been over 3years now. 😆 ), I mean my mailing list.

[clicktotweet]Blogging is a mixture of fun and business.[/clicktotweet]

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers recommend Aweber but I would only recommend what I have used. That said, I personally would recommend that you start with Mailchimp. Mailchimp is pretty cool.

It’s free for the first 2000 subscribers after which you would need to upgrade. You could also try using Benchmarkemail or feedburner. I’ve used this three on this blog.

If you are wise though, you’d opt for Mailchimp. Remember, money is in the list!

[clicktotweet]Are you a blog/website owner? Then by all means, get a mail list. [/clicktotweet]

Blogging Mistakes #4 – You Blog only for money

Blogging only for money

Don’t be like this young psychopathic man!

I know you are like “what the heck is he saying! Does he not blog because of money?” Well, to some extent, you are right. I blog but note solely because of the monetary gain. I blog because of the value I want to influence people with, if I make money in the process, then fine!

There’s actually nothing wrong in wanting to make money via your blog. After all, the only way to crown your efforts is definitely to make money.

I mean it would be crazy if you blog and you are not making money from it, right? But truth is it’s not at all proper if you start to worry about money when you are yet to add meaningful and substantial values to your readers by providing them with unique and quality contents.

[alert-note] “Jon chow dot com makes money because I don’t blog for money. If the only reason you’re blogging is to get rich, you will fail.” – Jon Chow[/alert-note]

Blogging Mistakes #5 – You don’t read other bloggers blogs. Why?

Start reading other bloggers blog

Can you be like this Older Woman?

I have always been of the opinion that my writing and coming up with quality contents for my blog is due to learning first-hand from the experience of other bloggers.

I get feedbacks from a lot of folks many of whom I don’t personally know, telling me how they love my writing skills, how my writings had helped, inspired, and motivates them  to taking certain actions which ultimately brought them success, and that they would love to work with me if I would approve.

The truth is had I not spent quality time reading other blogs I of course would be unable to come up with quality content every time on my blog and on other blogs I contribute on.

Guys, I believe to come up with quality content is a no-brainer if only you can harness well the power of reading “other blogs”.

[clicktotweet]writing quality content is a no-brainer if only you can harness well the power of reading “other blogs”.[/clicktotweet]

Blogging Mistakes #6 – You worry too much about traffic!

bloggers who worry too much about traffic

Don’t worry, be happy!

You probably are wondering why on earth traffic should be a blogging mistake. Of course it is, my friends. This is why. A lot of bloggers Google search and worry about getting 1million traffic exchange, 1million back-links and so on and so forte.

These are awesome ways to waste away your time in doing utterly unproductive things. Traffic shouldn’t be your top priority but rather content should be.

Some couple of weeks ago, I met one of the iron ladies in blogging by name, Jeni Elliot. I remembered I complained to her how I wasn’t making so much money online due to lack of traffic. Thankfully enough, she replied with a very helpful suggestion.

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Jeni’s Amazing Thoughts on Making Money Online!

Hi Sam,Jeni on not worrying about traffic but building a professional blog.

Thanks for your note! I definitely understand where you’re coming from, with respect to having so little money to use for promoting your blog. The key for you will be monetizing your blog in a way that paints you as a professional. That is, don’t use all your energy trying to get lots of traffic, just so you can get people to click ads. Instead, work on developing your own products (thing: e-books or trainings) because you get to keep a higher percentage of the profits. AND you don’t have to have as much traffic when you have products for people to buy. Really, you keep 95% of the money from sales of your products (the payment system, like Paypal, takes a little less than 5%). But when you compare that with the tiny amount you get when people click ads, you know which way to go!


I appreciate you taking the time to share your blogging challenge with me, Sam. Hope you have a great rest of your week and are finding lots of good info over at The Blog Maven. I’ll be cheering you on as you continue building your blog!

Jeni (Blog) (Twitter)[/alert-note]

That’s Jeni and she just taught you the significance of not worrying too much on traffic but building a quality and of course a professional blog backed up with quality products that inevitably helps you fulfill your dream of making mega money online!

My advice: Instead of worrying about traffic, worry more about improving your content quality and perhaps SEO and you would see how traffic will start rolling in effortlessly to your blog.

Blogging Mistakes #7 – Your title is not compelling enough

write compelling article headlines

One of the mistakes you make is that your title generally looks very crappy. You need to be able to come up with stunning titles that would grab totally your reader’s attention.

Have you ever wondered what makes people leave hundreds of comments on Darren Rowse, Adrienne Smith or perhaps Brian Clark’s blog? It’s simple! Their headline is habitually very compelling.

See Brian’s Lesson’s on Headline Hacks: How to Write Magnetic Headlines , Or click to download the pdf version now!

You could have the most relevant information on the topic you’re writing about, but if it has a boring title, trust me it will never be read. Use fantastic headlines that draw reader’s attention and ones that search engine loves to see.

Recently, I downloaded a report from CopyBlogger, it’s about headline hacks. They have really helped me in coming up with interesting headlines myself. I bet you would want to read it! It’s called “52 headline hacks”. Trust me it would really worth your while. Jon chow had done a fantastic job by putting it up.

Blogging Mistakes #8 – You ignore blog promotion

blog promotion strategy

Learn to promote your blog like a pro!

Another blogging mistake! What is the essence of writing a blog posts and not having people read it. The best way to make people read your blog is to promote it. I spend most of my time promoting my works than I publish contents.

There are various tools you can make use of to get your blog across to millions of people at a go.

Be sure to make use of today’s social medians and Bookmarking Directories to the max. There of course are many platforms to choose from, I personally promote my blog using Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Klinkk, Googleplus, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Blog Engage, Kingged, and Tumblr…..this are just few I’m sure you already know of.

Another form of promotion is by taking your time to visit other blogger’s blog and leave genuine and valuable comments with your name and blog link in them. This will help people know you as someone who actually care and they will generally repay the favor.

Some couple of months ago, my friend and blogging brother, Siraj Wahid surprisingly structured a blog post around me on how to write compelling and epic comments. I will recommend that you read it if you seriously want to get out of blog commenting.

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Blogging Mistakes #9 – You Rush Publishing your posts


Like you, I’ve several times been guilty of this and so does many other bloggers, even the so called Pro-bloggers.

Reasons: You got inspired all of a sudden to write an awesome post or peradventure you got a quick post from a friend that if you publish would win millions of souls to your blog and you are like “I need to publish this ASAP!” I got you there, right? 😆

The end result of rushing to get a particular post published often leads to some certain bad results, like the one in the image above.

Bad Results:

  • There would always be mistakes in the post
  •  It’s not going to be clear to your readers because of the many errors in it
  • It generally would lack value
  • It would scare away readers from your blog

The best way to avoiding these mistakes is to take sometime to proofread your works by making sure errors are properly corrected. The next point will safeguard you!

Blogging Mistakes #10 – You don’t edit or proofread your works


Learn to proofread your works!

In my short period of joining actively the blog-o-sphere, I’ve read several blogs than I can recount. And it would be justifiable to say I’ve seen several blogs with less effort in the areas of properly editing and proofreading their works.

The other day, I visited a blog by virtue of the comment left on one of my guest posts, and on getting to his blog, I barely could cope with many of his errors, gobbledygook, the manner in which he structured his sentences and the omissions of important words and what have yous. You know the next thing I’d do, right? Well, if you don’t, I gave up on his blog, I mean that particular post.

The mistake such bloggers make is that they edit their works in less than five minutes and feel they are good to go. What a great recipe for interesting tragedy!

My advice:

  • Review the flow of your content. Is there a thing you can remove or add to make the paragraphs flow with each others?
  • Remove those things that aren’t relevant in the body of the text.
  • Polish each sentence. You should consider cutting your paragraphs for scanning sakes. Replace difficult words with concise ones and mark out words that are literally uncalled-for.
  • Correct any grammar or spelling mistakes.

I learned most of this editing and proofreading skills from my many visits to Sue’s blog – writeclever (Not existing anymore) and some other fantastic sites that focus on writing crafts and everything in-between.

My personal experience is that the more I put significant efforts into editing and proofreading of my works, the easier it is for me to come up with understandable posts that will of course add value to my readers. And my readers are generally always grateful for my effort in presenting such articles to them by leaving their two cents. I salute you guys if you are reading this, like I know you are!

By the way, I have written a short guest post about how to be an expert proofreader on Erik Immanuel’s blog – the creator of Klinkk, a place to easily promote your blog and get massive traffic.

Wrapping Up!

Those are some of the most common blogging mistakes that bloggers make and that ruins their blog. Hope you’ll learn from them.

By the way, the next post on the “common blogging mistakes” series will be coming live tomorrow or next if school activities don’t drain the life out of me. 🙂

Your Turn!

I have said so much and I think its about time that I stop talking and let you talk by using the comment box below to commend your thoughts about what you learned or whatever it is  you want to add to this discussion. Make your opinion count please!

Be Social: This post took me almost 3days to compile and its over 2780 words long. I’d appreciate if you would please not just comment but also take the time to share the post with your friend;s across the social networks you are on.

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