Editor’s Note: Sometimes last week, I began to think of what to share with YOU but to tell you what, I was blank. That was when I saw Ryan’s post where he offered to guest post on weblogs that share stuff on Blogging. We exchange a few texts about that, and this morning, Ryan contacted me with an attachment of this post, he was going to share with us on how to make BIG money with blogging. My heart leaped for joy as I read through the article and I couldn’t hold back on sharing it with you!

I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as i did. Over to you, Ryan. 🙂

How to Make Big Money with Blogging

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“The fun is the reward.”

Repeat that phrase to yourself 10 times. Right now.

If you are struggling like a flopping fish out of water to make any money with your blog, repeating that mantra above will help you.

You probably made a god out of money. Or maybe you are just terrified to lose money, or to go broke.

I have been in your shoes. I have lost almost everything years ago. But I also turned my financial life around by living that mantra above.

When you blog mainly to have fun, the blogging/work/fun is the reward. All else feels like extra, or a bonus. Like money.  When money feels like an extra or bonus, or no big deal, more money flows into your life.

This is the perfect attitude to take to earn some sweet coin through blogging.

1: Follow Your Fun

Follow your fun. Primarily. Your finances follow.

Follow your passion. Primarily. The profits follow.

When you follow each step below you will notice something: I mentioned the word “money” only a few times. This is because to make big money you don’t just stare at money all day long, or focus on money. Money is inanimate. It cannot act. *People* do act, though. And money flows through people.

So if you want to make a ton of money, focus on following your passion through blogging, for fun. This detaches you largely from money outcomes which helps you focus on helping people which helps you make more money now, and in the long run.

2: Define What “Big” Money Means to You

Big money is $10,000 a year to some folks.

Big money is $1,000,000 a year to other folks.

A different crowd may define big money as $10,000,000,000 a year.

There is one scary but freeing part of defining your money goals: you are going to BE such a different person while you work toward those goals that it will make you sprint out of your comfort zone into fun and freeing and sometimes terrifying spots.

This is the tuition you need to pay to make big money. Especially if you have little money now. No longer can you cower to your fears or make excuses or blame other people for your failures.

You committed to enter the big boy and big girl club now. These folks laugh at fears as they glide through the fears, like a hot knife through butter. You need to do the same to make that scrilla.

3: Create Helpful Posts

Create helpful blog posts to address the needs of your readers.

Increase your blogging income.

Ask readers questions. What are they struggling with? What obstacles do they face? Ask how you can help them.

Provide answers in the form of your blog posts. Be thorough. Be generous. Tackle their problem/questions with your solutions/answers/blog posts.

If you regularly solve your reader’s problems you lay the foundation for becoming a full time, professional blogger.

4: HOB

Help Other Bloggers.

Promote other bloggers through social media, by interviewing them and by featuring them on your blog.

This is my favorite tip for boosting my blogging profits. I help other bloggers make money and they help me to make money. Simple formula. Not rocket science here.

Helping successful bloggers builds friendships. Those friends expand your reach by promoting you. Some will hire you. Some will buy your product or eBooks.

Help other bloggers freely. Make that sweet chedda.

5: Guest Post

Guest post on top blogs from your niche.

Wow the socks off of successful pro bloggers and impress their audiences too.

Guest posting simply leverages your presence quickly. Being seen by more folks who are interested in your blog, products and services increases your income potential.

Reach out to your blogging buddies. Ask if you can guest post on their blog and share 3 ideas with them.

If you build really strong friendships and practice writing 1,000 words daily (in a Word document) your friends will invite you to guest post before you ask them.

The magic of making online buddies, eh?

6: Blog Comment

Comment on top blogs from your niche.

Increase your exposure. Build brand awareness. Boost your blogging profits.

Write a 5 paragraph – or longer – insightful, personalized, helpful comment on top blogs from your niche. Help people. Make friends. Increase your blog traffic and income.

Commenting on blogs gives you greater online visibility and more friends. That’s a profitable combo.

7: Build an Email List

Build an email list.

The money may not be in the list but when it is easy for folks to read your latest posts and buy your latest products and hire you for your services, you will see it is easier to make money when you’re list building.

List building is convenience on steroids. Folks WILL read your blog when they get your posts through email. Ditto for buying new eBook releases; I spotted an uptick in eBook sales when I got serious about building a list.

Readers may see your post on Twitter. They probably won’t see it on Facebook these days. They will see it and read it and follow your call to action if your post pops up in their email inbox.

Build a list.

8: Create Products and Services

Create products and services to cash in.

Doing so helps diversify your income streams.

I just checked my stats now; I sold one more eBook on Amazon. That is a quick 3 bucks. Which does not seem like much. Until you factor in the other income streams through which I am earning.

It all adds up.

Consider: offering freelance writing services, blog consulting services, writing and self-publishing eBooks on Amazon, self-publishing audio books, affiliate income and creating helpful online courses.

Add an income stream every 3-6 months.


Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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