I know it’s been a while since I last updated this blog and yes, I know I’ve been pretty inconsistent with publishing post here on ISBlog.

Now, that’s due to a lot of reasons – from completing college education to trying to get a job and also run my freelance business at the side.

That’s no excuse though. I know it’s not a genuine excuse to starve you, my loyal readers of contents.

Well today, I will be continuing on with our interview session by interviewing a very good friend of mine, who happens to blog here with me from long time ago.

He’s a New Media Strategist and a personal branding coach who happens to be clarity coach.

I’m talking about Abraham Ologundudu. The founder of Seasoned Life Journal and Convener of Leverage Conference!

Question: Abraham, how are you today? I hope you are not feeling the recession?

Response: Thank you  Big Sam! I am doing quite well. As touching recession, I am not bothered. Humans defined recession based on certain standards. Therefore, I can choose to partake or not. In this case, I am not. ☺

Question: Good to hear that you are fine and are not faced with the recession. By the way, I hope I tried with the short introduction but do you mind letting us in about who Abraham is and what he does to help people?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! You did very well. I would just make a little moderation. I am the founder of SeasonedLifeJournal.com – Nigeria’s No. 1 inspirational and personal development blog. On this platform, I help passionate individuals seeking to make a difference with their ideas, message, and story to get the clarity, boldness, strategy, and tools needed to empower them execute intentionally.

I  am  the convener of Leverage Conference, an annual nation building conference in Nigeria with focus of showing Nigerians how to be deliberately involved in national transformation through Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Personal development.

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I am the Founder & CEO of Bramodigi, a new media consulting company that helps personal brands, business brands and organizations achieve their vision and mission by leveraging on digital media.

Question: That’s definitely an awesome introduction! Okay Abraham, I understand you are having the second edition of Leverage, which was formally held in Lagos at the Lagos State University sometimes last year. Can you please brief us what this program is about? What should the audience expect?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! Leverage Conference is a platform that inspires the minds of Nigerians with insights to live their full potential, teach principles of personal leadership and empower them with strategies that will help them be intentional in living a relevant life and be committed to the transformation of the nation.

Our mission is  to empower young leaders, maximize potentials and in turn, raise patriots

We know a lot of Nigerians are pregnant with greatness in them. The more People can express themselves maximally, the more developed the nation gets. This is because Great people make Great nations.

Anyone attending should expect actionable strategies anchored on timeless principles that will help them move to the next level in their life journey

Question: In my findings, I got to know you’d be having this second edition somewhere in Ibadan. Is that true? If yes, what informed that decision?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! Yes, It will be holding in Ibadan. I was born and bred in Lagos. But a this season of my life, I am currently serving my nation as a youth corp member in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. So, I decided that Ibadan would have a feel of our vision. Since, Leverage Conference is hinged on a national vision.

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Question:  Alright. So where would will be conglomerating come October 15 for Leverage?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! The prestigious University of Ibadan, would be hosting Leverage Conference 2016. At the Student Union Event Center by 9am.

Question: Can you give us a peep into each of the speakers that will be coming around?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! Our speakers are authority figures in their respective fields with years  of experience in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and nation building.

These include:

Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

  • Dayo Samuel: Break the frame: How cultures are transformed through principle centred leadership

Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

  • Olumide Ojeleye: Changing Paradigms: mindset of victimism and Culture if blame

Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!


Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

  • Hezekiah Akinrinde: Capital Seed: Getting Started where you are with what you have.

Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

  • Closing Keynote talk: Yemi Omotunde

Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

Question: How about the outlook of how the program will run?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! It will feature 6 speaking sessions, I Panel session and 2 spoken words Performances.

Question: Abraham , in less than 100 words, or do you think 140 words will be fair? Okay boss, convince me in less than 140 words of why I need to attend this program seeing that I will be going for a social gathering, a beech party that same day.

Response: Thank you Big Sam!  I believe we all need mental fortitude in other to reach our highest altitude in life. Well, they said the economy is in recession. The truth is that while some are screaming about recession, some others are living life like they are not in this country. Daily smashing goals and reaching new milestones.

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I believe the message we are bringing in this year’s edition of Leverage Conference is timely. BRACE UP! It’s a message of hope and mind renewal.

In the midst of seemingly unfavorable economic circumstances, some business owners already reached their revenue goal for 2016 since the first half of this year.

Remark: We’ve now gotten to the end of the interview. Thanks so much Abraham for taking your time to share and you can trust that’ll be around for Leverage.

Response: Thank you Big Sam for having  me. It’s a honor. You  are doing a great job

I mean where else would I want to be if not in the midst of intellectual minds, business tycoons, and folks that will transform our nation Nigeria into the country of our dreams!

Question: Abraham, before I leave you, how about share with my readers how to reach you and how they can easily find their way to the venue come October 15?

Response: Thanks Big Sam! Simply send a mail to [email protected]

Back to you dear readers,

I believe you will take out time to join us at Leverage Conference, especially those of you around Ibadan and her environs. It will be great to connect with you guys and of course I can’t wait to take selfies (pictures) with you o. 🙂

And you can join the chats online via Twitter @Leverageng to get a feel of the happenings at the actual event centre.

Thanks so much for taking out time to read this interview with Abraham Ologundudu.


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