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Hire Me – For Freelance Writing, Blog Setup/Consultancy, SEO


Hire me to do the dirty jobs for you!

If you are seeing this page it then means you need my service(s) on a particular something or whatever, but the question is; what exactly do you want me to do for you?

I know you like the structure of this blog and are seriously in need of something of this nature, truth is you can have a more better blog than mine if only you are willing to part with some few bucks.

Are you asking these same questions some of my newbie buddies are asking? Let me unveil some of their questions to you.


  • How do I create my own “awesome” blog? (Please I don’t know how to do it at all)
  • How do I get unique and quality contents to publish on my blog? (I don’t have the time to write one myself)
  • How do I get an amazing LOGO design? (I need my brand to look more professional)
  • How do I get a professional to help manage my websites and blogs? (I’m forever busy with other things and I can’t cope)

If you answer yes to one or all of these questions then I’d suggest you leave it to the professionals! 🙂 Believe me you are in a good hands.


Let Me Coach or Do the job for you!

At Hazo-Kemue Initiatives, the company that auspice Income Splash, our job is to help you with the most important things that will bring about speedy success, like building your blog from scratch, give it a slick design and making it SEO friendly and everything in-between. Also, we can help you maintain your sites be it new or existing(old).

Um….if you are still contemplating, please take your time okay.

Another question that might be running through your minds now I’m guessing might be:

  • Can my website really be better than yours?


  • Would you help me monetize my blog?

Haha……good questions, I know you’d ask. 🙂 Well, your site can be better than mine but depending on the transactions.

And as per the issue of monetization, why not. Again, that will solely depend on what the transactions modes are.

Is this the only service you offer? Why do I feel like you have this pretty amazing knack of asking the right questions?

Well, I offer quite a number of services and the list are as follows:

  •   Freelance Writing
  •   Search Engine Optimization
  •   Blog Consultancy
  •   Blog Setup
  •   Viral Blog Marketing (Blog Virility)
  •   Social Media Optimization
  •   Online Marketing
  •   Web Site Development
  •   Online Start Up Plans
  •   Link Building (Inc SEO)
  •   Traffic Building
  •   Blog/Website flipping
  •   Make Money Strategy’s (Blogging)
  •  + More…

All these? Yes, all these and many more. At Hazo-Kemuel Initiatives, we are sure of our dexterity and the fact that we can provide anything – yes anything at all you may want online because we are in the know about the Internet and how best to harness it.

I know you’d be like, “But Sam, how are we sure of you creating something of value when you offer so many services?”

Good concern!

Well, we have a team of interesting and amazing people who partner with us to making our work much more easier, so you shouldn’t worry yourself to much about the Quality of our services cause we’ve got the best guys at our disposal!

Peradventure if you are not satisfied with any of our services we assure you of a Money Back Guarantee. (Not every WebMasters do this)

We are also providing a Complete kit to make a successful Blog or an Online Start-Up which is Highly Recommended for you. BTW, our first product would be lunched before the end of September, when this blog would be a year old. It’s entitled “You are the Success Factor“.

Our Pricing:

Basically our services start’s from as low as $5 – it however depends on the service you want and how you want it been delivered to you.

Interested In Hiring Us!! It’s easy to Hire Us Just go ahead and shoot us a Mail at [email protected] or Submit your queries by using the contact form below. We’ll ping you within 24-Hours


Now, you probably might be thinking, why should I trust you to work with you?

Simple! This is because I have carved a part for myself in the blogging industry.

I mean I have in the short period of coming back to the blog-o-sphere built a strong reputation amongst bloggers and other like-minded folks, which basically means that I am simply a trustworthy personality, one you’d seriously love to work with.

So that it won’t look as if I’m blowing my trumpet, I’d leave you to read what others are saying about me and my works.

Here you go:

[single_testimonial id=996]

Okay, what will be the joy of working with you then?

Another good question you got their, friends! Well, as a professional and freelance web designer, I basically will give your blog that amazing look that will make your readers drool when they visit your blog. Trust me guys, It’s gonna be a  love at first sight! 🙂

Speaking about Content Writing, you can also hire me to write quality contents for your blog. I mean great an epic shits that will single your blog out from the many blogs and blog posts published daily in the blog-o-sphere.

Oh yeah I know you’re just too busy to keep your blog updated, that’s why you’ve stayed this long on my “hire me” page. That’s cool! Well, I can provide quality contents for your readers and nobody would know I wrote it 😀 . I’m sure you know what I mean, right?

Me: You want to see any of my writings?

You: Sure!

Me: Not a problem then.

See the lists:

I’m sure you enjoyed the reads, don’t you? I seriously want to believe you are now very convinced about working with me.

So what are you still doing here? Why don’t you take a stroll to our Contact Page and tell us what you need. We’ll get back to you ASAP 🙂 .

P.S: Please do not hire me if you’re unwilling to spend, or if you have a low budget.


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