Fiverr Selling 101: Fiverr for complete beginners!

I was surfing online when I stumbled upon this Fiverr for complete beginners video. It’s a free online video course to walkthrough complete beginners through creating a Fiverr account, setting up a Fiverr account and creating and selling your first gig.

Fiverr Selling 101 is for complete Fiverr beginners and people who may have heard of or not heard of Fiverr and have been interested in selling online through Fiverr without knowing where to start.

This course will walk you through every process from creating your account, to setting it up, to creating and selling your first gig. Each lecture will provide students a video showing them exactly what to do as well as provide some insightful tips and strategies to become successful.

Trust me it’s one of the few best Fiverr for complete beginners. It will so worth your while.

This course is not for advanced users or Fiverr veterans but you will still find useful tips in this course. I will have a advanced course soon covering everything in my e-book and beyond!

Check out the free course on Udemy if you prefer it over YouTube.