This list is in the order for the biggest productivity killers on the block. These are the things that stop people from working or they hinder them so much that they may as well have taken a big break and carried on working a little later. Here are the productivity killers you need to avoid.

productivity killers

Warning! Staring at this dog for longer than 20 seconds can kill your productivity.

1. Facebook

It is the worst thing on the Internet for killing productivity. It is banned from most offices before the pornographic sites are banned. It is something a sane person will burn hours of time on without even realizing it. Plus, when doing a task that is boring the person will keep checking Facebook to see if anything has changed.

2. Not having enough sleep

This makes people slow down no matter how hard their resolve really is. It makes people slow down and there is nothing they can do about it. They can try caffeine for a little while but it is just postponing the inevitable slowdown.

3. Having the TV or having music on

This is a frustrating one because people are often adamant that they work better with some music on or the TV on, but the fact is that they really do not. There has never been a successful test that has shown having music or the TV on helps productivity. The only report that came close was when they played classical music to school children and they did more work, but it turns out it is because the children were not talking as much because they had to speak up over the music and were caught by the teacher.

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4. Any form of alcohol

There are some people that think it makes them more creative, and it is certainly excusable if you think it helps you think more clearly because it does remove inhibitions, but it certainly slows you down and makes you less productive.

5. Working without a break

This is another one that people will argue against. There are people that brag they can work through their breaks and get all their work done, but there are people that can work, have their breaks and still get their work done. The people that miss breaks are actually being more unproductive because they are working longer for the same results a person that took breaks would have achieved.

6. Multitasking

Again, this is another thing that people think they know best on. They learn how to multitask and they think they are getting a lot done, but what they are actually doing is creating more work for themselves and getting less done as a result. What they are actually doing is switching tasks which helps them maintain their motivation, but if they simply took a short break every time their motivation waned then they would be more productive.

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7. YouTube

This is a social media site that has a fantastic talent for sucking up all your productive time. It is very easy to get lost watching some of their videos and some are addictive enough to keep you there for hours. The only reason this is not at the top of the list is because it is possible to run out to ideas for things to watch and so you have to stop watching.

8. Twitter

This can be a productivity killer if you log in during peak times when the network comes alive. It is possible to lose a few hours reading through the many tweets that come up.

9. Social media in general

This seems like a bit of a cop out, but it stands for your personal network. You may be into the photo sharing sites, bookmarking sites, or whatever, but the fact is that many people have a favorite social media network and it is highly likely to be a productivity drainer.

10. Gif and funny picture websites such as funny junk

There are probably a few of these sites but the most addictive is Funny Junk. They have images and gif animations that are entered by the general public and they can be brilliant. At the very least they are highly addictive. Not meaning the break the fourth wall here, but the point above mentioned social media in general, well this writer’s vice is Funny Junk. It is dangerously addictive as I click just one more before I leave the site, and then just one more, and then just one more.

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11. Google images

If you happen to be searching for a certain image for your project, it is easy to get caught up in the images because the tags for images give such unusual results. You are looking up pictures to represent the Big Bang Theory and up pops a very graphic picture of what Kaley Cuoco had to do in her teens to get on TV. Before you know it the images are flying around and you have lost forty minutes looking though the weird image results.

This is a guest post by Kiara Halligan, a professional essay writer and occasional guest blogger, who coaches individuals in writing skills on a great variety of topics. Kiara is always ready to share her knowledge with her students and readers.

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