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Hey Accelerators!

My name is Sam Adeyinka and welcome to Accelerated Income Mastermind!

What is Accelerated Income Mastermind?

Accelerated Income Mastermind is a membership based learning community devoted to helping members become extremely successful; in that they learn firsthand from fellow initiates the working strategies that will help them get started, get committed and convert their readers into their buying clients. In a nutshell, here on AIM, we guide and teach you the right strategies that will help you in getting from where you are to where you ought to be in life and in business.

To be specific, AIM members are sure to learn how to;

a) Discover their core values, that is, their areas of expertise; the things that makes them tick (is it blogging, developing information products, creating custom contents for the web as a freelance writer OR rendering graphical services?).

b) Identify what the problems that plagues your target audience are and aim to solve them. Plus identify thriving markets just so they could sell their products successfully and recurringly to their network.

c) Position themselves as thought leaders in their field of interest.

d) Launch products and services that sell no matter what the economy condition/situation of the nation looks like.

e) Attract and Keep ideal clients that pay you what you’re worth and consistently refer you to others.

f) Explore various avenue to package and profitable deliver their expertise as products, services and programs.

g) Nurture rapid growth and high performance by implementing proven personal and business success systems.

These six entrepreneurial strengths are key to developing a very influential personal brand which in turn is essential to becoming extremely successful as to moving from where you are now to where you ought to be in life and in business.

There are 2 levels of membership; the Bronze membership and Income Accelerators Academy Membership (Silver).

The Bronze membership is free, while the Income Accelerators Academy membership level is a paid membership.

The Bronze membership is the community membership, where you come to learn, share and network here daily with fellow Accelerators. You also get to Pay-What-You-Want in for the Income Accelerator Consultation instead of the usual N30,000.

Income Accelerators Academy membership is a 12 week, quarterly program that takes you through the 6 core competencies above to be a highly influential and powerful global brand. This coaching opens once every 3 months for a monthly investment of N10,000 ($35) or N30,000 ($105) for 3 months.

2. Who is this for?

Accelerated Income Mastermind is intentionally designed to cater to the personal and business brand development needs of coaches, consultants, small business owners, trainers, bloggers, podcasters, online information marketers, corporate & service professionals, young entrepreneurs…basically anyone interested in building a very powerful and influential personal or business brand or who would benefit from the commercially smart distribution of their knowledge expertise and life experience..

3. What are the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT?

Right here on Accelerated Income Mastermind, you have the permission to be SEEN, HEARD and FELT. Connect with others using all 5 senses and project who you are to the group. Remember, this group is all about connecting with ourselves, create meaningful conversations and impact the lives of people in the scope of your influence.

You can also converse with topics relating to digital marketing, blogging, podcasting, creating info-products, and strategies for growing a successful online business. Other connected topics within life and business are allowed, as long as they meet our brand needs.

No disparaging comments, personal attacks or meanness of any kind.

If you do have a product that you feel will be beneficial to the community please contact me with information about it. If it meets with the standards you’ll have permission to share.

Sharing promotions without permission will get you BANNED from the community.

However , there are days in which we are have specifically devoted for promotional contents such as; conferences, giveaways & freebies, paid products and the likes.

Note: Wait for Tuesdays to post your promotional contents. We call it “#PromotionTuesday

Please keep this space free of promotional updates. When we see them, we will delete them.

FILES: PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD ANY FILES to the files section without my express approval. Check with me first if you have a great idea for a shared file that you think will benefit the group and I’ll make it happen!


Please do not PM anyone without first asking them publicly on the group.

Thanks for being a part of this community and accepting all these rules!

I am deeply honored and excited to have you here, and I look forward to connecting with you and of course guide you in your journey to being a powerful and influential Income Accelerator!

Accelerated Income Mastermind