Make Your Blog Rock ‘n’ Roll Like Jesus Christ!

Editor’s Note: This is a guest contribution by Martin Berk.

Blogging is something known as online diary. It is a platform where you can freely express your opinions and give comments on any topics, whether its academic or educational, sports, music, entertainment etc. Plus, promoting products and brands through blogging has also emerged as one of the latest marketing trend in the digital world.

Now the question here arises is that how to write a best blog that contains crispy and crunchy content, valuable insights and engaging tone? Don’t worry, I’ve the answer.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to make your blog rock like Elvis Presley and earn the recognition of your target-audience in no time:

Rock n Roll Blogging Tips

  • Engaging Titles and Headings: Always try to choose something engaging and eye-catching for your blog post’s title. Likewise, make sure that headings or sub-heading using the body are also catchy yet to the point.
  • Appropriate Length: The article should be of appropriate length, i.e., neither too lengthy that bores the reader nor too short that conveys incomplete information and thus ends abruptly.
  • Rich Content: You can’t catch a fish until you use the right bait. Similarly, you can’t expect to gain lots of traffic until the content is rich, engaging and to the point.
  • Grammar: This is the most important tip. Never use short forms or slang language while writing blogs, because your blog is the shadow of your thoughts. Plus, keep in mind the correct usage of comma and the sentence structure. Always try to recheck grammatical errors in your blog before posting.
  • Spelling: Try to spell check your blog before posting and avoid using any type of slang language.
  • Avoid Jargons: If you want to increase your readers, avoid using jargons or technical terms. Although you may have a habit of using jargon, don’t forget that simplicity is always prioritized and appreciated. Moreover, it can attract a huge number of readers to your blog.
  • Well-Researched: Whatever topic you are writing on, always research well before posting your opinions right in front of the audience. Always back up your points with facts and figures, and always try to use updated statistics.
  • Relevant Images: Try to post relevant yet eye-catching images in your blog post.
  • Use Excellent Vocabulary: Try not to use fancy vocabularies in your blog post. Also, make sure that you don’t make the post too wordy. Just keep it simple, brief and clear.
  • Solution Based: If you are writing a blog related to any product, don’t fill the whole blog with your product details. Try to add insightful information which goes hand in hand with your product offers.
  • Share Your Post:  Now that you’ve done the whole work, share it to all social media networks, including Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn, to promote it. However, make sure that you don’t spam your post by sharing it multiple times. Just join a community or a group to make your visible to a large number of readers.
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Writing the perfect blog post is something like building a house. With a mix of strong materials, ideas, working lay out and a proper outline, you can create the rich space to host a growing collection of returning visitors. All your blog needs is relevant content, to the point information, precise opinions and good vocabulary. You can achieve all that if you have excellent command over English. Therefore, polish your writing skills well as it is the only thing that can help you create a blog post that rocks.

martin-berk-promotivatorMartin Berk enjoys his time exploring new trends on the topics he loves to write like blogging, Arts and education. He is also an aspiring educator currently working with a top-notch firm Courseworkspot When he isn’t working, he spends his time chasing wild birds.