Before the twenty first century, we used to live in a world where acquiring a computer was like building a house, you had to save, plan and execute your plan to bring a computer home.

Today, you do not have to be rich to own a computer, neither should you be so much educated to operate one, nor should you have a big size computer to perform duties that the big machine could.

Before the world of computers, communication was the hardest thing and the only thing that needed one to be so patient, this is because, you could send a letter to a client in Paris from Pretoria, in South Africa and the letter is replied after two months. Technological miracles have made the distance between Shangai China and Nairobi Kenya, shift from months to seconds. I simply mean that talking to someone in China from Kenya, today will only take you a simple smart phone and twenty seconds duration to have the person reply your message or post on a social site.

Being a beginner business person today, does not need you to have a million shillings to pay local media houses for you to get mass attention. Proceed to the nearest phone outlet and get yourself a simple smart phone and consider the steps below, if you can afford to buy a laptop and install some internet then employ a full time internet market, the better for you.

Twitter: Have a twitter page that is operational twenty four hours, let it sell itself with your business name, let all the people tweeting, sending direct messages, and replying to your tweets, thanked or have what they want to know sorted out. Monitor all your happenings on twitter inclusive of your competitors most used £tags through tweetonomy.

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Facebook: Open a facebook account and let it again sell itself out just like the twitter one, if you wish to be bright enough, link the two pages and let the customers or online customers if you like to call them, interact via the pages. Observe and make sure, no one who needs your reply or answer on a certain product goes unsatisfied.

The reason for pleasing all customers is because, if one of them is unhappy with you or your products, it will only take five seconds to log in to the pages and notify the rest.

Email address: Email marketing is a very important tool in the world of today since, mostly, it will be direct communication with your customers, the customers will even feel greatly welcome to your business for through email marketing, and you can as well notify them of new products personally.

You tube: You tube is a good home for you to even make your own advertisements and post them in your youtube account, have them linked to all your other social sites and create more links to tag your number one customers, who will at times invite their friends to check it out, video is more interesting to the eyes than print, you tube is the home of that video.

Emotionally attached employees: Remember, having many customers streaming to your outlet for products is not enough without the people serving them having a smile on their faces. You need to put up a mechanism to ensure that your employees feel proud to work for you, and are emotionally attached to your premises for them to be good to the customers, and for them not to live their job in big numbers, because loosing an employee is more expensive than just increasing their salary by 10%, remember that when you lose one, you will need to recruit and train another one at your cost, what if they were 10?

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Blogs: Blogs are free in most cases, and if you feel that going premium is good or easy, brother, it is the best idea, since having gone premium to the wise one tell more about internet traffic. Make sure you have someone good at blogging about your products each minute.

Mobile marketing: Marketing your business or products directly to your customers through phone calls, is one big idea, texting them about products is closer to them than tweeting them, remember, some of them are already addicted to chatting via their phones.
Right internet tools: For you to sustain your free online marketing, you need to know the right internet tools for you to communicate with your customers well, easily, and interestingly. Remember, there is no media marketing without the right tools.

The best tools for this are:

Lucky orange – make sure you interact well with your blog visitors through it, it helps you even communicate directly with a reader. Remember, the more you know about your site visitors, the more good content you develop for them.

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Nowem – let this tool help you search if your business name is already available online since it can search over 500 sites in an instance.

Broken link checker – this is a tool that goes through your sites, and detects any broken links, remember, it is not good for your business to have broken links, they might turn away an interested customer.

Pickmonkey – add test to photos you upload to your social sites using pickmonkey, which is a tool that helps you have interesting text on your photos. Some photos tell a story by themselves, but remember others don’t.

In Conclusion

Doing what I just asked above does not mean that you have represented yourself in all social sites, no! But at least, you will be in the most common ones.

The above is just a guideline to help your business get out of your village to the biggest village around you, by this I mean ‘Global village’, keep practicing if you have never, or keep on if you are doing it. You don’t have to squeeze yourself dry in the name of advertising through the main stream media, so as for you to be successful.

It’s your turn, buddies!

Any additional knowledge to this article is welcome and most welcome in the comment box below.

Thanks for your time.

Sir. Qobiqom.








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