Ever wondered why you’re not getting blog traffic?

Do you find yourself googling the term “How to boost my blog traffic”, and other terms related to this?


Well, I can relate…

While so many people have written about this phenomenon in the past, which fortunately I have read and found them useful – those posts, I also felt the need to share my experiences so far, I mean my best practices of increasing my traffic.

Like to hear it?

Okay read on…

So, you already know that there several posts telling you how to boost your blog traffic and what you will mostly read will be get tools and drive traffic from ads and what have yous…

How about I shock you?

Driving traffic or let me put it this way, boosting your blog traffic isn’t about tools, its rather about strategy and execution of such strategies.

When the idea of this article came to my mind, like I normally do, I started researching about it via Google, hoping I would come across an article that said “install this plugin and your traffic will exponentially increase”.

Twas quite unfortunate as not one of the many articles I stumbled on had a single quick fix option. They all said the same thing: to boost your blog traffic; you’ll need to spend time, be a hardworker and blog consistently.

So in this article, I will mainly be showing you how you can boost your blog traffic over 100% and make high profit every month with either Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing or any other monetization methods you’ve deployed on your blog.

Mates, are you ready to roll with me as I show you simple yet powerful ways of how to boost your blog traffic?

You are. Oh great! Then let’s roll…

boost your blog traffic

1. Create Consistently Evergreen Contents

I will assume you already know who you are writing for, that is, your blog audience. All you need to do now is to start crafting powerful contents they would love to read.

Notice I said posting consistently. What this does is that it help build your audience as they are assured of getting a post from your end at x time of the week. For me, I publish on this blog Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

I have noticed that blog readers appreciates consistency and they always love to know what exactly is coming up next on your blog. And you won’t be able to achieve this feat if you post randomely or once a month.

So get consistent and start reaping the rewards that follows!

2. Be everywhere!

boost your blog traffic

Whenever I introduce myself to people what I don’t forget to say is that “I am a social media enthusiast” and that is very true. I love social media and that’s because its one tool that has helped me make the difference.

Managing each of these social accounts is definitely crippling and time consuming but they are really important if you want to share your contents and build your blog audience.

It is fairly easy to use, each of the social media networks but it might not be easy to manage, considering the fact that you need to be active on them. If that is the case, then you might want to choose just 2-3 of them and be highly active on them. For me, its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Google+ used to be the third but I found LinkedIn quite interesting and business oriented.

Another important thing to note is the use of hashtags. It really helps and you need to choose hashtags that are relevant to your and your website.

I am a die-hard fan of social media as a means of traffic generation and that’s because with social media, I can share my contents more than once and there are various posting and scheduling tools to keep tab of my blog’s presence online.

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A better way to get your readers engage and share your post is to have sharing buttons on your blog. I fly with ‘Juiz Social Sharing’ cause its quite fantastic. There are of course a good number of them to choose from. ‘Shareholics’ is another fantastic sharing tool.

3. Syndicate Like there would be no tomorrow!

Taking a moment to look up what the word “Syndicate” means, here’s what I found;

“A group of individuals or organizations combined to promote a common interest.”

Now, that sounds interesting and more like what I really want to teach you here. So, you already know what syndicate means and you know that it means joining the bandwagon of those interesting people already who already plies their trades on social networking sites.

Sometimes I wonder why bloggers fail to have social plugins (if you’re using wordpress) on their sites. “Do they know what they are missing at all”, I usually ask myself.

I bet they don’t! Cause if they do, they will sure be sharing there website’s contents on all the social networking sites that’s around, online that is.

There are lot of them and amongst them are:

Reddit(its a traffic generating machine, if you know how to use it).
StumbleUpon, and loads of others in there millions.

The good thing is that there are plugins which makes the application of this really easy. There are plugins like Shareholic,…..and the one I use on this blog – Juiz.


One question I get asked often by bloggers who are really trying to be careful and not get tagged as a “spammer” is “How often should I share my blog’s contents?”

The simple answer would be; Share as much as you can and periodically make it a point of duty to share and tweet out old posts on your social channels, especially those posts that received loads of feedbacks in comments, social shares, and likes. Tweet Old post plugin does the magic for me every hours of the day, when I’m writing like this time or while I lay sleeping. Its really magical!

One more thing mates, be sure to set metrics that allows others share and repost your contents with of course a link that points back to your original posts. I will write about those sites soon, an example is Kingged.com, owned by a friend or Klinkk.com owned by Eric Immanuelli.

I will also advice that you use plugins like Tweetclick that makes it easy for readers to tweet your quotes, industry mentions and what have yous. Hope you grasp that? Okay, below is a screenshot of what I’m saying…

3. Is Your Site User-friendly?

By user-friendly, I mean to ask if your site is easy to navigate. Is it? If not, you’re losing lots of traffic.

What to do: Be sure to keep your weblog really easy to manoeuvre, that is navigate with creative and intuitive category labels, this makes people(visitors) find the information they seek much faster.

You should also make the life of your user much easier by providing them with easy and fast ways in which they could leave you feedbacks and of course share your contents.

4. Why?! Common! Why Close Your Comment?

In my blog post series “Common Blogging Mistakes”, I mentioned the importance of blog commenting and why you should practice it religiously. This might be a good time for you to revisit/visit that post if you’ve not. It will help you a lot in your blogging journey.

See, its really hard to impress people, especially in this last days but one of the best ways you will ever be able to impress your blog’s readers would be to create an opinion box for them, a place where they will be able to share their minds about your corpus, that is content.

“Closing your comment sections leaves an impression on your readers minds that you only care about them reading but not there opinions”

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Jeez! That’s terrible.

Really it is!

If you’re not Seth Godin and this other top guns, don’t even think of trying let to talk of closing your comment threads.

5. Get Plugged In!

Kabenlah once wrote something in this lines and I remember the post went viral and is one of his top posts till date. As bloggers, you should know you’re a part of an ecosystem of bloggers and should not blog in isolation.

Trust me this point is probably the most important and one that you should take seriously if you ever want to grow and be great as a blogger.

Contrary to popular belief, your fellow bloggers are your biggest resource and of course greatest support.

You should use them, connect with them, join the groups they are on, meet and engage with bloggers in and outside your niche, learn from them and try to put up great contents as doing so will attract mentions from them, your competitors, which would ultimately drive to your site while tapping into a different audience.

6. How Often Do You Comment On Blogs?

One of the things I learned in 2013 when I started to take blogging serious was to comment on blogs in my niche.

Back off spammers!

Don’t mind me, I’m only referring to those that looks to making this a spam business by leaving one liner comments on blogs. Hmm..that’s not what you want to set out to do, okay!

Let me show you what instead to do.

Get out there and search for blogs that shares just about the same things you share and that get good number of comments and decent traffics, contribute your thoughts on those blogs but make sure you add long and thoughtful comments that will not only add value to the blog but also spark up a conersation that will turn into lasting relationship between yourself and that blog owner and maybe the other commenters on the blog.

And hey fams, this is not a place to promote your blog posts, its a place to share your expertise and become a celebrity. Luckily these days, there are more blogs with commentluv plugin by Andy Bailey which does the simple job of fetching your latest blog posts to be shared along with your comments.

“I drove thousands and tens of thousands of blog visitors via blog commenting. Can you boast of that?”

Pro Tips:

Make it a point of duty to do blog commenting regularly on not just top blogs but also smaller blogs and make your comments rich and sound.

I once wrote a 1216 word comment on a friend’s blog, unfortunately she no longer blogs but now writes fiction and short stories. You might know her. Sue Neal. Where’s she now? Please do let me know in the comment box if you know her whereabouts and what’s she’s doing next. Thanks!

I should add that the more you contribute to the conversations around you, the more you’re viewed as a thought-leader, which will drive you the much needed traffic and ultimately helps you make money online.

7. Leverage on Your Competitors Loopholes!

While some bloggers bother and worry about their competitors, thereby allowing themselves to hate and stop reading their competitors blog, I do well to leveraging on their loopholes by constantly surfing their weblogs to check if there’s any content holes they’ve missed, that I could take advantage of and make better.

I usually stumble on loads of such loopholes contents and you can trust your boy, I’d quickly research ways to make it better and that’s exactly what I’d do.

Pro tips:

When you find such contents, always make sure you add 10x value of what the actual scribbler was able to add.

“Those who consistently provide lots of
content have a bigger chance of attracting people who are actively looking for information.”

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8. Giveaway Something of Immense Value

One awesome way to boost your blog traffic is to host a giveaway. I have seen this in action many times in the past and it is not surprising to see bloggers still practising this act. That’s because it works like magic!

This is quite simple; when a company contact you to write a review about the products they are offering, always make sure to ask them if they would love you too host a giveaway to further boost the products reach.

The readers might be reading to win the giveaway, it doesn’t stop the fact that you’re getting blog traffic and not only that, you’re also building your Facebook Fanpage and of course your email list.

9. Work on Your Blog Design.

This something is something I have finally managed to sort out, all thanks to Terungwa Akaahan who gifted me a Genesis Framework Template that’s worth $100 at Studiopress Market (Power of building relationships).

Now, I’m certain I have a good writing skill but I have found out that there are some people who irrespective of your powerful phrases and amazing writing abilities will not hang around your blog if you don’t have a simple yet explosive blog design. I’m that kind of person!

Want my advice? Simple. Invest into your blog and you will soon start to reap the rewards like I now am.

10. Do Monthly Round-ups

One blogger I know of and who does this well is Adrienne Smith, hers is on a weekly basis and she publish her round-ups on every Thursdays of the week. She call it “Thursday Round-ups”.

If you are new to this game, I’d suggest you try out with the monthly round-ups and I also will be giving it a go as I notice it works magic in generating traffic.

This is actually quite simple than I initially thought; all you need to do is to start following the RSS Feed of the blogs you’d love to do their round-ups, save up their articles, the ones that tickled your fancy or solve popular problems, that is, helpful and highlight it in a list of best posts at the beginning or end of each month.

Pro advice:

Include 1-2 posts from your blog, usually as a bonus.
Share your “roundup” on social networking sites and don’t forget to tag the publications/blogs featured – you never know they’d be willing to share.
Tweet at each individual author letting them know they were featured/mentioned.

Wrapping up!

These are my best techniques of boosting your traffic over 100%. But alas! Traffic doesn’t increase overnight, it is a slow and steady process that you need to do religiously if you are to ever drive those needed traffic that helps you make money like Pat Flynn.

That said. You need determination and a persistence pursuit of the result of excellence via consistently dishing out evergreen contents on your weblog.

I hope you found this post helpful as I envisaged it to be. There are of course various ways to boosting your blog traffic but I have only covered the most significant ones that worked the best for me. SEO (organic traffic) is another one that is currently working magic for me. Will write on that soon…

Your Turn!

Do you have any tips for increasing or boosting blog traffic? Please go ahead and share it with is by using the comment box below this post. Thanks!

Be Social: Like this post? Please do share it with your friends and of course leave your two cents comment. You’re the best! 🙂

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