Hello dear readers, I have the honor to present to you the first person to be featured in our “Interview” section over here at Pro Motivator. It’s other person than our very own Reginald Chan, who happens to be the lucky man to be the first great person to be interviewed on this great blog. So guys sit back, relax and enjoy this blogging interview with Reggy, my friend! Trust me he’s such a fantastic dude.


SAM: Welcome to Pro Motivator. Can we get to know you?

REGGY: Haha… Sure do why not. 🙂

SAM: Who exactly is Reginald? My readers would love to know more about you.

REGGY: Reginald Chan is just an average Joe in blogging. Basically, I started blogging since 2005 and had even ventured out into ghost writing and freelance writing too. Oh yes, I live in Malaysia and am a manager in an international hotel.

Writing is a great thing for me since I love to write! This is where I took it to the next level and do blogging instead.

SAM: How long have you been blogging?

REGGY: Since 2005 and is like 8 years now.

SAM:  Would you say you are a successful blogger?

REGGY: Of course not! I am still learning and everyone is as well. This is because the blogging industry is always changing. What you learned yesterday might not be useful for tomorrow.

SAM:  You were instrumental to the little success this blog is now enjoying. How does it feel like being an expert?

REGGY: I wouldn’t label myself as an expert but it is always fun to help those around you. I think it boils down to my expertise in Internet Marketing, Analytics and SEO. Plus, I love learning new things. So, it does make me some sort as an authority voice even though I am not.

SAM:  How many bloggers have you successfully helped till date? Are they near success at all?

REGGY: Honestly, I can’t remember how many. I usually give them advice and hope they grow from there. I only remember one guy who I met 3 years back. I did show him how to get more traffic and guess he figured that out. Now he is getting close to 1 million page view per month.

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SAM:  What are your major challenges online?

REGGY: The biggest challenge for me is to make sure my article hit page one of Google. I don’t write for search engine but I would still need to understand how the algorithm works. Furthermore, you are not competing with a million blogs out there. You are competing with over 60 million blogs out there. So, the challenges are very real.

Another part is SEO. Like it or not, you can’t change how your SEO layout would work in just over night. For example, you have 50 or 100 articles and most of the time, the SEO strategy is the same. Imagine Google hit an update and it affects that strategy. You have absolutely no choice but to live with it. You can just choose to change everything overnight.

Lastly, of course it would be monetization. I don’t work towards that but it is always fun to have some money rolling in your account daily. The toughest part is everything affects it. For example, US government shutdowns and that affect purchases. It does have a toll towards us all.

SAM:  Your blog ReginaldChan.Net currently has an Alexa rank of 28,170. I mean for a 3month old blog. How were you able to achieve this great feat?

REGGY: It really depends on several factors which are social shares and traffic. I only publish two articles per week and I don’t believe in publishing one article per day. I make sure that each article is shareable and is easy to understand. These articles are not just your normal article. I want them to be unique and therefore, most of my writings would have stats, graphs and self-experiments.

I don’t want my readers to say “Argh this is just another ‘like-that’ blog”. I want to create the “ah-haa” moment instead. So yes, don’t write good articles but write great ones. Don’t be afraid to wring long articles.

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Secondly, be active on social media. Each of my articles is shared through many social media platforms and in return, I get lots of re-share too. The more sharing, the better the reach it and this will increase your traffic.

That’s why I spend most of my time on social media than writing.

SAM:  What is your estimated online revenue per annum?

REGGY: Well this is hard to say. I make about $100 – $500 per month as I am more to an affiliate marketer and paid services. So, it really varies and it all depends on luck.

SAM:  Apart from blogging and web designing, are you thinking of converting to something else?

I am thinking of doing consultation and even writing my own paid eBook to be sold on Amazon. Honestly speaking, you don’t make money from blogging. Blogging is a platform to help you build more authority and increase the chances to sell your product/services etc.

SAM:  What sets you apart from other bloggers?

REGGY: I started probably two dozen or more blogs and mostly didn’t do well. When I start this blog, I wanted to be different and by different I mean writing for readers.

Readers nowadays enjoy reading quality write-up compared to low quality ones. Therefore, I self-tune each post of mine to fit the readers. Your readers must learn something before they leave your post or write-up.

Also, I didn’t want to build heavy traffic to my blog even though it would be nice. I am focusing to build a brand; The Reginald Chan brand. I want people to know that this name and website is a great resource for bloggers in terms of SEO and marketing.

SAM:  What is your message to other bloggers, most specially the newbie bloggers?

REGGY: Here are a few important rules about blogging:

  •     You don’t make much money from blogging during the first year.
  •      Become a blogger because you want to write … not to earn money.
  •      Blogging is never about you. Give back to the community and you will be blessed in return.
  •      Forget about paid traffic. The only real deal is Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.
  •      Don’t invest into blogging heavily like I do unless you know you really going into blogging for a long period.
  •      Traffic doesn’t come overnight. So be patience and enjoy the process.
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If you really want to be successful in blogging, you need to write for your readers, build trust and most importantly, learn from your surroundings. There is no such thing as the perfect blogging tips honestly speaking.

The best tip is always the one that fit you and your followers. That is what makes it important. To start-up, there is no better way than to use Google Analytics. Learn from there and move on.

In this blogging industry, you must be bold and stand up for yourself. Moreover, everyone is for themselves right? J

SAM:  Thank you so much Reginald for honoring this invitation.

REGGY: No worries mate. Anytime.

SAM:  Reggy, for the sake of my readers, how best can they connect with you?

You can contact me via my ‘contact me page’ on my website or social media:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/regi.nic

Fan page: http://facebook.com/bloggingmoments

Twitter: http://twitter.com/reginald_chan


Now Over to my Readers

Now, having heard all this from Reginald, are you truly motivated by his experiences? Is there any challenge you are picking from his interview? What are your comments? Do make sure to share them with us, using our comment box below.

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