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Welcome! You have just stumbled on what is going to be your number one resource for making money online. On, you will find a series of beginner-friendly, step-by-step proven
methods to making money online, even if you have little or say zero technical or programming knowledge. Best of all, the information on this website is completely
free! The reality is, making money online is really only a four step process, and I’m here to help you in every step of the way.

Did I just here you ask, “What Are The Four Proven Steps To Making Money Online?”

1. Create Your Blog/Website!

The very first key ingredient to making money online is to actually setup your blog up and running online. Here @incomesplash, we help you start your blog so that the world can find and do business with you. Be sure to stay on the blog to learn the secrets of creating your own website such that you won’t ever worry about losing your way around it next time you’re trying out.

Choose a Reliable Web Host

I personally like to think of web hosting and domain as stores and products. Simply put. A web host is the store where you keep your belongings, in this case, your files and contents just so other people can patronize in order to view and purchase from you.

While all web hosts essentially do the same thing, some are however better in terms of features, functions and support. I’d recommend that you check out my personal recommendations in this article to find out what you should look for when choosing a web host(link).

Someone said, “But Sam, what is your overall advice about free host?”

Well, good question!

While there’s really nothing wrong with using a free host, I’d think you’re trying to build a blog of means, not just that but also want to look professional in the market place (blogosphere).

If you answered yes to that, then you already know that using a or defeats your intentions of being a professional blogger.

Another loophole in having your blog on a free host is; you don’t own your content and are extremely limited to what you can do on it. Tells why a top blogger in my country in the name Linda Ikeji was threatened by Google for days, I mean she was locked out of her site just because a blogger reported her. Those few days I’m sure was like her for Linda and not what she’d pray to experience again.

Is Your Domain Relevant to Your Niche?

I already tried to explain the importance of domain name above, right? But to be more explicit, I’d say your domain is more like your real estate – it’s the address you give to people for them to be able to find your store where all the goodies are being kept.

Coming back to the online world where it all happens, the whole shit about making money online, your domain name is what people type into the address bar that inevitably land them on your store (website).

Should I not lie to you, it’s irritably hard when it comes to choosing a domain name for your blog/website and that’s because it’s not easy to alter should in case you wish to change the name later. You can easily learn the best and easy ways to choose a domain name for your website in this article(link).

Choose a Blogging Platform

There are several blogging platforms in their millions, yes, you heard me right, in their millions!

There are platforms like Drupal, Blogspot, Typepad, LiveJournal, (if you’re trying to create a social networking site), Joomla, and a host of others. I should not forget to mention wordpress!

And trust me when I tell you that it is pretty easy to create websites now, from a static page or a dynamic page or maybe you want to become the next Zukerberg and create a social networking sites….it’s all too easy, all you need is to get on a reliable platform. I personally fly and recommend anytime my #1 blogging platform, wordpress. It is fairly easy to use and manoeuvre if you are like me who is not coding inclined. You can read this article to find out why I love and use wordpress.

2. Content Creation

Your might have the best blog design on the internet or perhaps have the funds to run advertisement on all paid ads networks. If you don’t have content, even quality contents that actually worth the whiles of people, you will be wasting your time online.

Here @incomesplash, we teach you how to craft and connect with your target audience with your epic content. The good thing, they don’t just fall in love with your content, they also help you share it with their network of friends while also coming back regularly to read and drop their amazing thoughts with you in form of comment. Cool, huh?

3. Traffic Generation

One of the most talked about phenomenon on the internet is traffic and that’s because it is the life source of every successful blog. It is what makes the world go round. On this blog, you will find amazing entries that will hold you by the hand to show you techniques that works in driving that much needed traffic.

Wait…I’m sure you’ve heard that the amount of traffic you get to your blog is directly equivalent to the amount of money you will amass. I’ve you?

Tell me, how cool would it be to see your website ranked on the front page of
Google? How cool would it be to see big websites such as Forbes or the New York times referring visitors to your website for free? How cool would it be to see thousands of followers on your social media pages, advertising your content for free?

I’m currently offering a Free Traffic Generation e-Course. You can learn all about that by simply clicking here(link).

4. Go Ahead and Make Money Online!

I read a very stunning statistics somewhere that 81% of website owners never make more than $100 off their websites. Now, isn’t that terrible and enough for most newbie bloggers to wary from starting a blog or perhaps for average bloggers to decide to quit blogging?

The good thing is that you are not going to turn out like those people but will significantly make more money and that too, online!

Here @incomesplash, you will learn several methods of making money on and off your website. You will not only learn how to get started but how to be a pro at it as you acquire skills of monetizing your blog with Google Advertisements, otherwise known as Google Adsense. Not only that, you will also learn how to choose an affiliate program that is worthy of your site’s topic. You will learn how to sell your own ad space, make money through Youtube, and much more – perhaps eventually make money to live the “Internet Lifestyle” and travel the world like my friend Ryan Biddulph and his wife, Kelli.

Okay, Let’s Get Real…

Is it possible to make money online? Sure it is! It is very possible to make a living online – myself and thousands of others have been doing so for years! But hey, I don’t mean to say it’s easy. You should have it at the front of your mind that starting a website is similar to starting any type of business – with loads of efforts and trial and errors you can bet that the potential payoff will always be rewarding. I’m well convinced that if you take the time out to read and apply the techniques taught on this website, you will already be way better than 93% of other webmasters aiming to make money online with their blogs.

How Soon Will I start to Make Money Online with my Blog?

This is one of the pillar questions I get from aspiring webmasters who look to start their own online business empire and make profit from it. And trust me when I say it’s by far the most difficult to answer. Why? That’s because the success of your blog it’s 99% up to you and the other 1% is determined by the tools you’ve got in your marketing arsenal.

When you take on a traditional 9-5 or 8-4 as in my case when I work shifts as a Bartender at some Hotel in my local, Lagos, you get paid a flat salary. You work X amount of hours, in my case 8hours straight and as a result, you get paid X amount of dollars/naira (my salary for a month of working 8 long hours is ridiculously a meagre 10k naira).

That is not the case if you work on your own websites or let’s say businesses in general. There are a number of metrics and equation that goes into calculating and determining the profitability of your websites.

The one thing I can guarantee you from taking on online business, as in creating and running your own websites is that if you take the time and effort out to utilize the digital marketing strategies shared on this blog, you will soon be on your of making 7-figures online like Pat Flynn and COs. And the money you make with your website isn’t limited, it’s something that might even exceed your wildest dreams!

Don’t be Overly Conscious About The Gains…

In my blog post series, I mentioned this as one of the many and most common blogging mistakes(link) that people make while starting their own blog. They are too worried about making money online with their blogs, which is a wrong mentality and one that won’t get you anywhere. This is what usually happens with this kind of folks:

They start a website and they get really excited about the prospect of making money online. They pump in articles on their blog, and do little marketing, as in promotions. Some people visit the website and failed to click on ads, no buy anything, that’s even if they have a product to sell. After a few months, the webmaster gets really frustrated with the results (the lack of revenue), shuts down the website, and conclude that making money online is nothing but scam. Isn’t that laughable?

As you probably know, making money online (as preached by some people trying to get the little money you have from off your pocket) isn’t easy. It will not pay right away (I didn’t make a dime 2years of starting my first blog). That’s why I preach about loving what you do and being passionate about your blog’s topic so that you can consistently pump in articles on your blog. Did you read the part where I said I didn’t make a dime for 2years online? Okay, good. Trust me, I didn’t but I never for once thought of shutting down my websites. Why? That’s because I love what I was doing.

Your love for what you do ignite the creative part of you to craft out quality contents that caters and meets the needs of your blog audience. After all said, the internet is a global village and it’s very competitive in nature – the moment you don’t have the information a blog reader wants, he head over to the next blog that has it, and that’s how you lose a soul to another blogger.

Want more readers and more money? Make Your website the best place to be on!

About me

While this website is all about you and about me showing you around the website, I figured out that some of you will however love to meet who is behind the website. Wouldn’t you?

Moreso, I felt it is important that I tell you a little behind the scene of this blog; where I was coming from and of course get personal with you, since I’m human and not some robot autosharing the contents you are reading. 🙂

That said. My name is Samuel Adeyinka, and I’m a 24 year old Webmaster and Digital Marketing Strategist (Entrepreneur). I started my first website back in 2011.

I started my first ‘REAL’ website 2 years later, which ended up failing miserably (as did the next website, and couple more after that).

Today, I own just 3 websites (sold some), all which are generating decent amounts in revenue and paying my way through college and helping me pay other bills, such as house rent and buying course materials. Here @incomesplash, I strive really hard, day and night just so I could help you replicate that same success with your blog.

You can learn about me on the about page of this great website. I look forward to talking to you and if you ever have any doubt or question, please do not hesitate to contact me any time. I welcome your feedbacks!

Wrapping Up!

It looks to me you’re more than ready to kick-start your internet marketing journey and are willing to try out my digital marketing strategies. That really cool! Just make sure to scout around for articles that meets your interests, I’m very sure I must have covered that topic.

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