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Ever wanted to change the world? Well, you’re not alone but to really change the world you will need to embrace education as a weapon to be effective while at it. No wonder Nelson Mandela penned, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. He’s darn right!

I have never seen a person who’s achieved great result without first of all passing through the terrain called “Education”, be it formal or informal education, trust me it doesn’t matter, what matter most is being educated.

The question “what is education comes to mind?” So what’s education?

Education could mean many different things. It could mean the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. However to me and for the purpose of this write-up, education is the ability to harness one-self with needed dexterity while in the process get an enlightening experience. So simply put, education is important and one of the highest human needs.

In some parts of the world, especially in India, the educational system is pretty much chaotic and appallingly appalling. Don’t mind my English, but seriously the stress parents and their kids go through to finding good colleges for their kids is on the high side where parents will have to run from pillar to post all in the name of securing a good and affordable school for their kids. Sad, isn’t it?

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But with the advent of this impressive search engine web college portal, you needn’t worry yourself anymore as CollegeDunia helps make information bout whatsoever college you want a breeze to get.

collegedunia review

CollegeDunia is a pretty nice web portal to search for all your college issues. And one thing I love about this site is the fact that it’s true to his name and deliver just exactly what it promises.

This is a one stop destination for parents and students hunting for the right place for higher education.

What are the features of this website, I already see you asking? I will tell you in a moment. 🙂

Here; Website Features

  • Course List – this website features a powerful course list that includes apparent choices like medical colleges, managements, engineering, law and also featuring are other fabulous courses such as fashion designing, mass communication, web design and other fantastic vocational courses. Now isn’t that fantastic?
  • Easy to use User Interface – Okay, for those of you who are already familiar with me, you will know that I don’t joke with the look and fill of a blog. Bad as it may sound, I will not comment on your blog let to talk of coming back there at another time if your blog doesn’t meet my criteria, which is to having a nice and simple layout. CollegeDunia is not oblivious of this fact and so made sure to provide users with a nice experience while surfing through their portal.
  • A Magnificent Homepage Slider – I love this one! Just when you get on the homepage and right after the menu bar a slider pops-out to show the images of most popular colleges.
  • A Dedicated Search Box – The search box is well built with users in mind. Be sure to insert your keywords in it and Collegedunia search box will show you the magic it got. Just be sure to visit the site and you will see what I’m saying.
  • Regularly updated newsfeed – There is a news section on CollegeDunia which makes it altogether lovely. Again, with users experience in mind, they share and empower you with information about the various institutions you may want to choose from.
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Other Features are:

  • More than 20,000colleges to search from
  • Detailed information on every college and every course
  • Filters and parameters to ease and provide you a better searching experience

Final Thoughts

CollegeDunia without mincing words is the perfect educational web portal – a dream come true for parents and students looking to get the best and affordably priced colleges. If you ask me, I’d tell you that this is the place to start from and get what your choices are.

Need more information about CollegeDunia, why not go ahead and send a mail to them at [email protected]. You can also get updates from CollegeDunia on Facebook as well as Twitter.

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