Do you just started to blog?

Have you been in the blogging scene since long time ago?

Whichever category you are, you might be asking yourself these thoughtful questions:

  • What are some of the common blogging mistakes am making?

Some of you might just decide to word your questions around some of these keywords, which is good too, trust me you will find answers on the web, one of which is the post you are reading.

These keywords:

  • Biggest Blogging Mistakes,
  • Dangerous Blogging Mistakes,
  • Silly Blogging Mistakes, and several other terms.

I read on WhoIsWebHosting? that “Blogs are an important part of today’s web, with over 409 million people reading more than 17.6 billion blog pages every month. But people who are just starting out may have received some bad advice on how to become as popular as the big sites.”

And that’s why today, I have decided to talk about some common blogging mistakes that you might be making unconsciously, that is hurting your blog’s overall success and I have equally shared insightful tips on how to fix them. Good, huh?

[alert-warning]I should however warn you that this article is over 6k words long and it’s a series post, you might want to bookmark this page for future reading or referencing. Also, you can hit any of the download boxed around here to get your copy of the pdf version. – Income Splash[/alert-warning]

“Blogs are an important part of today’s web, with over 409 million people reading more than 17.6 billion blog pages every month.”

Every blog, and every blogger, is different. You’ll find that different strategies work for different niches and audiences. And you have your own unique skills, talents, and strengths that are different from any other blogger out there, which will affect your unique path to success. – WIWH


To help you get a hang on these common blogging mistakes, I’d like to bring you in my encounter with this Indian blogger I met a while ago. Ready to read a day time story? 🙂

So, Story time!

The title of my story as you would have guess is Common Blogging Mistakes. 🙂

Common Blogging Mistakes

He’s Failed Woefully & He’s Now Deranged!

Once upon a time, I was genuinely and scrupulously attending to my blogging activities such as blog promotion, blog commenting and what have you, when a certain blogger buzzes me up on Facebook. For the sake of what is worth, I have decided to keep the name secret, it’s however known to one person and that person happens to be Sam Adeyinka; one lazy Nigerian blogger.

“I want to help you”, said this certain blogger.

“Help me?” I replied somewhat amazed.

“Yes, I want to help you. If you need any kind of link, tell me.

“Link?” I asked.

“Like guest posting for blogs and what have you. I will provide you their links. I have a lot of them.” He had claimed.

“Oh I see, so how do I get started?” I asked.

“Good but each links will cost $25-$40” He replied.

“I’m not interested, but you could always guest post for me at Pro Motivator.” I replied.

“You have no page rank but good visitors and many comments. I have 1760 articles on my blog. My page rank is 3. DA is 22 PA is 37. Yet I have low visitors and low comments. Please Sam, any suggestion?” he asked in a rather perplexed tone.

Power quickly changed hands. Well, I told him the things I did to achieve what he made mention of about my blog.

After several hours of sitting down at a corner in one of my church brothers’ cafe, blogging my way to success, I returned home that night very tired and worn out as usual, and as tired as I was, I managed to find my way to the bathroom, quickly rushed the water in my white bucket on myself and made my way through to my one room apartment.

Just as I was about to retire to my small bed, the thought of this certain blogger came back to my mind. I began to reflect on my conversation with him. I realized he was making some silly blogging mistakes, which as the person that I am (solving people’s problems) I must find a way to correct, by helping him in the little way that I can.

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I hurriedly picked up my phone, since I didn’t have a personal laptop at the time. I began surfing and researching what mistakes this certain blogger might be committing, that has literally impeded him to get the utmost from blogging, even with the high number of posts he’s published and continues to publish each passing day. And remember his blog is page rank 3?


Now, to say I was surprise would be definitely be a gainsaying because I was certain that Google would of course pop out a lot of options for me, which it did. Trust Google! 🙂

I quickly began reading, mind mapping, and scribbling out ideas as they were coming. When I later checked my black wristwatch, it turned out I had subconsciously defeated sleep that night as the day was already breaking.

“Time is 6:30am”, my alarm cried repeatedly.

“Whoops!” I exclaimed.

Well, just as what every other serious blogger will do, I immediately switched from researching to thinking and then to actually writing. Now I was in my writing groove and I was ready to give all it takes to churning out all that I know and that I can just for the sake of this certain blogger and for sure the many newbie bloggers out there.

*******End of my Common Blogging Mistakes story*******

Hope you are still with me friends? I’m glad you’re still here! By the way, I hope you enjoyed the short story of that blogger friend? And you Mr. Certain blogger hope you would find this post as useful and helpful as I anticipated it to be.

So for the sake of Mr. certain blogger, I will be sharing with you, my distinguish readers some of the common blogging mistakes I feel this young blogger is committing that has impeded his growth, that is, blogging success. And did I tell you I will be sharing quick tips of how you can quickly get over and fix these dangerous blogging mistakes?

I must admit that several other bloggers has at one point in time posted about this same phenomenon but share I must at least for the sake of our friend – the “certain blogger”, and some other newbie bloggers out there who I see and perceive are probable of making this blogging mistakes.

By the way, I would strongly suggest that you bookmark this post or better still, print it out…not for anything but for proper scrutiny, future reading and referencing. I have also made available a downloadable pdf copy of this guide exclusively to my blog’s subscribers. You might want to join our list of subscribers to get your own copy delivered to you in your inbox!


Blogging Mistakes #1 – You Write Crappy Contents Instead of Quality Ones

quality content - incomesplash

Content Has Been & Will Always Be KING!

A very terrible blogging mistake this is!

[clicktotweet]“If content is King in the world of search, then blogs are the Kingdom”[/clicktotweet]

If after taking your time to reading through this article and you happen not to find the issue of “Quality Content”, how would you feel? Not complete, right?

On a second thought, you might not feel bad owing to the fact that, this has been widely said across the city called, “The Blog-o-sphere”. And you are already tired of hearing this mantra.

I understand you, but the truth is we cannot hide the fact that Content is of course the king, and my friend Abraham, puts it best when he acutely stated that “value is the king maker”. I second him on that because without value the content would obviously be a failure.

[clicktotweet]#QualityContent “Value is the breeder of quality contents” – Sam Adeyinka[/clicktotweet]

This blogging mistake is one of the deadliest mistakes I see bloggers make, especially the newbie bloggers.

A lot of them favor quantity to quality. You see them write long posts full of nonsense – an article devoid of value.

Trust me the lack of quality in your content is the beginning of blogging failure.

Readers would find it really difficult to grasp what you’re presenting to them and it would only make them run from off your blog, which will ultimately lead to the increase of bounce rate, as the traffic to your blog would be relatively low. I bet you don’t want that to happen, do you?

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Want to learn how to reduce your site’s bounce rate? Read This: Reduce Bounce Rate!

[clicktotweet]#CommonBloggingMistakes The lack of quality in your content is the beginning of blogging failure. #IncomeSplash[/clicktotweet]

I believe that as a content writer or copywriter, your job is always to come up on a daily basis, content that have this three qualities – target, engagement and conviction. If your content is lacking any of this quality then it means you would only succeed moving from a zero to another zero.

I think the reason why some of this so called newbie bloggers favor quantity to quality is perhaps the length of the post they come across on their visits to some Pro-bloggers blog.

I have heard phrases like “Long post has the likelihood of going viral”. How true is that? Well, I jolly well will not accept that!

[clicktotweet]Target, engagement and conviction are sole of a quality blog. #IncomeSplash[/clicktotweet]

Check it: How to Create a Loyal Blog Audience

It was on this same blog-o-sphere we’re when legendary Brian Clark published on his blog a 45k words article as a blog post and it surprisingly attracted over 500 comments in two days. Whereas, Ramsay of blog Tyrant wrote an impressive guide of over 7000k words but got just 45 comments and some few shares.

See the difference now? (By the way, it’s just an example cited. In case you personally know Ramsay, please do not report me to him because I don’t have money for lawsuit). That’s just on a light note. J

To help you understand what I’m talking about; my friend Olili Bob-manuel had at some point thought about it and come with a thrilling article which he submitted here. (Newbie bloggers please make sure you read it).

Quick Tips:

  • To write quality content, focus on adding value
  • To write quality content, write as if you’re talking to a friend
  • To write quality content, write from your heart
  • To write quality content, make your writing scan able
  • To write quality content, make sure it’s informational and  resourceful
  • To write quality content, create ample time for proofreading and editing

After all said and done quality content not quantity content ranks well on Google’s SERPs, drives targeted traffics to your blog, increase your reputation in the blogosphere and ranks you as an A-list, that is, authority blogger. Do you now understand why quality content is the KING?!

[clicktotweet]After all said and done quality content not quantity content ranks well on Google’s SERPs and drives targeted traffic[/clicktotweet]

 Blogging Mistakes #2 – Not having a blogging schedule

Blogging Schedule - Common Blogging Mistakes

           Do You Have A Blogging Schedule?

I’ve heard a lot of bloggers tell me that they post every day while some tell me they blog whenever they deemed fit. Truth is the both of them stand to be a blogging mistake and pose great threats to your blogging success.

For instance if you post every day, you stand a chance of running out of content except if you have guest posters who can actually stand to it when the need arises, like churning out same quality content you always publish, and that’s if you even publish quality contents on your blog.

Secondly, if you fall in the second category of people who only write when they feel like writing then you are wrong, as this would also impede the chances of your blogging success.

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Can We Really Trust Guest Bloggers?

You know that feeling you get when you first created your blog – that time you feel so excited about finally being able to publish your thoughts on the web for people to see. It’s quite exhilarating; trust me I’ve been there.

We see tons of posts for the first few days and maybe weeks, then the number of posts starts to dwindle until the blog is hardly updated at all.

[clicktotweet]“Know this truth now, “Nothing kills a blog faster than the lack of updates” – Sam Adeyinka[/clicktotweet]

So choosing a posting frequency for your blog is therefore very critical if at all you want to actually succeed in this blog-o-sphere.

To help my productivity level I have decided upon posting three times a week, which basically are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays…if it happened I didn’t post at this mentioned days, it could mean I was sick. And truth is I hardly get sick.

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Blogging Mistakes #3 – Your About Page is a Crap

Social Trigger About Page

Social Trigger’s About Page: Looks Cool, huh?

Another silly blogging mistake you make is that you don’t give importance to your about page.

The last I checked, my about page is one of the most visited pages on my blog. If you would ask me I’d say it’s paramount that you give some level of importance to it if truly you want to build long-lasting connection with other bloggers or perhaps your site’s visitors who might not necessarily be bloggers.

You should add some incentives to it. The last time I asked Sue Neal to analyze my blog; she ended up commending my effort in having a good about page. Well, I don’t know how true that is but I still think you should check it out here to get a sense of what I’m talking about. Who knows, you might get inspired by it and craft out an out of the box “About” page yourself.

Blogging Mistakes #4 – You Write For Robots Instead of Human Beings

writing for robots

                          Stop Writing for Robots!

Search engine of course is very vital and as well critical considering the traffic, I mean when it comes to driving massive and free visitors to ones blog but it is highly essential to write for humans first of all than to focus solely on writing for mere bots.

After all said and done, I mean your SEO tweaking, the bots won’t come to your blog but humans of course to drop their valuable comments and of course share your contents with their network of friends if they loved it that much.

Blogging Mistakes #5 – You Don’t Have a Blogging Goal

blogging goals

               Do You Have A Blogging Goal(s)?

As a top blogger, one of the mistakes I see fellow bloggers make is that they don’t set goals for their blogs. You should have a blogging goal, be it daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly if you are going to achieve anything as a blogger.

When I say blogging goals I mean to say, things you hope to achieve daily or weekly on your blog. Is it posting a quality article or guest blogging for an authority blog? What exactly is your goal?

There’s this analogy that readily comes to my mind:

Now, think of yourself as a striker on a football pitch and all of a sudden the ball was passed to you, and as a fantastic striker you are, you began sprinting and dribbling pass your opponents. Only to get to the goal line and find out there was no goal post, how would you score?

That’s how blogging is; if you don’t have a set goal, it would be very difficult to get the utmost from blogging.

Folks, Show me your goal and I will tell you how successful you will become in the blogging industry.

[clicktotweet]Not having a blogging goal makes life really difficult for you. Set a goal today![/clicktotweet]

Wrapping Up

So that’s some of the most common blogging mistakes I deduce you might be making and that’s seriously ruining your blog by the day.

Remember, that this is just five(5) out of the almost 40 dangerous blogging mistakes bloggers make daily running their blogs.

If you’re serious about blogging and want to really correct this deadly blogging mistakes, do make sure to bookmark this page, print it out, subscribe to our blog via RSS Feed or our mailing list to get the full pdf version deliver straight to your inbox.

Your Turn!

I’m hoping you enjoyed reading this and have already sighted some of the silly mistakes you’re committing with your blog and are ready to start taking your blog seriously by taking my advises to stay on top of the blogging radar.

Do you have any other mistakes you feel I left out that should be included here? Go ahead and mention it via the comment box below. We’d love to mention it and of course cite you by linking back to your blog.

Be Social: Have you fallen in love with the quality of this post? Please go ahead and share it with your network of friends. Thanks! 🙂

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