Hello amazing readers and friends of Promotivator. Welcome to another interesting diet of interview with great and awesome folks – tagged “The Extra-Ordinary Blogger Interview.” By the way, it’s the 4th one here. I’m very happy to introduce to you yet another great personality, one that I accord a lot of respect when it comes to blogging – from writing to the technicalities of blogging.

This guy is such a nerd! Just like me, he’s a nerd with fashion sense. Most of you know him as Babanature, however his full name unknowing to many is “MOMOH BABANATURE YAKUBU” He is the owner (CEO) of the people’s blog known as Onenaijablog.com.

He is an avid researcher by profession and a professional web designer, building and creating blogs, template design, doing video tutorials, modifying codes, widgets and plugins, consultation and blog maintenance are the things he does best.


The Guy Behind OneNaijaBlog

Aside being a researcher, he also loves playing video games, watching cartoons, writing articles as a free lancer, blogging, singing, he does ghost writing and guest postings too just in case you want to hire him.

Let’s hear from Babanature then, or what do you think?


Email: [email protected]

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 Back to you distinguished readers

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Email: [email protected]

Twitter | Facebook | Website

 Back to you distinguished readers

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1. Hello Babanature! Welcome to Promotivator.

Ans: Thank you for inviting me to your awesome blog Sam

2. My readers would love to know you. Would you please introduce yourself to them?

Ans: For those who don’t know me – My name is Babanature, the owner of Onenaijablog.com. I love making friends and I also love playing with my system.

Interview Questions Part One

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3. Motto you live by:

Ans: Don’t bite the hands that will feed you and don’t turn away from those who need you.

4.Occupation & Description.

Ans: I am a full time blogger, a consultant and a business center owner.

5. Why did you choose your career path?

Ans: I’ve always been in love with pc from the very moment I laid my eye on it. I choose this path because I love teaching and exploring.

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6. Is your current job your dream career? If not, what is it and how do you plan to achieve it?

Ans: I have always wanted to do something that would give me time to attend to my private life and there is no better job that can give you such freedom than blogging. I was once an artist but the truth is, Blogging has been my dream job 🙂

7. What event happened in your life to make you realize your dream career?

Ans: I have always had been in love with blogging, so my whole life has always been based on blogging :).

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8.What are the biggest misconceptions about what you do?

Ans: Seriously, none (for now)

9. What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned so far?

Ans: No pain, no gain… Think hard and work smart

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10. Referral, Organic or direct traffic which is good?

Ans: Getting traffic from all 3 sources is the wise choice any blogger could ever think of. Though, I am getting all three traffic but, referral traffic is the best ways of getting great traffic. Because with referral, you get good engagement and relationship (to me, there is nothing better than that)

11. What are your views on SEO and how best can a blogger tackle this phenomenon?

Ans: I seriously don’t do SEO because I don’t fully believe in it, all my traffic are natural…

12. Traffic! Traffic is what always looms in the heart of every serious bloggers. How best can I get quality and targeted traffics to my blog?

Ans: Traffic is the life source of all blogs. Without traffic, your blog is as good as a grave yard…

The places I get my traffic from and which I’ll recommend to all bloggers; Social network and social bookmarking sites. They are my most favorite place and they bring serious amount of traffic to ones blog.

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13. You have a wealth of knowledge in the area of writing. How do I write a quality post that will strike attention and will make people leave tons of comments on my blog?

Ans: The best way to write; Write what an average man can relate to, be yourself at all cost and always proofread. You can also spice your blog post with live event (something that happens to you or your friend) and also, write as if you’re talking to your physical friend.

Building your post around these will give you engagement and as well as referral traffic…

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14.  How do you usually find your ideas?

Ans: My ideas come from mostly my own personal experiences. I love teaching or writing about stuffs I’ve faced in my blogging journey so when a new blogger read, they will get connected to it. I also get ideas from Q&A sites…

15.  What in your opinion should be the basic steps to becoming a Pro-Blogger?

Ans: Consistency, working smart and the art of never giving up

16. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Ans: The one advice my mama always tells me is; you will only be a failure if you stop trying

17. What is the best advice you’d give to someone pursuing the same industry or similar dream?

Ans: There are ups and downs when pursuing your dream. Some time you fail but never give in to that pest called failure or you will be a failure forever. Remember that failures are those who stop trying.

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18. What can I do better?

Ans: As I can see, your blog is awesome has it is. You just keep doing what you’re doing and try to be more social :). Sky will be your starting point

19. Thanks so much, Babanature for your time and for honoring this interview.

Ans: Anytime, Sam.

         CONNECT WITH Babanature:

Small Nature-man

      Email: [email protected]

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Back to you honorable readers.

So that’s Babanature from Onenaijablog. He’s said a lot of things and I know he has motivated you so far in this his interview one way or the other, isn’t it? But remember, it’s one thing to be taught and another to apply what you were taught. I hope you will start applying all of the lessons churned out here by Babanature.

We love comments.

I’m sure you do too, isn’t it? Well, it’s time for you to share with us what you think about this interview. Perhaps you would love to advice, Babanature or ask him a question[s], do go ahead and use the comment box below. The last I check, the dude loves helping people, so no worries okay as he will reply to all of your comments.

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