Hey folks!
This is another powerful online event powered by Hazo-Kemuel Initiatives and it promises to be an explosive one.
Right now in our country, Nigeria, we are experiencing a great economy melt-down which has paved way for several pyramid schemes that promise to make you rich, whereas the real intent is to steal the little money you have and make it theirs.
Let me guess.
There are 2, 4, 6, and 10 of you reading this that is into MMM, Ultimate Cycler and other Ponzi schemes that fly around everywhere, especially the internet.
And many of you are a victim already, and right now, you just feel like giving yourself a break. Well, it’s cool but definitely not the way to go.
Let me ask you, do you not think it is cool to start building your own future by taking on an honest work? By honest work, I simply mean building your own business (online business) and make plenty of money while at it.
I know you are probably asking right now it is true that people make money online. How?
Is it true people make money online?
The Paradigm Shift with Sam Adeyinka
At the Paradigm Shift on Friday 20th, 2017. I will be hosting on my Facebook Platform four other guys who would take on the responsibility of impacting and getting you fired up to start, launch, and grow your own successful online business.
By the way, January 20th is the birthday of yours faithfully and I feel it is a great time to share even more value with my network of friends, with YOU.
This masterclass though is a PAY WHAT YOU WANT oriented webinar and what that means is that you can pay any amount you have to get yourself enrolled to participate in the webinar on Friday 20th, 2017.
Topics to be discussed:
“Lead Your Life” – Abraham Ologundudu
“How to Build a Marketing Funnel” – Abe Cherian
“How to Build a Thriving Online Business (Blogging as a Case Study)” – Shamsudeen Adeshokan
“How to Gain Business Clarity” – Simeon Taiwo
Learning outcomes:
  • You will learn to lead your life no matter what the circumstances are
  • You will gain clarity into yourself and about the kind of business you should run
  • You will learn how to use blogging to grow your business
  • You will make plenty money online and be able to travel the world
  • You will learn to market your business through several marketing funnels and getting massive results!

Like to be a part of this class, please shoot me a message now via my mobile on 08161646027 (Whatsapp number). In the main time, JOIN our Facebook Platform @ Accelerated Income Mastermind (AIM) to start building contacts for a successful online business experience.

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