Blogging is a very lucrative career. Yes, with success stories of many pro-bloggers floating around the internet, blogging has always attracted laymen. Well, this is why we see an increase in the number of blogs and bloggers each day. But with time, those new names often disappear. Everyone but few survive. And even fewer thrive in blogging.

Why does blogging journey result in a tragic end for many newbie bloggers? There are lots of reasons. But there are some must-do tasks that these newbies ignore. And they end up paying the cost. Their blogs fail far too early, too easily.

So, if you are a wannabe pro-blogger, ready to jump into the blogging bandwagon, I recommend you to wait. Please go through this article. I’ve put together a good ‘To-do’ list for you guys. Make sure you implement them. After that, embark on your blogging journey. I bet that you’ll get success.

Rule #1- Don’t start a blog out of Impulsivity

This, sadly, is the case with most newbie bloggers. They see a couple of articles celebrating the success and earnings of pro bloggers and just like that they want also to achieve the same feat.

So, what’s the next logical thing they do? They start a blog similar to that of the celebrated pro blogger! What a start! Hahaha…perfect ingredients for tragedy!

This is the result of impulsivity. Before jumping into the blogging bandwagon, take a reality test. Analyze the pros and cons of this prospect.

After self introspection and analysis, come to a conclusion. So, you still believe that blogging is your cup of coffee? Okay, if you’re determined enough here are some more facts you should know.

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Rule #2 – Know that blogging doesn’t guarantee loads of free time

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A big misconception regarding blogging among the masses is that it affords them loads of free time. After all, when it comes to blogging, we are our own masters, right?

Okay, time to burst the bubble! Blogging is not as easy as you think it to be. It is true that blogging assures flexible timings of work. But it doesn’t guarantee hours of free time. Trust me it never does!

When you get to the thick of things, blogging may take up hours! If you are really serious about blogging, be prepared to devote hours of hard-work towards it.

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Rule #3 – Find your niche

So, it seems like you are still interested in becoming a successful blogger despite me bursting that bubble. Well, I’m happy that you’re still with me. Here comes the next ‘To-do’.

Blogging becomes more meaningful and purposeful when you select a niche. It could be your area of interest. If you ask me, the niche you select should be something that interests you, something you are knowledgeable about.

If your icon, the celebrated pro blogger blogs about cars and bikes, don’t ape him and start a blog devoted to cars and bikes. Choose a niche you are genuinely interested in.

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Doing so has more than one advantage. Firstly, you’ll not get bored while blogging (otherwise you certainly would). You’ll be more passionate about your blog. Your chances of getting success increases exponentially (depends on the knowledge you possess about that niche).

Rule #4 -Take a closer look at the technical aspects of blogging

CMSs (Content Management System) like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc is a boon for layman. These tools make blogging very easy for them. Starting and maintaining a blog becomes cakewalk, thanks to these tools. It is safe to say that blogging is no rocket science. Blame it on these CMSs.

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Wait, I’m gonna disappoint you again. Blogging has been made easy by these tools. But still, there remains a lot to be done by a blogger in order to take his blog to the next level.

For doing this, the blogger must be willing to learn the technical aspects related to blogging. Aspects like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization) are too hot to handle for newbies. So, devote time towards learning them. It’ll come handy in the long run. Don’t just limit to the aspects I mentioned above. There are loads more to come. The next points will show you how to deal with them.

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Rule #5 – Follow influencers, Learn from them

This is an important part. Try to follow influential bloggers of your niche on Social networking sites. Visit their blogs regularly. Make it a point to learn from them, but don’t imitate them blindly. Try to interact with them.

Doing so will help you know what made them successful. And as I mentioned above, there are more technical aspects other than SEO and SMO. Learn such things from the experienced influencers.

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Rule #6 – E-Books are worth reading

Most of the influential bloggers offer free E-books on their blogs. E-books are compact packages of useful information. Downloading and reading them is much better and time saving than browsing through individual posts.

You also can carry around these e-books on mobile devices. Read them whenever and wherever you can. To be honest, E-books of influential bloggers have helped me a lot.

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Rule #7 – Start networking early on

Don’t try to pull off a ‘one man army’ thing. Networking is a crucial part of blogging. I recommend newbies to start networking at the beginning of their blogging journey.

Before starting up a blog, follow influencers (on social media). At the same time, follow other people (bloggers) related to your niche. This can be done easily, thanks to social media sites..

Just look at Facebook, when you follow influencers, it suggests similar pages, people and groups. Usually they all revolve around your niche. Networking is fun, informative and rewarding at the same time.

Rule #8 – Invest and get handsome rewards

I’ve been telling this to bloggers since ice age (oops, I exaggerated it). When it comes to blogging, these lines hold true- invest wisely and reap the benefits.

Spend money wisely, purchasing premium themes, plugins, good hosting etc. These things will play a big role in deciding the fate of your blog.


That’s all folks! These are some ‘must dos’ each newbie bloggers shouldn’t ignore. Follow them religiously and you’re all set to take your blog to the next level. There still remain lots to be added to this list, I know that. I concentrated on points, which I felt, are crucial. You may add your take on this topic in the comment section. Thanks!

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