I bet you are here to simply promote yourself online via my blogging platform. Not so?

Before I continue though, I like to welcome you back to my blog all of you who are friends and loyal readers of this great blog! And if perhaps, it’s your first time here, good to have you.  I’m so glad YOU stopped by.

So Sam, what do you mean by “Promote Yourself Online via my blog”?

You asked a good question.

Well, I wanted to create a place just for you  where you will feel welcome and can share with my readers who you are and why you are online doing what you are doing. In other words, I’m giving you your own advertising space to promote yourself and what you do to help people!

Trust me this is gonna be the turn-around for your business as this will help you and your business get into more limelight and achieve the success you’ve always dreamed about!

How do I know Promoting Yourself here will get you into limelight?

I know cause I caught this idea from the likes of Adriene Smith, Angela McCall, Lorraine Reguly and the likes of them and thought of doing so too here as I love to always help people with the slightest opportunity I get. By the way, my friend Abraham Ologundudu also published a similar page that got people connected and do business with each other.

I hope you guys like the idea and thank me for it by dropping your invaluable comments and of course Promote Yourself Online via my blog. 🙂

[alert-note]Note: You should visit their blogs and introduce yourself to them and their readers. Adrienne’s Promote Yourself Page got (598comments). Angela’s Promote Yourself Page got (64 comments) And Lorraine’s Promote Yourself Page got (227 comments). I will take advantage of those huge numbers if I were you.[/alert-note]

promote yourself online

Quickly & Easily Advertise/Promote Yourself/Brand Here

Like these folks, I too believe in giving back. This is my sixth year online and you can almost trust I have met intrinsic and particularly awesome folks who are also doing great in their various niches.

How has connecting with people online helped me?

Oh, a lot!

I have, by virtue of connecting with people on different online platforms, been able to build my contacts, which obviously have over time giving me speaking, writing and making money online opportunities.

And hey, I not only meet people online, I also make sure I’m learning a great deal first-hand from their experiences; and then the both parties give themselves heads up, which to me is the coolest part of blogging. Adrienne calls this relationships building.

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BTW, I think you should download her Report on Relationship Marketing if you truly want to thrive online or be successful as a blogger.

One thing I have noticed about blogging and that I like so much about it is “blog visitors & commenting”. I love the fact that people can hop around my blog and comment on my posts.

That’s how I knew everybody would  like their blogs to have more visitors and more comments. So why not start by introducing yourself to my readers so they can get to know you a little better. In return, they just might drop by your blog and share the love as well.

You know what I feel? I feel it’s a great way to not only introduce/promote yourself and share what you do, but also meet some new people and possibly make some great connections.

So here is what I would love for you to do:

  • Introduce yourself
  • What do you do
  • What are you passionate about
  • Do you need any help or do you offer help
  • Promote yourself

The first thing you should know is that I’m hoping to engage people a little further out here in the blog-o-sphere, and create my own little group of awesome bloggers that can interact with one another, who will also become part of the discussions that may happen in future blog posts! Note that you can choose your level of participation, too.

Jump in and participate when you feel like it, with no pressure from anyone, and sit back and observe when you want, too!

I know that many of you would like more engagement with others, and this is your opportunity to meet someone new, who just might have more knowledge and experience than you, or who might happen to be a really interesting person who you’d like to connect with. I know that I am looking forward to meeting some new and awesome people!

The second thing that you should know is that, in exchange for this free promotion and introduction service to each other, I am requesting that you subscribe to my blog posts via e-mail, which means I’d like for you to click on the “SUBSCRIBE” button (located in the right-hand side of the page underneath my social media site buttons) so that you get a short, friendly reminder in your email inbox each time a new post is published on this site!

I generally only post thrice a week, which are (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) And yeah! Being an interviewer, I interview a lot of experts and published their interviews in the “Expert Interview Series” on the blog, which I think you should not miss for anything in the world!

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[alert-note]Note: I’m not making this a requirement, but I would like for you to join my community! We’re a good bunch! If you just want to promote yourself, and then never read anything I write in the future, that’s totally up to you. Of course, I may cry about it. :)[/alert-note]

I’d also like you to share this with others on your other social networks. I’d really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word, so that I can get to know your “friends”, too!

I know that most of you have been blogging for a while and are used to the demands that blogging can sometimes place on you.

I have been blogging for about five years now, and I have just this blog, which was created to teach people how to start, launch, and grow a successful online business.

The cool thing about WordPress is that I get notified each time someone subscribes to my blog, and so I know if you’ve subscribed. I usually respond to every comment on my blog, too, because I love interacting with those who took the time to say a few words to me. Engagement is key, in my opinion.

If you are already one of my regular readers, please feel free to post your links and Twitter handle here! If you’re not, here’s your chance to get in on the action! (Remember, one or two emails per week isn’t too much to ask in exchange for some “free” promotion, is it?) Of course, this isn’t mandatory… just a request! 🙂

And gonna I’m looking forward to seeing your posts in the comment section!

I can’t wait to introduce all of you awesome people to one another this way! 🙂

It is important to note that this post will be left up a bit longer than any other post, too, for a couple of reasons:

  1. I want you all to meet each other, and me, too, of course!
  2. It’ll take me some time to move my other blog, and
  3. I want you all to get as much promotion as possible!

I would love for you to stay awhile and check out some of my posts. Comments are always welcome and I promise to return the favor. It’s definitely a win-win situation for us both. You get more links to your site and it will help improve the search engine rankings for us both!

I’ve got one more favor to ask of you! Once your comment is approved (I’ll do that as soon as possible), come back by and hit the “Tweet” button. People will not only be interested in promoting themselves, but they will be able to read all about you as well (free advertising). If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll add me as a friend. My Twitter ID is “@IamOratorsam”.

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Let the meeting and promotion of awesome people take place!

I’ll start.


So I am Sam Adeyinka and I am the founder of Accelerated Income mastermind, a platform that was created to help and teach young adults how to start, launch, and grow successful online business.

I am a creative writer, podcaster, interviewer, online business strategiest and a passionate teacher!

Feel free, to read my blog, comment on it and follow me on my Twitter Handle @IamOratorsam

I am outgoing, friendly and have been through a lot. This post on my other blog might just give you a glimpse: January 1st | A Day Never To Be Forgotten! 

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know my blog posts are interesting, informative, and unexpected, since you’ll never know what I’m going to blog about next! I like to keep things interesting! Variety is the spice of life, you know!

One of the quotes I live by is “Dare to be different in a world trying to make you everybody else!”

I’ve since realized that men who make the difference are those who dared to be unique and not try to be just like everyone else.

And if I have achieved anything in life, it would be solely because I dared to be different and leaned first-hand on the experiences of those that has gone ahead of me.

Over To You Awesome Friends!

Do please spread the love, leave me a comment on my posts and let’s get to know each other. I will be forever grateful!

Thank you so much and see you soon!

P.S. If you don’t tell me more about you and what you’re up to your comment won’t be approved.  I mean that is what this page is all about.  So, look forward to learning all about you. So go ahead and promote yourself online using my blog as a stage. 🙂

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