Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

I know it’s been a while since I last updated this blog and yes, I know I’ve been pretty inconsistent with publishing post here on ISBlog.

Now, that’s due to a lot of reasons – from completing college education to trying to get a job and also run my freelance business at the side.

That’s no excuse though. I know it’s not a genuine excuse to starve you, my loyal readers of contents.

Well today, I will be continuing on with our interview session by interviewing a very good friend of mine, who happens to blog here with me from long time ago.

He’s a New Media Strategist and a personal branding coach who happens to be clarity coach.

I’m talking about Abraham Ologundudu. The founder of Seasoned Life Journal and Convener of Leverage Conference!

Question: Abraham, how are you today? I hope you are not feeling the recession?

Response: Thank you  Big Sam! I am doing quite well. As touching recession, I am not bothered. Humans defined recession based on certain standards. Therefore, I can choose to partake or not. In this case, I am not. ☺

Question: Good to hear that you are fine and are not faced with the recession. By the way, I hope I tried with the short introduction but do you mind letting us in about who Abraham is and what he does to help people?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! You did very well. I would just make a little moderation. I am the founder of – Nigeria’s No. 1 inspirational and personal development blog. On this platform, I help passionate individuals seeking to make a difference with their ideas, message, and story to get the clarity, boldness, strategy, and tools needed to empower them execute intentionally.

I  am  the convener of Leverage Conference, an annual nation building conference in Nigeria with focus of showing Nigerians how to be deliberately involved in national transformation through Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Personal development.

I am the Founder & CEO of Bramodigi, a new media consulting company that helps personal brands, business brands and organizations achieve their vision and mission by leveraging on digital media.

Question: That’s definitely an awesome introduction! Okay Abraham, I understand you are having the second edition of Leverage, which was formally held in Lagos at the Lagos State University sometimes last year. Can you please brief us what this program is about? What should the audience expect?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! Leverage Conference is a platform that inspires the minds of Nigerians with insights to live their full potential, teach principles of personal leadership and empower them with strategies that will help them be intentional in living a relevant life and be committed to the transformation of the nation.

Our mission is  to empower young leaders, maximize potentials and in turn, raise patriots

We know a lot of Nigerians are pregnant with greatness in them. The more People can express themselves maximally, the more developed the nation gets. This is because Great people make Great nations.

Anyone attending should expect actionable strategies anchored on timeless principles that will help them move to the next level in their life journey

Question: In my findings, I got to know you’d be having this second edition somewhere in Ibadan. Is that true? If yes, what informed that decision?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! Yes, It will be holding in Ibadan. I was born and bred in Lagos. But a this season of my life, I am currently serving my nation as a youth corp member in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. So, I decided that Ibadan would have a feel of our vision. Since, Leverage Conference is hinged on a national vision.

Question:  Alright. So where would will be conglomerating come October 15 for Leverage?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! The prestigious University of Ibadan, would be hosting Leverage Conference 2016. At the Student Union Event Center by 9am.

Question: Can you give us a peep into each of the speakers that will be coming around?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! Our speakers are authority figures in their respective fields with years  of experience in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and nation building.

These include:

Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

  • Dayo Samuel: Break the frame: How cultures are transformed through principle centred leadership

Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

  • Olumide Ojeleye: Changing Paradigms: mindset of victimism and Culture if blame

Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!


Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

  • Hezekiah Akinrinde: Capital Seed: Getting Started where you are with what you have.

Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

  • Closing Keynote talk: Yemi Omotunde

Interview with Abraham Ologundudu, Founder of Leverage Conference!

Question: How about the outlook of how the program will run?

Response: Thank you Big Sam! It will feature 6 speaking sessions, I Panel session and 2 spoken words Performances.

Question: Abraham , in less than 100 words, or do you think 140 words will be fair? Okay boss, convince me in less than 140 words of why I need to attend this program seeing that I will be going for a social gathering, a beech party that same day.

Response: Thank you Big Sam!  I believe we all need mental fortitude in other to reach our highest altitude in life. Well, they said the economy is in recession. The truth is that while some are screaming about recession, some others are living life like they are not in this country. Daily smashing goals and reaching new milestones.

I believe the message we are bringing in this year’s edition of Leverage Conference is timely. BRACE UP! It’s a message of hope and mind renewal.

In the midst of seemingly unfavorable economic circumstances, some business owners already reached their revenue goal for 2016 since the first half of this year.

Remark: We’ve now gotten to the end of the interview. Thanks so much Abraham for taking your time to share and you can trust that’ll be around for Leverage.

Response: Thank you Big Sam for having  me. It’s a honor. You  are doing a great job

I mean where else would I want to be if not in the midst of intellectual minds, business tycoons, and folks that will transform our nation Nigeria into the country of our dreams!

Question: Abraham, before I leave you, how about share with my readers how to reach you and how they can easily find their way to the venue come October 15?

Response: Thanks Big Sam! Simply send a mail to [email protected]

Back to you dear readers,

I believe you will take out time to join us at Leverage Conference, especially those of you around Ibadan and her environs. It will be great to connect with you guys and of course I can’t wait to take selfies (pictures) with you o. 🙂

And you can join the chats online via Twitter @Leverageng to get a feel of the happenings at the actual event centre.

Thanks so much for taking out time to read this interview with Abraham Ologundudu.


Donna Merrill Shares an Ultimate How to Become a Pro Blogger Guide.

Donna Merrill Shares an Ultimate How to Become a Pro Blogger Guide.

Hey Distinguished readers, I got yet another fantastic blogger here this week on Pro Motivator’s #1 “Extra-Ordinary Bloggers Interview” and trust me guys, you will love this one – I know you will cause implementing the techniques as shared by Donna will sure skyrocket and catapult you to the top.

Donna is a very insightful and loving personality. I remember I met her on one of the famous Facebook groups and a second on her domain – blog, feels like paradise and it makes me conclude that this sure is a blogger of means and one that must be interviewed here on PM. And now she’s here and she will be sharing with us on “How to Become a Pro Blogger”.

The last time I chat with Donna, I also found out that she’s not just a lover of David – her husband or perhaps her 3 lovely dogs but she’s also a lover of GOD! And who better it is to love if not God?

I should just get to the interview now and before I bring Donna Merrill in on the show as she shares with us her basic “how to become a pro blogger”. Guys you should read Donna’s About Page where you can learn more about this great Blogging Queen.

Donna Merrill Shares an Ultimate How to Become a Pro Blogger Guide.

Donna Merrill Tribe dot Com

Sam: So Donna, welcome to Pro Motivator!

Donna: Hi Sam, It is such a pleasure to be here. I was so honored when you asked me to do an interview with you.

Sam: My audience would love to know more about you. Would you please introduce yourself to them?

Donna: I’m Donna Merrill, and I have been an entrepreneur most of my life.

When I came into the internet world I found so many possibilities not only to market, but to meet people all over the globe.

I’m married to my best friend and business partner. We are both bloggers and internet marketers.

I’m grateful that we can do business from our own home and be together with our dogs.

I find that through blogging and social media, I have met so many great people, it amazes me. I’m inspired every day to be part of this wonderful world/community.

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Sam: (Chuckles) Now I didn’t know this much bout you but now I know as do my distinguished readers. So I was wondering when did Donna start blogging and how has it been like so far? Do tell us everything.

Donna: I started blogging about 4 years ago. I’ve always worked with people, so I started writing about self development, which has always been a passion of mine.

In the process of blogging, I started working with other bloggers who wanted help with their own blogs. So, over time, I started developing as a mentor to bloggers.

I wrote in my own voice from the beginning. There was a term back then called “fake it until you make it” and I never followed that one. I had to write honestly, from my heart.

When I first started dabbling into turning my blog into a business, I had no idea how to sell or market it.

I thought marketing meant simply putting an opt-in box on my sidebar. WRONG!

I was always and still am a student, so I learned about branding. I made my own lead magnet offer. It was a free 7 part video series on how to stop procrastination. It went pretty well and I build a decent sized email list with it.

My problem back then was that I was selling affiliate products. My heart wasn’t in it, so my emails were weak and it was difficult to make sales.

Then, on my journey, I realized the only way I was ever going to market something was to produce my own product, which I did.

Now, I just create more and more products as I go along!

I’ve found my exact niche. Making products for people to help them be great online entrepreneurs, and more specifically, to succeed in blogging.

Donna Merrill Shares an Ultimate How to Become a Pro Blogger Guide.

The Blogging Minister Poses with a Big Smile!

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Sam: Wow! That’s pretty wonderful ma’am. So what Motto do you live by?

Donna: My favorite motto is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Sam: What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned so far?

Donna: Put your best foot forward all the time. If you want to get anywhere, you have to be the one to take the first step. Never fear.

When you find yourself in the fear space, face it head on and plow through to reach your goals.

I once feared videos, so I joined a 30 day video challenge. That was a sure cure!

Always be learning… every day! And never forget to give yourself a break.

We get so wrapped up in our online business. I know it requires time and dedication, but you need to take breaks to clear your mind. Even if it is an hour of meditation, prayer, or a walk in the park. You come back refreshed. So be kind to yourself.

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Sam: Everybody seems to be interested in blogging these days. What motivated you into writing and blogging?

Donna: I was motivated to write about blogging because when I started there wasn’t much support.

I see more and more people beginning to blog every day. The newbies! Many of them are misled about how to brand themselves on their blogs.

So they get frustrated and give up. It just hurts me to see people get all excited to blog, and then quit.

There are so many solutions for a blogger to be successful. I really want to see people become successful and financially free.

I’ve met many part time bloggers who just want to make some extra money to compensate their day jobs.

I have been an entrepreneur for years and I know how to get around that day job thing.

It may be hard work, but the independence and financial freedom is a great thing to have. I want to see others become successful.

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Sam: What is the easiest way to make money as a blogger?

Donna: Well, there’s no “easy” way to make money as a blogger. You have to study the latest marketing trends and methods.

On your blog, have an opt-in to build your email list. With a list, you can start selling.

But it isn’t quite so simple. You have to know how the process… things like building your opt-in, creating an offer to entice people to subscribe to your list, developing compelling sales letters or videos for the products and services you offer, and most importantly having a robust sales funnel in place so you can direct the path that your subscribers will follow.

Lots of bloggers forget this part. They think it’s just about putting a banner ad on their sidebar.

I would suggest brushing up on what a sales funnel is because once you capture an email from someone… there is a certain way to market to them.

You cannot just send them emails of your latest blog post and then tell them to buy something from you. It just won’t work. But when you learn the right way to do it, it does work.

[Tweet “There’s no “easy” way to make money as a blogger”]

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Sam: You have a wealth of knowledge in the area of writing. How do I write a quality post that will strike attention and will make people leave tons of comments on my blog?

Donna: I would have to say, I read a lot on the internet. It inspires me to write something I have learned and share it with my audience.

Writing for people is the key. Getting attention requires a fun title. I write about what I’m passionate about. If there is passion, it pours itself into genuinely enthusiastic articles.

People respond well to that. Also, sharing a story once in a while builds rapport with your readers… people just love reading stories. It has to be a mix of valuable information, socialization and a spot of inspiration to go with it.

Always keep in mind you are writing to someone… a real person, not a Google bot.

Donna Merrill Shares an Ultimate How to Become a Pro Blogger Guide.

Queen of Blogging

Sam: How do you usually find your ideas?

Donna: I guess I have too many ideas. When I read something or think about something, I write that idea in a document and leave it on my desktop.

Later I go back and build a post around it. If you immerse yourself in your niche, there’s an endless stream of ideas.

If you’re not really passionate about it, you’re not likely to get so emotionally and intellectually immersed, and so ideas are difficult to develop.

My advice: Always work from your passion center, and you’ll never come up short.

Sam: Who is the single person that has inspired you as far as blogging is concerned?

Donna: Seth Godin! When I read his book “Tribes” I got an AHA moment. I realized that it takes many people helping each other in order to achieve your dreams, and even to accomplish daily tasks, like getting comments and shares for your posts.

Seth inspired me to join a tribe when I started, and not try to go it alone.

That’s why I named my blog Donna Merrill Tribe. It has withstood the test of time.

I’ve taken my interest in this community aspect of blogging into my social media world, too. I’m in various blogging groups within Facebook, and a few blog syndication groups.

Sam: Okay, it seems Seth has inspired a lot of bloggers as I myself get inspiration from reading his works. Plus I also recently did a blog post around how to write like Seth Godin. So Donna, how has it been like being a female blogger? Is there a time you felt threatened?

Donna: Yeah I saw that. It was pretty lovely. Okay, I never thought of that one! I never feel threatened being a female.

Sam: Okay great! Tell me, what was the best moment of your life?

Donna: The best moment of my life was when I met my husband. It was love at first sight and we make a pretty good team. I never met a man as intelligent and altruistic as David.

Sam: Wow! I’m sure he’d be wowed himself if he gets to read this part of your interview. I hope someday I get to hear this kind of well put-up phrase bout me from my girlfriend. 🙂 Well Donna, which do you think produces better result, Guest posting or Blog commenting?

Donna: Hehe.. 😀 Okay. To your question; Blog commenting hands down!

I often say that comments are the essence of blogging. I get so, so many people that come to my blog from comments I have left on other blogs.

When you do this, though, you must always leave a good comment, never a one-liner.

Show that you read the article, and contribute to the subject matter contained in it.

Commenting carries a lot of clout. People actually read through the comment section of blog posts.

When you leave a great comment, you will get noticed. (Fact!)

Sam: That’s spot on ma’am. I got to learn the iotas of blog commenting from the trios; Adrienne Smith – The Engagement Superstar, Susan Neal and of course the comment superstar – Harleena Singh and it has sure been a wonderful experience for me. So Donna, in your own opinion, what do you think separates the greatest blogs and the poor ones?

Donna: Those three folks are indeed awesome bloggers and it’s no surprising to see them influencing people and getting huge success.

So, great blogs I believe are easy to navigate and they have good content that is helpful to it’s readers.

Comments are always replied to, thoughtfully and professionally.

Good blogs will follow the 90/10 rule: 90% of the content will give your readers what their look for, whether that is a solution to their problems, entertainment, inspiration… that depends on the mission and niche of your blog. 10% of the content will introduce readers to what you are selling.

Sidebars are another pet peeve of mine. When I go to a blog with a sidebar filled with banners, especially flouting offers that are not congruent to the niche, I shake my head and think this person is really desperate to make money. It is not a good thing to do.

It makes you look like you’re mostly interested in taking something from your visitors, not freely giving them great value because you really care about them.

Poor bloggers however are the ones that will always try to sell you something. The ones that have less than 500 words on a post. You can immediately tell that this person really doesn’t care.

Many don’t even reply to comments and that is another turn off. It shows you’re not there to engage your audience, but to sell them something.

Great blogs are developed consistently.

My advice for writing great blogs:


  • You have to choose if you want to blog once a week, twice a week, whatever. Stick to it and never miss a beat.
  • Consistency is your best friend when it comes to your blog. Blog at least once a week! Be consistent and patient!


Sam: Awesome! Okay, what drove you above and beyond, towards entrepreneurship?

Donna: As I mentioned before, I was always an entrepreneur. When I was just out of school, I had a job on Wall Street in New York City.

I was puzzled by the fact that I had to eat when they told me to eat. I could only have two days a week that were mine. And the big payoff… a two week vacation. Yes, I was making money there, but I just couldn’t fit in.

I started very young to start a little business on the weekends restoring antique furniture with a few friends of mine. I chose that road.

I had to give up a big apartment and go to a smaller one, but it was worth it to me.

I just wanted to run my own business and not be told what to do by “the boss” or “the company”. From then on, I had my hand in many businesses.

Yes, there are ebbs and tides when you’re an entrepreneur. Sometimes the money is great… sometimes you have to learn to go through a dry spell. But for me, it was always worth the freedom and independent lifestyle.

Sam: Another explosive insight right there! Donna, if you only had $100 to start a new blog, how would you use it?

Donna: As a non technical person, I would have to hire someone to put it up for me.

I would probably go to Fiverr and check around to see how to hire someone to do it for less money.

Even if it wasn’t the greatest in the world, it would have to be a WordPress blog.

I could always make the money to change it later.

But make sure the blog has the plugins you need to make it effective without overloading it.

Sam: What sets Donna Merrill apart from other bloggers?

Donna: He He… we are all unique. I’m Donna, that’s all I know how to be. I do my best to give good content.

But I think what sets me apart is that I really do care about others, and they really do sense that about me.

Before I ever answer a comment on my blog, I first go to that person’s blog and read, comment and share it.

It gets down to this: it’s not about me at all, it’s about how I can serve others.

Sam: So I was wondering how much time does the Impeccable Donna spend on her blog weekly?

Donna: Just a few hours. After I write a post, the comments come in fast, so I do have to be there to answer them. Then along the week, the dribble in so it gets a bit easier.

Sam: Traffic is the life source of every blog – what do you do to drive quality and target traffic to your awesome blog?

Donna: I join blogging tribes and get involved. I do the same in Facebook groups and on Facebook pages.

I like to join small ones because I find that there is more reciprocity and engagement within the smaller groups.

Large groups tend to be filled with a bunch of people who just drop their links and run. There’s little sense of sincere engagement.

I post my blog on social media, and I get involved with people there. They come to me from many places. They may have seen me on Facebook or Twitter.

Lots of people find me on guest posts. Many others find me from comments I’ve left on blogs.

As I’ve been developing my own products, even more people come to my blog through those channels.

And, oh, yea… a lot of my posts get ranked pretty high in the search engines, although I never write for search engines… I write for people.

Sam: Okay, if a kid walked up to you to asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

Donna: “To thine own self be true.” Go chase your dreams kid! No matter what people tell you, if you follow your heart you will always win. Maybe things will fail, but keep on trying and never give up.

Sam: Think I’ve heard that quote before, probably a William Shakespeare’s quote or something. Well, what in your opinion should be the basic how to become a Pro Blogger?

Donna: Yeah it is. The basic steps or how to become a Pro blogger would be to be consistent, replying to every one of your comments, be grateful for each and every person that comes to your blog and treat them like royalty.

Never give up. When you get stuck or frustrated, walk away from your computer.

Do something kind for yourself. It could be something small like buying yourself a cup of coffee in a cafe and just staring out the window while you sip it.

Then come back with a positive mindset. Always remember you are a servant to your followers.

Be humble. Be yourself! That’s the core of it all.Go to other authority blogs.

Don’t be scared to leave a good comment. Go to at least 5 new bloggers a week that you don’t know. Add the good ones to your growing list of “blogs I follow”.

Also, be on social media because blogging goes hand in hand there. Make some friends there, too. Get things started by liking and commenting on what they have to say, when you find interesting status updates or tweets.

In the end, though, it’s not really about the blog sites you visit or social media platforms you surf.

It’s all about people. Engage with them and build sincere relationships. Never say anything negative. If you’re tempted to, just walk away.

Sam: That’s definitely awesome and I so resonated with every points. So Donna, I got thinking and wanted to know what are your top 5 blogging mistakes and how did you get them fixed?

Donna: When it comes to technology, I am just not good at it. I do hire people to fix my blog.

I learned that a theme can do some damage to my blog so I had to have it all re-done.

My “About Me” page… I have to up date it again! The more you grow, the more you need to change it. I’m working on that one.

I had a blog post that hit the first page of Google for a long time. It was “Why I left the Empower Network.” People came on in and started to argue. I guess they misunderstood that I had nothing against EN, it just wasn’t for me.

To help clarify things, I did an interview with Aki Wood (David Wood’s brother… David owns Empower).

I have respect for all marketers whether I like them or not. It wasn’t a fit for me, but it’s been great for others.

When I started blogging I was all over the place, I had a lot to say, but learned that I had to focus on one niche…. in time, that niche became “blogging.”

I didn’t realize that I had so many 404 errors on my blog until someone told me that. So I had to spend the entire weekend fixing all the broken links 🙁

Sam: Hmm…So can you kindly share with my readers, your content marketing strategies?

Donna: I develop content in many arenas. My blog posts, videos, Facebook page posts, and digital information products.

My strategy is to have all of these various contents point back at each other.

So, if someone reads my blog post, they may be prompted to visit my Facebook page.

When they’re on my Facebook page, they may read a post that directs them to an App on the page with a squeeze page to join my list.

When they subscribe to my list, they may get a 5 day email sequence that shows them how to get traffic to their blog.

An embedded link within that 5 day sequence may redirect to the sales page for my coaching club, Whirlwind Success “VIP Club”.

This is just a brief demonstration of how content marketing requires that many, many moving parts that we call “content”… work harmoniously to make the engine run.

The engine is “your online business,” the center of which is your blog.

Sam: You know I was wondering if you could please share the link to some of your most valuable post. Now, I know there’s a lot of them but do share at least 5, who knows it might be what some of my readers needs after all.

Donna: That’s right. Okay, here you go!

1. Create Your Awesome Authority

2. Why is Google Like my Ex

3. Blogging For Marketers

4. Sidebar Blindness

5. 4 Essential Steps Of Affiliate Blogging

Quick Note: so guys these 5 post by Donna are just really on point and I think you should check’em out. Trust me I love all 5 but one that actually tickled my fancy was the number 2. (Just make sure you click through all five links!)

Sam: Anything else you would like to add?

Donna: I would like to say that the best way to be a pro blogger is to develop your own product.

People like to buy from the people who actually create content, much more than from those who re-sell it.

That’s because when you create a digital information product, “you” become the source of knowledge in your field.

You can start by developing free products, then advance to premium (paid) products in your niche.

Since I’ve started creating products, my blog has gained a huge boost in daily traffic, and become the hub of robust business.

Sam: In your honest opinion, what do you think we need to improve on here at Pro Motivator?

Donna: I think you are doing a fine job! I would say you might consider branding yourself more as a person, Sam! Pro Motivator is a good name, but I would like to see more about YOU!

Sam: Roger that Donna! And I’m pretty sure the next time we jam again, you ‘d be proud of me. 🙂 Thanks so much, Donna for accepting my request to be interviewed here. It’s much appreciated.

Donna: Hehe.. 😀 I appreciate you reaching out and asking me to do this. I am honored that you did and hope your readers enjoy it.

Back to you distinguished readers

You have heard from the Queen of Blogging – Donna Merrill of DMT. Do you have any questions on blogging, branding or perhaps Internet Marketing, make money online tips and guidance and you would love to get a genuine answer? Go ahead and drop your thoughtful questions in the comment box below; Donna would be more than happy to provide you honest answers to those thought provoking questions of yours.

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A Quick Catch-Up With Phillip Dews of BRUM DESIGN

A Quick Catch-Up With Phillip Dews of BRUM DESIGN

Hey awesome friends and loyal readers of Pro Motivator. I know it’s been quite sometime I present to you “The Extra-Ordinary Bloggers Interview” and here we are again and I hook up this time with an amazing blogger, designer, developer and of course manager of BRUM DESIGN (Click the link to Read More bout Phillip…)

I’m sure you already know his name from the headline and I am just going to officially introduce you to him, and he is no other person than my boss at the top – Sir Phillip Dews owner of BRUM DESIGN.

So not to waste much time I’d like to bring him on the SHOW Straight Up! 🙂


1. So Phillip, Welcome to Pro Motivator!

Phillip:  Hi Sam, great to be here! Thank you for inviting me to your blog and answer these questions! I hope your readers find reading more about me and my blog helpful, inspiring and all that good stuff.


2. My audience would love to know more about you. Would you please introduce yourself to them?

Phillip: Sure thing Sam. Well I am Phillip who is turning 40 at the end of 2015 and I live in a place called Birmingham which is in the heart of the UK and its second biggest city! I live with my partner Louise in a little village on the outskirts of the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield called Minworth. That’s it in a nutshell.

A Quick Catch-Up with Phillip dews of BRUM DESIGN

Phillip & Wife in the Cow in Notting Hill

3. So I was wondering when did Phillip start blogging and how has it been like so far? Do tell us everything.

 Phillip: I gave up my career in Pub management to become self-sufficient and be a blogger, website designer and developer. I used to have a blog 5 years ago called which I gave up 3 years ago as it was not earning anything!

Last year I started it back up again but this time with a different attitude to blogging. I now blog to be free and it’s my passion to help others be free! This has been taught to me by my good friend Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise. – And Ryan just finished an awesome book I think you should get. Check Here

Actually I have been blogging this time round for a little under 11 months now and this morning I had over 70 posts published on my blog. Now I have 7 on there as I felt my early attempts 11 months ago are still not up to my expectations and was just sat there collecting dust!


4. Motto you live by:

 Phillip: Vitanda est improba siren desidia – this is by a guy named Horace and it means – One must avoid that wicked temptress, Laziness.


5. What is your blogging philosophy?

 Phillip: Make it all about them, your readers that is. Go out the way to make your readers feel special and loved.

 [Tweet “Bloggers who chase after money and not take the Karmic approach to blogging eventually give up! – Phillip Dews”]

6. Give us short tips to write a viral post from the scratch.

Phillip: Hmm good question!


  • Make it your best content. Find a common problem that faces your audience then supply the solution in the blog post.
  • Don’t stop after writing it expecting it to go viral. Blogging is not just writing posts and publishing them. It’s leveraging social media. And leaving comments on other blogs in your niche.


A Quick Catch-Up with Phillip Dews of BRUM DESIGN

Mr. BRUM/Phillip when he was yet a kiddo!

7. How are you currently monetizing your blog traffic?

 Phillip: At the moment the money is not really the driving force for me. I blog to live a lifestyle and I like to think that I am helping others achieve their lifestyle by proving massive value and making it all about them.

People who start blogs purely for money are doomed to fail. Because they are chasing the money! Blogging is a karmic career and people who help people get their just rewards. Think of sowing and reaping. Ryan has a great saying ‘Give Freely, Receive Easily’.

However I do have some Google AdSense on my blog and one affiliate product that I highly recommend but I have not earned anything from which is ok as it’s all about Karma for me and should be for you and your readers.

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8. How many bloggers have you successfully helped till date? Are they near success at all?

 Phillip: There are a few clients I have built websites for as you can see on my portfolio HERE. But the main one that a lot of your readers would know is Ryan again. I developed and designed his new blog last month.

Is here near success! I would say that success is earned, sure Ryan is living the lifestyle he wants but it takes, work, dedication, passion and a gut feeling that no matter what life throws at us we overcome it with our passion.


9. Can you give us three recommended tools/services that you use with your blogging?

 Phillip: [yes_list]

  • Patience is my tool, and it’s free. Blogging is a marathon and not a sprint after all!
  • A good host. Krystal is my host of choice because they have legendary customer service, superfast SSD drives and a server farm 25 meters underground in an ex-Nuclear bunker.


 [Tweet “‘Give Freely, Receive Easily’. – Ryan Biddulph”]

10. If you only had $100 to start a new blog, how would you use it?

Phillip: Get a good host mainly and spread it out as my host offers a free domain name with their business accounts.

A Quick Catch-Up with Phillip Dews of BRUM DESIGN

My dude at the BAR!

11. Do you have any specific blogs you love to read? Why do you love such blogs?

Phillip: I read new ones everyday but I do have a core few that I check on a weekly basis like Ryan’s, Smart passive income by Pat Flynn, Problogger and Entrepreneurs-Journey .com

I suppose because they provide value and help their core audience.

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12. What is the easiest way to make money as a blogger?

Phillip: There is no easy way. Long hours, hard work, passion for what your writing about, dedication and an intense passion to never give up! But most of all patience.


13. Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you’re today. What was the first thing you did? Next?

Phillip: Buy a domain name that’s easy to remember, catchy, resonates with me and my audience. Next get an awesome web host and install WordPress the old fashioned geeky way.


14. You have a wealth of knowledge in the area of writing. How do I write a quality post that will strike attention and will make people leave tons of comments on my blog?

Phillip: Simple a catchy title that grabs your readers and drags then to the post, epic valuable content that provides inspiration or solves a problem. Leaving useful, inspiring, helpful comments on other blogs in your niche.


15. How do you ensure that your blog remains relevant in the blog-o-sphere?

Phillip: Keeping up with new trends, staying active on social media by using Hootsuite. Keeping my blog fresh with a great design. Keeping it Fast, Blazing fast. Using tools like Google webmaster tools and Analytics.

A Quick Catch-Up with Phillip Dews of BRUM DESIGN

The Self-Professed Birmingham man!

16. Who is the single person that has inspired you as far as blogging concerned?

Phillip: My Late Mother, Patricia Dews. A close second would be Ryan.


17. Which do you think produces better result, Guest posting or Blog commenting?

Phillip: SEO wise I assume? I would say both in equal measures. Bloggers should think of both practices as an opportunity to prove Value, Epic and Massive Value. It’s not uncommon for me to leave 1000+ word comments on blog posts. Make it so that the readers can get something out of your comment or guest post!

If I was forced to choose though, I would say Guest Blogging is better. But we must learn as bloggers that both provide us the same opportunity.


18. In your own opinion, what do you think separates the greatest blogs and the poor ones?

Phillip: Bloggers who chase after money and not take the Karmic approach to blogging eventually give up! The greatest blogs are the ones that provide the greatest worth and in turn become the most valuable to both the audience and the blog owner.


19. What in your opinion should be the basic steps to becoming a Pro-Blogger?

Phillip: Never Give Up. If you are passionate enough then a new blogger will never give up before reaching their goal!


20. In your honest opinion, what do you think we need to improve on here at Pro Motivator?

Phillip: Hmm I would say to use a bigger logo, but apart from that nothing!


21. Anything else you would love to add?

Phillip: Nope I think that’s it Sam.


22. I’m just curios. Do you think you can sell your blog in the future?

Phillip: Not that I would want to, but if It came to that then yes I suppose I could sell it. However I would never do that as I love BRUM DESIGN mine too much.


23. How can readers of the blog get intouch with you?

Phillip: Easy I am all over the place Sam. On social media at the following links… Facebook | Twitter | Googleplus and finally my blog is located at: BRUM DESIGN

24. Thanks so much, Phillip for attending our “Extra-Ordinary Bloggers Interview”.


No Thank you Sam, I loved this interview I hope that your readers find some value and inspiration from it. Thank you for the opportunity for telling a little bit of my life for you and your readers of Pro Motivator.

Back to you distinguished readers

You have heard from the Minister of Design – Phillip Dews of Brum Design. Do you have any questions on blogging, designing/developing or perhaps Internet Marketing and you would love to get a genuine answer? Go ahead and drop your thoughtful questions in the comment box below; Phillip would be more than happy to provide you honest answers to those thought provoking questions of yours.

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A Fast Catchup With Chirag Kulkarni – Tips on How to Succeed in Business

A Fast Catchup With Chirag Kulkarni – Tips on How to Succeed in Business

Hello friends and honorable readers of Pro Motivator, it’s so good to see you today and more good it is to present to you the continuation of our interview series. This one is solely focus on “How to Succeed in Business“.

We must however apologize to you for being so mute this past few weeks – no excused though but you must know that we are now back and yes…..for good! 🙂

So today, we bring to you another fantastic personality, someone who knows the inside-out of entrepreneurship, even though he is but a teenager.

Not to waste much time, I have with me today a great personality in the person of Chirag KulKarni. Chirag is a serial entrepreneur, speaker and a startup advisor.

He’s had a fantastic journey thus far and we hook up with him today to share insights of those things he’s learned.

So let’s jump start into the interview as Chirag shares insights of how to succeed in business.


Chirag at a conference given a speech

1. Hey Chirag, its nice having you here on Pro Motivator. Would you please introduce yourself and what you do to our audience? 

Ans = Thanks for having me. In short, I am an entrepreneur, speaker, and startup advisor. I am best known for starting two companies; STR and C&M Group. I sold STR in 2012, to focus full time on C&M Group.

2. Personally I love Indians because I’ve grew up watching them in the movies and those were fantastic movies. I believe Indians are very savvy people and can easily turn things around. And Chirag, you’ve been able to prove you’re one of those savvy Indians there is. But like seriously, what would you say is the secret to your business success, considering the fact that you’re still very young? 

Ans = Thanks for the kind words. My secret to business success is simply maximizing the resources around me, meaning, going to my mentors and asking them a million questions and learning mainly from their failures, as well as successes.

Failures, in general, are something that is easier to understand because it is what you should not do. Success is attributed to a myriad of different things, and is not as specific.

Although I have learned this the hard way, I stick to the strategy I have. After I have gotten considerable market validation, I execute accordingly.

Lastly, I believe I am very good at showing people I truly do care about them, and even with clients, I try to show them how I can help them, and the money comes. I don’t focus on the money and then help, but vice versa.

Chirag on a Magazine

3. Wow! It’s cool to know that young boss but I’m wondering. What exactly is C&M about?

Ans= C&M Group is a strategy-consulting firm focused on growth for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s. C&M Group’s team is comprised of founders of various companies. Our mantra is “entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”, which means we can help you strategically move from point A to point B based on our expertise, and experiences. All team members of C&M Group are founding CEOs, and that is our value proposition.

4. How long have you been into online business?

Ans = I have not been into the online space; however, I have worked with many companies that incorporate e-commerce into their business.

5. What do you think were your greatest challenges in launching your internet companies?

Ans = One of the greatest challenges I see in launching Internet companies is in understanding whether your product is really wanted by consumers. Market validation is something that a lot of companies don’t do, and can be the reason why companies succeed or fail.

6. Chirag, I want to believe you have some people, perhaps notable figures that have been able to carve their name in the history book who has influenced your business and personal life. Who are they?

Ans= My Dad is someone that propelled me to jump into entrepreneurship. He always told me to “Never work for anyone but you” and it is something that has stuck with me for a long time. My mom, and my sister, Neha Kulkarni have always been encouraging of me in my ventures. Other huge influencers have been Gregg Brown, Diana McBride, Scott Kreshel, Donna Deeds, Jaspreet Singh, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Eric Reis, Ash Maurya, Hiten Shah, and Neil Patel.

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7. Chirag, are you currently planning another great start-up company or project? If yes, do you mind telling us about it?

Ans = As of now, I am just working on C&M Group.


Chirag giving a talk at a seminar

8. Now here’s the big one and the one question am sure my readers have been expecting me to ask. So Chirag, How do I start an online or offline business? Is money really required to launch a startup or ideas? Please bro; do shed all the light you can on this for us.

Ans = You need an idea that has market validation, and potential for paying customers. I can’t tell you how many startups start without those two things and expect to succeed. You do not need capital to start a business. I started STR and bootstrapped the business, which means I used revenues within the company to sustain the business.

[Tweet “Market validation is something that a lot of companies don’t do, and can be the reason why companies succeed or fail.”]

9. In your own opinion Chirag, what are the basic things needed for startups to succeed?

Ans = Startups need market validation, focus, vision, strong management, ability to pivot, and persistence.

10. I’m already in love with your name. So Chirag, you create and develop different services, right? Do your services have a global reach or you are limited to a geographical location?

Ans = Because we are in a service based industry, we have unlimited global reach. We prefer to work with clients in person; however, we do a lot of our business on Skype/phone. Thanks to the internet, you are able to reach a large demography easily with very little costs.

11. Do you have books in which you share your experiences, or any desire to write one soon?

Ans =  At this point, I haven’t written any books. I am a frequent blogger at, and usually share a lot of my experiences there. I maintain the blog for C&M Group, and the blog can be found on I usually blog about new things I am learning or discovering in business.

12. Social Medians has become the order of the day. Can you please elucidate the importance of social media to the survival of a new business?

Ans = Social Media is extremely important for the success of any venture. I utilized Social Media very minimally at STR, but I never used a lot of things such as content marketing, SEO, and customer development to improve my company. Looking at the mistakes at STR, C&M has become much more social media friendly. It is vital for success in your venture.

13. How soon should startups begin to expect real profits?

Ans = It really does depend. Unless you are looking to solve cancer, you should see revenues very early. Revenues would equate to successful market validation. We saw profits at STR in 4 months because our startup costs were so low. My suggestion would be to focus on creating the best product/ service possible. Be sure to do this before running off to get money from VCs. At the end of the day, real profit is determined by your upfront costs.

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14. Just before we wrap up, Please Chirag, what do you think is the challenge fellow young stars need to tackle to get to the top?

Ans = Getting to the top requires immense focus. A lot of young CEOs get discouraged to quickly. Again, market validation is something that a lot of companies fail to do. Focusing on your product is very important to success of your venture. If you want to be an entrepreneur, stick with it. Don’t indulge in things that will waste your time and effort.

15. It’s been nice talking to you young Boss, but there’s one final question I’d love to ask. Alright, I want to start my own startup business, where I aim to sell my own products and expertise, such as eBooks and help people in setting up there online businesses. Do you have any special advice in this regard, I mean for those of us who are either afraid to start a business or just don’t have the resources/capital to start one?

Ans = My suggestion would be to just go for it. Depending on how young you are, the risks are very low. Worst case, you fail and start something new. It is much easier to start your second venture by looking at your failures from your first venture. My second piece of advice is to learn from the failures of various companies, and learn to not repeat those failures. Read up on various blogs in your space to learn what industry leaders are doing.

16. It’s time to say good bye to your new fans. Don’t you think is necessary to give them your final words?

Ans = Don’t be afraid to use the resources around you. There are all kinds of people willing to help you, especially if you just ask. Be sure to use the resources around you before taking investment from VCs, and enjoy the process. Most of us do what we do because we love it.

17. Thank you Mr. Chirag. It’s been such huge blessing having you here on Pro Motivator. Like seriously we need more people like you with strong entrepreneurial spirit and great achievements. Thanks for your time.

Ans = My pleasure! I had a blast sharing what I have learned. Feel free to reach out to me for any additional questions.

Chirag-KulkarniCONNECT WITH Chirag:

Email:[email protected]

Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Google + | Website

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Interview with Gilbert Samuel – The Viral Writer.

Interview with Gilbert Samuel – The Viral Writer.

Hello dear readers. I’m glad to welcome you to the 5th episode of “The Extra-Ordinary blogging interview”. Yes, Sam is not the host today but I promise you a great time.

This interview was not initially planned. I’m an introvert and I think naturally I’m not so good in chatting (online or offline).

Gilbert Samuel of Viral Writer

Gilbert Samuel

In my attempt to chat with Gilbert on Facebook, I got out of control and it turned into an interview. So I decided to have him as the next guest in our interview series.

I’m introducing to you Gilbert Samuel of He’s a student blogger (if there’s anything like that). His blog is four month old with Alexa Rank of 61k and he is doing fine like a BOSS.

He writes about proven tips that can make your blog go viral. He’s young and full of energy. I see him as a passionate blogger and I think it is good for me to appreciate him for his hard work.

The tagline for this blog is “incubating you for success”. Our content serves as a driving force to your success. I hope this little conversation inspires you especially if you are a newbie. (more…)

Interview With Babanature – The Guy Behind Onenaijablog

Interview With Babanature – The Guy Behind Onenaijablog

Hello amazing readers and friends of Promotivator. Welcome to another interesting diet of interview with great and awesome folks – tagged “The Extra-Ordinary Blogger Interview.” By the way, it’s the 4th one here. I’m very happy to introduce to you yet another great personality, one that I accord a lot of respect when it comes to blogging – from writing to the technicalities of blogging.

This guy is such a nerd! Just like me, he’s a nerd with fashion sense. Most of you know him as Babanature, however his full name unknowing to many is “MOMOH BABANATURE YAKUBU” He is the owner (CEO) of the people’s blog known as

He is an avid researcher by profession and a professional web designer, building and creating blogs, template design, doing video tutorials, modifying codes, widgets and plugins, consultation and blog maintenance are the things he does best.


The Guy Behind OneNaijaBlog

Aside being a researcher, he also loves playing video games, watching cartoons, writing articles as a free lancer, blogging, singing, he does ghost writing and guest postings too just in case you want to hire him.

Let’s hear from Babanature then, or what do you think?


Email: [email protected]

Twitter | Facebook | Website

 Back to you distinguished readers

– See more at:


Email: [email protected]

Twitter | Facebook | Website

 Back to you distinguished readers

– See more at:

1. Hello Babanature! Welcome to Promotivator.

Ans: Thank you for inviting me to your awesome blog Sam

2. My readers would love to know you. Would you please introduce yourself to them?

Ans: For those who don’t know me – My name is Babanature, the owner of I love making friends and I also love playing with my system.

Interview Questions Part One

Blogging Interview – Exclusive Blogging Interview with Reginald Chan!
3. Motto you live by:

Ans: Don’t bite the hands that will feed you and don’t turn away from those who need you.

4.Occupation & Description.

Ans: I am a full time blogger, a consultant and a business center owner.

5. Why did you choose your career path?

Ans: I’ve always been in love with pc from the very moment I laid my eye on it. I choose this path because I love teaching and exploring.

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Interview Questions Part Two

Blogging Interview – A Chat With Jeet Banerjee The 20yr Old Serial Entrepreneur

6. Is your current job your dream career? If not, what is it and how do you plan to achieve it?

Ans: I have always wanted to do something that would give me time to attend to my private life and there is no better job that can give you such freedom than blogging. I was once an artist but the truth is, Blogging has been my dream job 🙂

7. What event happened in your life to make you realize your dream career?

Ans: I have always had been in love with blogging, so my whole life has always been based on blogging :).

Read this: 11 Simple Tips to Get Guest Posting Opportunities

8.What are the biggest misconceptions about what you do?

Ans: Seriously, none (for now)

9. What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned so far?

Ans: No pain, no gain… Think hard and work smart

Check this out! Quick Tips of Online Contents That Go Viral

10. Referral, Organic or direct traffic which is good?

Ans: Getting traffic from all 3 sources is the wise choice any blogger could ever think of. Though, I am getting all three traffic but, referral traffic is the best ways of getting great traffic. Because with referral, you get good engagement and relationship (to me, there is nothing better than that)

11. What are your views on SEO and how best can a blogger tackle this phenomenon?

Ans: I seriously don’t do SEO because I don’t fully believe in it, all my traffic are natural…

12. Traffic! Traffic is what always looms in the heart of every serious bloggers. How best can I get quality and targeted traffics to my blog?

Ans: Traffic is the life source of all blogs. Without traffic, your blog is as good as a grave yard…

The places I get my traffic from and which I’ll recommend to all bloggers; Social network and social bookmarking sites. They are my most favorite place and they bring serious amount of traffic to ones blog.

You can read about them here: Best Ways Of Getting More Web Traffic And Backlinks To Your Blog

13. You have a wealth of knowledge in the area of writing. How do I write a quality post that will strike attention and will make people leave tons of comments on my blog?

Ans: The best way to write; Write what an average man can relate to, be yourself at all cost and always proofread. You can also spice your blog post with live event (something that happens to you or your friend) and also, write as if you’re talking to your physical friend.

Building your post around these will give you engagement and as well as referral traffic…

[Tweet “Traffic is the life source of all blogs. Without traffic, your blog is as good as a grave yard.”]

14.  How do you usually find your ideas?

Ans: My ideas come from mostly my own personal experiences. I love teaching or writing about stuffs I’ve faced in my blogging journey so when a new blogger read, they will get connected to it. I also get ideas from Q&A sites…

15.  What in your opinion should be the basic steps to becoming a Pro-Blogger?

Ans: Consistency, working smart and the art of never giving up

16. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Ans: The one advice my mama always tells me is; you will only be a failure if you stop trying

17. What is the best advice you’d give to someone pursuing the same industry or similar dream?

Ans: There are ups and downs when pursuing your dream. Some time you fail but never give in to that pest called failure or you will be a failure forever. Remember that failures are those who stop trying.

[Tweet “Consistency, working smart and the art of never giving up makes a Pro-blogger”]

18. What can I do better?

Ans: As I can see, your blog is awesome has it is. You just keep doing what you’re doing and try to be more social :). Sky will be your starting point

19. Thanks so much, Babanature for your time and for honoring this interview.

Ans: Anytime, Sam.

         CONNECT WITH Babanature:

Small Nature-man

      Email: [email protected]

Twitter | FacebookWebsite

Back to you honorable readers.

So that’s Babanature from Onenaijablog. He’s said a lot of things and I know he has motivated you so far in this his interview one way or the other, isn’t it? But remember, it’s one thing to be taught and another to apply what you were taught. I hope you will start applying all of the lessons churned out here by Babanature.

We love comments.

I’m sure you do too, isn’t it? Well, it’s time for you to share with us what you think about this interview. Perhaps you would love to advice, Babanature or ask him a question[s], do go ahead and use the comment box below. The last I check, the dude loves helping people, so no worries okay as he will reply to all of your comments.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Be social! 🙂