Hello dear readers. I’m glad to welcome you to the 5th episode of “The Extra-Ordinary blogging interview”. Yes, Sam is not the host today but I promise you a great time.

This interview was not initially planned. I’m an introvert and I think naturally I’m not so good in chatting (online or offline).

Gilbert Samuel of Viral Writer

Gilbert Samuel

In my attempt to chat with Gilbert on Facebook, I got out of control and it turned into an interview. So I decided to have him as the next guest in our interview series.

I’m introducing to you Gilbert Samuel of Viralwriter.com. He’s a student blogger (if there’s anything like that). His blog is four month old with Alexa Rank of 61k and he is doing fine like a BOSS.

He writes about proven tips that can make your blog go viral. He’s young and full of energy. I see him as a passionate blogger and I think it is good for me to appreciate him for his hard work.

The tagline for this blog is “incubating you for success”. Our content serves as a driving force to your success. I hope this little conversation inspires you especially if you are a newbie.

1. Welcome to Promotivator, Gilbert

Ans: Sure! Thanks, I’m glad to be here.

2. Introduce yourself- tell us something most people don’t know about you.

Ans: I’m a transparent guy, no string attached. I’m that blogger staying next door. I started blogging a couple of months ago and the good news is that there wasn’t any failure in it (though there was a huge failure in my previous launch).

As for the one you don’t know; I once had a blog but it didn’t last long because I didn’t have the passion for blogging then. As a matter of fact, there’s no success without failure.

3. If I’m right, Gilbert, you have written 15+ guest posts. How did you get the authors of those blogs to accept your post?

Ans: It’s a no brainer; I had to put some spices into the quality of my writings. Follow the guest blogging guidelines, write quality content, show some bragging right by mentioning some of your published guest posts and you’ll be accepted in no time.

4. I’ve closely watched you and I see you preach about guest blogging a lot. You want to share a secret you’ve discovered?
Ans: Actually, when I started guest blogging, I did it for the purpose of getting dofollow links and ranking high on search engine (more organic traffic), the result is great though but guest blogging became a hobby and passion.

There is nothing really to hide in guest blogging but it mustn’t be underestimated; it’s the best strategy of dominating another person’s blog and legally collecting readers. Its result is great compare to blog commenting where your name will be hidden in a little box.

5. Do you set goals for you yourself or you just act randomly?

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Ans: I’m working towards having a good reputation, to be listed as one of the top in a specific skill and definitely, fame is going to follow. Of course a famous blog is going to make traffic his playground and make bunch of sales.
That’s what everybody’s hoping for right? Setting a goal is not a new game, 100% of bloggers implements it but the little mistake they make is “not working towards it”.

6. Everyone needs inspiration. Let’s know your source(s)

Ans: There’s this quote and I really love it,

[Tweet ” “The journey to a thousand miles begins with one step “”]

Influencers out there started from somewhere and right now they’re at the peak. So far we’ve made our first step, we’ll definitely get there. It’s just a matter of time.

Connect with influencers; let them tell you their stories, the mistake they made and how they got to where they are. They’ll inspire you and set a footprint for you to follow.

7. Do you have mentors?

Ans: Sure!

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8. Please we would like to know who they are.

Ans: Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome. I’ve learnt a lot from Adrienne Smith and she gave me an accolade for that. Zac Johnson from Bloggingtips

9. As the Virus Viral Writer, Give us short tips to write a viral post from the scratch.

Ans: Short tip? You got it!

Link to other top bloggers > give them a shout out on twitter > Relax while they share the heck out of your blog post. Of course the post is going to have an outstanding quality.

10. Blog promotion or quality contents. Which one needs more attention?

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Ans: Quality content is always the king but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t promote our blog else it’ll be an empty gold mine.

11. From experience, what is the significance of social media for content marketing?

Ans: Content marketing can’t survive without social media and a blog not implementing this is a dead man walking. Never overlook it! It’s just the perfect way of splashing your skills to a wider audience.

12. Where do you think some bloggers miss it?

Ans: Some think it all stops at writing quality content and promoting? Hell no! Your monetization strategy and blog design counts.

13. Give us little known SEO strategy that you know of.

Ans: Search for low competitive keywords only (unless you have a high Pagerank) and sprinkle the keywords on your blog post.

The easiest link building strategy that works is blog commenting, utilize it > get a higher domain authority >higher pagerank (though there haven’t been an update) and rank yourself high on SERP.

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14. What has been the core factor of your success so far?

Ans: To be successful and you know what it means to be a successful blogger 😉

15. After the fall of your first blog, what motivated your come back as Viral Writer?

Ans: Influencers and top blogs like problogger, smart passive income and quite a few eBooks, I had no idea how blogging looks like when I started my first blog. I had to start all over, well it took me a couple of months to digest it all and relay my blogging bricks.

16. What are the sources of your online income?

Ans: Affiliate marketing
Services – Ghost writing

 17. We wouldn’t mind if you give us a figure of your monthly income 😀  

Ans: Sure! It’s just 3 digits (and still counting). Not bad for a four month old blogger but my goal is to hit 6 digits in the future.

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18. Rate your success so far on a scale of 1-10

Ans: The journey is still far and I’ve never gotten to “a half of the quarter” of the journey. Rating depends on reader’s opinion but if ask me, I’ll rate myself as 2.

 19. I’m just curios. Do you think you can sell your blog in the future?

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Ans: Yup! I can sell it in the future; I never knew I was going to have success in it because my main purpose was using it as an experiment.

I noticed top bloggers use their name as their domain name as a way of branding themselves. I decided to get one before other Gilbert Samuel’s rush to get it.

If I eventually sell my blog then find me on gilbertsamuel dot com. I bought the domain name and it’s sitting in godaddy till when I’ll start the real blogging journey.

20.  Any side project? What are we to look out for from you?

Ans: Currently, I’m running a micro niche site and this has really made me a busy guy. I might share the results on my blog anytime so watch out.

21. Can His Royal Virus (HRV) in his awesome wisdom advice the whole Team at Promotivator?

Ans: Two words; Stay motivated

22. We appreciate the advice. Thanks so much for honouring my invitation.

Ans: Sure you’re welcome, anytime!

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Back to my loyal readers
There you have it from The Viral writer himself. He is Young and full of aspirations. As a newbie, I’ve learned a lot from Gilbert.

“Connect with influencers; let them tell you their stories, the mistake they made and how they got to where they are. They’ll inspire you and set a footprint for you to follow.” – Gilbert Samuel

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Don’t you? Please tell us what you think about his interview. If you have any advice for this young chap, please use the comment form.  If you have any question for Gilbert, please ask and he will reply you ASAP!

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