I was interview an highly successful Internet Marketer and I can still vividly remember his words that reads something like, “Traffic is the life source of all blogs. Without traffic, your blog is as good as a grave yard…”

Very true! Without traffic your blog will never thrive and failure of your blog’s growth will mean you will never have a success story as an Internet Marketer. How do I know? Trust me i have been there and you can bet I can go on and on telling you how frustrating it is blogging and not making ROI. 🙂

It is therefore save to say that the success of your blogging career is fully dependent on the traffic you get to it.

In case you are new to blogging and don’t know how to get traffic, well, there are just 2 ways of driving traffic to your blog and they are:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

2. Social Media Optimization (SMO) | (Facebook, Twitter, Blogging Communities and the likes…)

We all as bloggers because we know the importance of driving traffic device many different strategies of driving traffics to our blogs. However, the best…and yes free to driving traffic to ones blog still remain Search Engine, and the next one is Social media which have great potential of driving traffic to your blog.

I’m I talking too much? Well, some few days ago, I was surfing on Facebook when I saw one of Enstine’s great FB Status where he shared about one platform that promises to bring in “1000% massive traffic to your blog without Search Engine or Social Media.”

And since I was never a fan of SEO and these days SMO was beginning to be too stressful for me as I can’t really keep in touch owing to blogging with a mobile device. I thought it’s make sense and worth my while if I give this new platform a shot.

So I quickly PMed Enstine Muki and he said I should check out the site, I some honest and insightful reviews and it was then I found out that the platform in fact was design and orchestrated by my #1 blogging buddy Enstine Muki himself.

I then messaged him and showed my interest of being a better tester. I quickly promoted my interview with Donna Merril and indeed I did enjoyed straightaway the platform, thanks to the automated 100 Credits I used in promoting the post.

Cause I was taken by surprise at the uniqueness and end result of the platform I quickly showed interest of writing a review of this platform.

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Still think I’m jabbering? Okay, let’s jump straight to the point. Enstine has just lunched a one of a kind platform known has BroadedNet and trust me it’s going to make your life much easier and help you drive needed and targeted traffic to your blog plus help you make those imagined money. 😀

Drive Huge Traffic With BroadedNet

So what is BroadedNet?

BroadedNet is an entirely new blog promotion platform and a community of bloggers and internet marketers who bring their blogs together under one platform and accept to link to each other on their blogs and be rewarded with Credits.

The concept of BroadedNet is simple. Every member of the network displays a widget on their website. Your articles will be displayed on the widgets placed on other websites and their articles will be displayed on yours. The concept is very simple, however it can be an effective way of bringing new readers to your blog.

In a nutshell, BroadedNet can be referred to as the ability to drive targeted and quality traffic without search engine neither social media.

How Does BroadedNet works?

Again, BroadedNet is a brainchild of Enstine Muki, the idea is simple and if well maximized can drive huge traffic to its members blogs. Trust me you don’t need search engines or social media to drive traffic. With BroadedNet, you are in fact covered! 🙂

BroadedNet is a network of bloggers who bring their blogs together under one platform and accept to link to each other on their blogs and be rewarded with Credits

The Whole Analogy of BroadedNet

Once your articles are added to the platform, they will start showing up on other blogs in the network that have accepted to display articles in a certain category.

In the image above, BroadedNet takes your article and spreads them on network blogs. These blogs start generating unlimited traffic to your blog within the next few minutes. For these network blogs to be able to receive and display articles from BroadedNet, they need to download and install the BroadedNet WordPress Widget (Will be available for other platforms soon).


BroadedNet does not only accept articles. You can also effectively use it for banner advetising (Affiliate banners or advertise your own products). All you have to do is select the banner option and enter the image location url and the destination url.


Credits are reward members get for promoting your content on their blogs. Each time your link is clicked on their blogs, they will earn credits in their BroadedNet account. These credits earned will help them to place their own content/banners so as to be promoted on other blogs.

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So while creating a campaign, you have to enter a certain amount of credits to give away to members per click they generate from their blogs. The more credits you offer, the more exposure and clicks you get.

Content or articles shown on network blogs are selected randomly and ordered by credits and in specific categories. Campaigns that offer more credits show up more often.

Duplicate content

There is absolutely no issue with duplicate content. Your articles are simply linked to from other blogs. The links are all nofollow, pointing to the broaded.net domain where stats are recorded before the visitor is redirected to the destination url.

I’m not true yet. See, I’m not a very techy person and I have to be taken by the hand if I was going to do some technical things about blogging myself. Trust me, I really stressed Enstine, and just because I don’t want you to go through all of the stress I went through I have the decided to show you the How To Start. Is it okay?

Drive Huge Traffic With BroadedNet

So here | How to Start

Step 1 : Register on Broaded.Net by providing your Name and Email Address. (You have to confirm your email address after registration)

Step 2 : Login to your account and Download the Broaded.Net Plugin on your WordPress blog (For Non WordPress users, use this widget generator).

Step 3 : Install this plugin on your blog. (Copy the Broaded API key from “My Account” page.) And that’s it you’re ready to fly and start driving huge targeted and quality traffic without search engine or perhaps social media. Isn’t this awesome?

Step 4 : Create Your Campaign.  Go to “Create Campaign” Tab and provide the campaign type (You can choose either article or banner), Article Title/Image URL, Destination URL, Category, Bidding type and pricing. Then click on “Create Campaign” Button. Your post will be live after approval.

Check Out What These Awesome Gurus Has to Say About BroadedNET:


“Enstine Muki is one of the smartest bloggers I know, and his vision for Broaded.net is a grand one. Sign up. Don’t miss out!” Kevin Duncan of  BeABetterBlogger.com

“Enstine Muki is a blogger who I respect and admire. He had such a brilliant idea: Broaded.net. Use it to get safe, easy and fast traffic. Jump on the train and register now!” . Erik Emmanuelli of  Klinkk.com

“Enstine is a skilled, problem-solving blogger… I strongly recommend broaded.net for both new and veteran bloggers. If you’re struggling to gain search engine traffic this is the place to be.” ~ Ryan Biddulph of  Blogging from Paradise

Okay, I was going to introduce Enstine to you but I thought it doesn’t really matter because the man’s name as gone viral and he has succeed to work his name through to being synonymous with Money Making Expert. BTW, I will be seating him down soon and bring to you his amazing thoughts on Internet Marketing, so I thought what’s the hassle for? Guys, you think its a great idea?

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You Wanna Hear My Final Verdicts About BroadedNet? Well, Here: 🙂

As far as I, Sam Adeyinka is concerned, BroadedNet will be the next big thing in this broaded blog-o-sphere. Why do I think so? That’s because, there is no one who didn’t want a traffic…..or perhaps, a free traffic. And did I tell you that it has never been easy driving traffic butnot so with BroadedNet cause I can bet it with you if you can spend 30minutes or so promoting on this well designed platform, you will in no time generate and drive huge traffic with BroadedNet to your amazing blog.
Without Ado, amazing and distinguised readers, bloggers and well wishers of Pro Motivatore, I implore you to Join BroadedNet today and network with me and other amazing folks, such that we may help grow each others business! 🙂

Over To You To Share Your Take on BroadedNet.

I agree that have said a whole lot and some of you will think I was paid to do this, mind you I wasn’t but I have done this with the love I have toward Enstine and his works.
Have you tried BroadedNet? Do You think this result was potent enough to make you join? What do you think Enstine should do next, in terms of design and stuffs?
Guys, feel free to share your mind with me, your friends, and of course Enstine cause he will be hear to peep and would love to reply to your takes.
We Love Comments: Please do leave your feedback with us by using the comment box below. If you know me well, you will know I appreciate your comments than my posts. Please do leave your thoughts. Thanks! 🙂
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