Review of – A Fantastic Web Portal for College Guys!

Review of – A Fantastic Web Portal for College Guys!

collegedunia review

Ever wanted to change the world? Well, you’re not alone but to really change the world you will need to embrace education as a weapon to be effective while at it. No wonder Nelson Mandela penned, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. He’s darn right!

I have never seen a person who’s achieved great result without first of all passing through the terrain called “Education”, be it formal or informal education, trust me it doesn’t matter, what matter most is being educated.

The question “what is education comes to mind?” So what’s education?

Education could mean many different things. It could mean the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. However to me and for the purpose of this write-up, education is the ability to harness one-self with needed dexterity while in the process get an enlightening experience. So simply put, education is important and one of the highest human needs.

In some parts of the world, especially in India, the educational system is pretty much chaotic and appallingly appalling. Don’t mind my English, but seriously the stress parents and their kids go through to finding good colleges for their kids is on the high side where parents will have to run from pillar to post all in the name of securing a good and affordable school for their kids. Sad, isn’t it?

But with the advent of this impressive search engine web college portal, you needn’t worry yourself anymore as CollegeDunia helps make information bout whatsoever college you want a breeze to get.

collegedunia review

CollegeDunia is a pretty nice web portal to search for all your college issues. And one thing I love about this site is the fact that it’s true to his name and deliver just exactly what it promises.

This is a one stop destination for parents and students hunting for the right place for higher education.

What are the features of this website, I already see you asking? I will tell you in a moment. 🙂

Here; Website Features

  • Course List – this website features a powerful course list that includes apparent choices like medical colleges, managements, engineering, law and also featuring are other fabulous courses such as fashion designing, mass communication, web design and other fantastic vocational courses. Now isn’t that fantastic?
  • Easy to use User Interface – Okay, for those of you who are already familiar with me, you will know that I don’t joke with the look and fill of a blog. Bad as it may sound, I will not comment on your blog let to talk of coming back there at another time if your blog doesn’t meet my criteria, which is to having a nice and simple layout. CollegeDunia is not oblivious of this fact and so made sure to provide users with a nice experience while surfing through their portal.
  • A Magnificent Homepage Slider – I love this one! Just when you get on the homepage and right after the menu bar a slider pops-out to show the images of most popular colleges.
  • A Dedicated Search Box – The search box is well built with users in mind. Be sure to insert your keywords in it and Collegedunia search box will show you the magic it got. Just be sure to visit the site and you will see what I’m saying.
  • Regularly updated newsfeed – There is a news section on CollegeDunia which makes it altogether lovely. Again, with users experience in mind, they share and empower you with information about the various institutions you may want to choose from.

Other Features are:

  • More than 20,000colleges to search from
  • Detailed information on every college and every course
  • Filters and parameters to ease and provide you a better searching experience

Final Thoughts

CollegeDunia without mincing words is the perfect educational web portal – a dream come true for parents and students looking to get the best and affordably priced colleges. If you ask me, I’d tell you that this is the place to start from and get what your choices are.

Need more information about CollegeDunia, why not go ahead and send a mail to them at [email protected]. You can also get updates from CollegeDunia on Facebook as well as Twitter.

Zoutons Ultimate review: Save Money & Stress While You Do Online Shopping

Zoutons Ultimate review: Save Money & Stress While You Do Online Shopping

Zoutons Ultimate review: Save Money & Stress While You Do Online Shopping

Do you know that an overwhelming 76% of online users have purchased at least one product or service?

I don’t want to go about telling you different statistics or something but do you also know that shopping is one of the highest phenomenon in the world? And it seems to me that there are actually two types of shopping. These are;

  1. Conventional Shopping, and
  2. Online shopping

The former is a nice shopping mode but the latter have in recent times sends the former into oblivion as per the ease and classic choice it proffers.

Ask anyone about me, the first thing they probably will tell you, is that I’m a die-hard fan of shopping and yes… online.

I found out really late though the importance of shopping online and the goodies that comes with it and I have since falling in love with this mode of buying goods and services. Trust me, online shopping is by far the easiest form of shopping. And did I tell you how ecstatic I was when my first ever online purchase got delivered right in front of my doorsteps? Oh boy! It was quite exhilarating I must confess.

No wonder, a staggering 85% of people in the world prefer online shopping over conventional shopping in this time and age.

I can’t begin to tell you all of the advantages and benefits that come with shopping online. Well, to help save my life, I did ask some folks “Why they prefer shopping online over conventional shopping”.

Here’s what they said:

“I love shopping online because it gives me the opportunity to conveniently shop in my Pajamas.” – Adesua Ogemudia.

“Shopping Online? Oh it’s the best form of shopping! It gives me a wider choice to actually get things that I want and I am never subjected to upselling or perhaps impulses that comes with conventional shopping.” – Sarah Epia.

“Online Shopping is something that I fell in love with some 6 or so years ago and I’ve looking back, I’ve never a day regret choosing to dump conventional shopping to fly with this medium of shopping to get explosive products online. It’s the fastest, easiest and cheapest form of shopping and if you’re a shopperholic like me, you’d know what I’m talking about.” – Meggin McIntosh.

You see that? People these days, prefer online shopping to conventional shopping and I do too no doubting me.

Now, there are many different reasons as to why people shop online but I’d like to share with you just the 8 reasons why I love online shopping.

8 Reasons Why I Love Online Shopping

  1. Convenience: I shop in my own convenient time and I don’t have to worry myself about the shop ever closing at 6pm.
  2. Better Prices: No middle man and so I need not worry myself with any form of upselling whatsoever as the products are directly being sold to me by the manufacturer.
  3. Variety: I can’t really stress more on this one. It’s just so glaring you know, how they are several options you could get while shopping online.
  4. Fewer Expenses: I sometimes spend more than I planned to when shopping conventionally unlike when I shop online where I don’t have to eat out, travel, or perhaps impulsive shopping, you know what I’m saying.
  5. Comparison of Prices: Online shops always offer an incentive to compare whatever it is you want to buy so that you know how to choose what to actually buy.
  6. Crowds: Oh boy! I hate crowds and it’s one of those things that used to put me off from doing conventional shopping. In online shopping, no crowding!
  7. Compulsive Shopping: I have many times gone out to shop an ended up buying the things I never planned on buying, that’s what compulsive shopping does to you. No need for that in online shopping.
  8. Discreet Purchase: Some things are better done in privacy you would agree with me, right? I love to purchase stuffs without my friends knowing I ever bought them till they see those things on me if they are material things, like clothing or something. I love my privacy!

Do you think you will ever give up conventional shopping for shopping online? I never thought I would but now I can’t just stop myself from buying stuffs online. So you might want to think it over.

I’m sure with the little I said up there, you know now that online shopping is the trending thing and of course the best mode of shopping.

Okay, everyday, people go online to shop for clothes, groceries, books, gifts, electronics, gadgets and the likes. Now, there’s also the need to spend wisely while at it you know. And if you are like me, you probably want to really economize on your spending. Go check it, I’m FRUGAL!

So as an avid reader and voracious consumer of books, especially motivational literatures and products that has to do with blogging, fiverr or perhaps something that has to do with incubating my mind for suspicious success, I like to put all myself, my money, my time to actually getting such stuffs.

It’s therefore safe to say that I do a lot of purchase of such products and one thing I don’t also forget to do is to research sites that can ease my life and it was in one of such forays that I landed on this site called Zoutons dot com.

I know you’re now like, “Hey easy man, what’s Zoutons suppose to mean?” I am going to tell you what it is just this minute.

Zoutons is a platform setup with the mind of helping online buyers save money by providing them some incentives in form of coupon codes to help get what it is they want at a reasonable amount and still be able to save some money for themselves.

It’s one of the quietest places for those avid online buyers who literally want to take utmost advantage of online shopping by capitalizing on the coupon codes sites like Zoutons provides. This is a site created by probably an India guy, cause the last time I checked, this site has its root in India and it’s one of the leading sites in India.

Sometimes you badly want to get some pretty good stuff online and the prices doesn’t just make sense or maybe you don’t have the luxury to at that point in time be able to splash out money to getting that thing, if you know what I mean.

In cases like this, what you need might just be a discount code to help ease your life and help you to actually get that product or service from any online stores. And it make sense to say that in this case, Zoutons might be just what you need and trust me when I say some online shoppers can categorically tell you how sites like Zoutons has played a major role in helping them purchase that one thing they badly were in need of getting online.

You probably might still be worried sick at the reason as to why I’m here advocating the use of coupon codes to shop online or perhaps how someone might want to shop online with a coupon code. Well, don’t judge, no single human being is the same. While you can easily splash out money to buy things some people can’t just afford to spend the tiniest of bills without going broke afterwards.

So the question “Why do people think coupons save money?” immediately came to mind.

Here’s my random thought; people thinks coupon save money owing to the fact that they got this illusion of being able to buy what normally they wouldn’t have been able to buy or afford had they not gotten that huge 50% discount from using that coupon code. Get that?

So why do people use coupons?

  1. Coupons help you to save money. It makes sense, especially if you have a family.
  2. Coupons help in getting the things that we badly needed but don’t have the luxury to buy except with a discount or something.

I can give you tons of reasons why people use coupons but I’d just stop here and delve into telling you more about Zoutons.

Just to reiterate myself, Zoutons is a platform setup with the mind of helping online buyers save money by providing them some incentives in form of coupon codes to help get what it is they want at a reasonable amount and still be able to save some money for themselves.

This is a platform where you can in a twinkling of an eye get all the latest coupon discounts, offers, product descriptions and the likes right in front of you. And popular web stores for that matter. Now, isn’t that beautiful? I think it is.

It’s a great place to start from, especially when you look to get things at cheaper rates. You’d take advantage of this site and what it offers if truly you’re close to what I think you are. Smart!

These discount coupons like myntra coupons, snapdeal coupons, flipkart coupons etc the guys at Zoutons offers covers a wide range of products and services, such as automotive, appliances and cars to something like beverages, groceries, apparels, baby products and a host of other good and buyable products.

One of the eye catching things about this websites is its loading speed and easy to use interface. As a blogger, one thing I always look out for is a site that I can quickly and easily navigate through, whether on PC or on my smartphone and I was totally taking in by Zoutons ability to provide me with this experience, which some of it’s alternative don’t already have or perhaps planning to look into.

Simply put, the layout is pretty amazing and if you’ve not yet done that, why not take this time to quickly check’em out and come back to finish this post and don’t forget to share with me your thoughts about the website, your thoughts on shopping generally. It’s greatly going to be appreciated.

By the way, below is a screenshot I took of Zoutons Layout. Now tell me, isn’t that lovely?


I think I’ve said a whole lot from shopping to the why you need to use coupon discount codes and to telling you about Zoutons and what it basically offers, which is offering you coupon discounts to any web stores.

I will stop here but just before I wrap up this post, I’d like to share with you some of the Pros and of course the Cons of this platform – Zoutons. I won’t forget quickly the awesome customer support Zoutons offers. You just have to try them out to get a glimpse of what I’m saying.

Here; Pros and Cons of Zoutons:


  • Easy to navigate website
  • No puzzling icons
  • A fabulous search box just at the top of the menus bar for ease of use
  • Fast loading pages
  • Coupons are easy to activate and use
  • Awesome customer support and of course,
  • Coupons are really genuine.


  • It’s a pretty new company from the soil of India and I like the fact that it’s growing fast and stronger everyday.


  1. We learned that there are two types of shopping, which are, conventional shopping and online shopping.
  2. We were shown some of the thoughts from “online shopaholics”.
  3. I also shared with you 8 amazing reasons why I love and prefer shopping online to conventional shopping. Did you read that?
  4. I then opens you up to my one secret of getting things at cheaper rates when I began telling you about Zoutons and how amazing they render their service and how effortlessly it is for you to grab your own product or service with their coupon discounts.
  5. I asked and shared with you why I think people use coupon discounts.
  6. I showed the screenshot of how the site looks like and how easy it is to begin your hunt with their “search box”.
  7. Then I wrapped everything up by sharing with you the Pros and Cons which I guess was the essence of you coming here in the first place.


So that’s it, Zoutons Ultimate review: Save Money & Stress While You Do Online Shopping. I hope you liked the review, do you?

I must also say again that Zoutons is sure a fantastic website, especially for those of you who love to shop online. Again, one feature that will really help your journey through using this website is its Search Box functionality. I mean it’s so lovely and it helps you in effortlessly searching for whatever kinda promo you’re looking for. Now, that’s great, right?

And another thing is that you also could be of help to some other online buyers as there’s a function whereby you can easily submit your recent coupon discoveries. If like me you like helping people, you’d leap for joy hearing this I know. Sharing they say, is caring!

By and large of my ranting is; Zoutons is an excellent coupon web portal which I believe is worth surfing and maximizing to actually save yourself the stress of traditional shopping and of course save money and still be able to do some smart online shopping.

Over to You

Now tell me, what do you think about this review? Do you think it was worth your time or did you just come here to waste your time? Please do share with me your genuine thought in the comment section below.

Okay, have you visited Zoutons just yet? What is your general view about the site’s interface? Do you think it’s nice or no. Did I overhype it? Do let me know what you feel in the comment box below.

Guys, what’s your take on shopping, be it conventional shopping or online shopping? What do you think about these two phenomenons?

I also will welcome your take on using coupon to shop online. Do you think is great or not? Comment Below!

Drive Huge Traffic With BroadedNet Today, Always and Forever!

Drive Huge Traffic With BroadedNet Today, Always and Forever!

I was interview an highly successful Internet Marketer and I can still vividly remember his words that reads something like, “Traffic is the life source of all blogs. Without traffic, your blog is as good as a grave yard…”

Very true! Without traffic your blog will never thrive and failure of your blog’s growth will mean you will never have a success story as an Internet Marketer. How do I know? Trust me i have been there and you can bet I can go on and on telling you how frustrating it is blogging and not making ROI. 🙂

It is therefore save to say that the success of your blogging career is fully dependent on the traffic you get to it.

In case you are new to blogging and don’t know how to get traffic, well, there are just 2 ways of driving traffic to your blog and they are:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

2. Social Media Optimization (SMO) | (Facebook, Twitter, Blogging Communities and the likes…)

We all as bloggers because we know the importance of driving traffic device many different strategies of driving traffics to our blogs. However, the best…and yes free to driving traffic to ones blog still remain Search Engine, and the next one is Social media which have great potential of driving traffic to your blog.

I’m I talking too much? Well, some few days ago, I was surfing on Facebook when I saw one of Enstine’s great FB Status where he shared about one platform that promises to bring in “1000% massive traffic to your blog without Search Engine or Social Media.”

And since I was never a fan of SEO and these days SMO was beginning to be too stressful for me as I can’t really keep in touch owing to blogging with a mobile device. I thought it’s make sense and worth my while if I give this new platform a shot.

So I quickly PMed Enstine Muki and he said I should check out the site, I some honest and insightful reviews and it was then I found out that the platform in fact was design and orchestrated by my #1 blogging buddy Enstine Muki himself.

I then messaged him and showed my interest of being a better tester. I quickly promoted my interview with Donna Merril and indeed I did enjoyed straightaway the platform, thanks to the automated 100 Credits I used in promoting the post.

Cause I was taken by surprise at the uniqueness and end result of the platform I quickly showed interest of writing a review of this platform.

Still think I’m jabbering? Okay, let’s jump straight to the point. Enstine has just lunched a one of a kind platform known has BroadedNet and trust me it’s going to make your life much easier and help you drive needed and targeted traffic to your blog plus help you make those imagined money. 😀

Drive Huge Traffic With BroadedNet

So what is BroadedNet?

BroadedNet is an entirely new blog promotion platform and a community of bloggers and internet marketers who bring their blogs together under one platform and accept to link to each other on their blogs and be rewarded with Credits.

The concept of BroadedNet is simple. Every member of the network displays a widget on their website. Your articles will be displayed on the widgets placed on other websites and their articles will be displayed on yours. The concept is very simple, however it can be an effective way of bringing new readers to your blog.

In a nutshell, BroadedNet can be referred to as the ability to drive targeted and quality traffic without search engine neither social media.

How Does BroadedNet works?

Again, BroadedNet is a brainchild of Enstine Muki, the idea is simple and if well maximized can drive huge traffic to its members blogs. Trust me you don’t need search engines or social media to drive traffic. With BroadedNet, you are in fact covered! 🙂

BroadedNet is a network of bloggers who bring their blogs together under one platform and accept to link to each other on their blogs and be rewarded with Credits

The Whole Analogy of BroadedNet

Once your articles are added to the platform, they will start showing up on other blogs in the network that have accepted to display articles in a certain category.

In the image above, BroadedNet takes your article and spreads them on network blogs. These blogs start generating unlimited traffic to your blog within the next few minutes. For these network blogs to be able to receive and display articles from BroadedNet, they need to download and install the BroadedNet WordPress Widget (Will be available for other platforms soon).


BroadedNet does not only accept articles. You can also effectively use it for banner advetising (Affiliate banners or advertise your own products). All you have to do is select the banner option and enter the image location url and the destination url.


Credits are reward members get for promoting your content on their blogs. Each time your link is clicked on their blogs, they will earn credits in their BroadedNet account. These credits earned will help them to place their own content/banners so as to be promoted on other blogs.

So while creating a campaign, you have to enter a certain amount of credits to give away to members per click they generate from their blogs. The more credits you offer, the more exposure and clicks you get.

Content or articles shown on network blogs are selected randomly and ordered by credits and in specific categories. Campaigns that offer more credits show up more often.

Duplicate content

There is absolutely no issue with duplicate content. Your articles are simply linked to from other blogs. The links are all nofollow, pointing to the domain where stats are recorded before the visitor is redirected to the destination url.

I’m not true yet. See, I’m not a very techy person and I have to be taken by the hand if I was going to do some technical things about blogging myself. Trust me, I really stressed Enstine, and just because I don’t want you to go through all of the stress I went through I have the decided to show you the How To Start. Is it okay?

Drive Huge Traffic With BroadedNet

So here | How to Start

Step 1 : Register on Broaded.Net by providing your Name and Email Address. (You have to confirm your email address after registration)

Step 2 : Login to your account and Download the Broaded.Net Plugin on your WordPress blog (For Non WordPress users, use this widget generator).

Step 3 : Install this plugin on your blog. (Copy the Broaded API key from “My Account” page.) And that’s it you’re ready to fly and start driving huge targeted and quality traffic without search engine or perhaps social media. Isn’t this awesome?

Step 4 : Create Your Campaign.  Go to “Create Campaign” Tab and provide the campaign type (You can choose either article or banner), Article Title/Image URL, Destination URL, Category, Bidding type and pricing. Then click on “Create Campaign” Button. Your post will be live after approval.

Check Out What These Awesome Gurus Has to Say About BroadedNET:


“Enstine Muki is one of the smartest bloggers I know, and his vision for is a grand one. Sign up. Don’t miss out!” Kevin Duncan of

“Enstine Muki is a blogger who I respect and admire. He had such a brilliant idea: Use it to get safe, easy and fast traffic. Jump on the train and register now!” . Erik Emmanuelli of

“Enstine is a skilled, problem-solving blogger… I strongly recommend for both new and veteran bloggers. If you’re struggling to gain search engine traffic this is the place to be.” ~ Ryan Biddulph of  Blogging from Paradise

Okay, I was going to introduce Enstine to you but I thought it doesn’t really matter because the man’s name as gone viral and he has succeed to work his name through to being synonymous with Money Making Expert. BTW, I will be seating him down soon and bring to you his amazing thoughts on Internet Marketing, so I thought what’s the hassle for? Guys, you think its a great idea?


You Wanna Hear My Final Verdicts About BroadedNet? Well, Here: 🙂

As far as I, Sam Adeyinka is concerned, BroadedNet will be the next big thing in this broaded blog-o-sphere. Why do I think so? That’s because, there is no one who didn’t want a traffic…..or perhaps, a free traffic. And did I tell you that it has never been easy driving traffic butnot so with BroadedNet cause I can bet it with you if you can spend 30minutes or so promoting on this well designed platform, you will in no time generate and drive huge traffic with BroadedNet to your amazing blog.
Without Ado, amazing and distinguised readers, bloggers and well wishers of Pro Motivatore, I implore you to Join BroadedNet today and network with me and other amazing folks, such that we may help grow each others business! 🙂

Over To You To Share Your Take on BroadedNet.

I agree that have said a whole lot and some of you will think I was paid to do this, mind you I wasn’t but I have done this with the love I have toward Enstine and his works.
Have you tried BroadedNet? Do You think this result was potent enough to make you join? What do you think Enstine should do next, in terms of design and stuffs?
Guys, feel free to share your mind with me, your friends, and of course Enstine cause he will be hear to peep and would love to reply to your takes.
We Love Comments: Please do leave your feedback with us by using the comment box below. If you know me well, you will know I appreciate your comments than my posts. Please do leave your thoughts. Thanks! 🙂
Do You Like This Post? You should go ahead and share it with your friends, they sure will be thankful and I will be too. In fact, I should thank you upfront. 😀
Adnimation – A New Generation Advertising Program

Adnimation – A New Generation Advertising Program

Some few weeks ago when I was perplexed and thinking about sure ways to make money from my blogging endeavors, I contacted Babanature, owner of OneNaijaBlog – about the possibility of making money.

We chatted profusely and almost non-stop that day and then he told me about an Ad Program that offers sure way of making money.

Now, I know some of you will be like, “But Sam, you once said you hated ads on your blog”.

Oh yes I did guys but you know things do change, right? And this Ad Program I will be herein sharing with you is pretty cool not to give advertising on my blog a second thought.

So what Ad Program is that? Well, it’s called ADMINATION.

Adnimation is a newly created company – an ad network with a new approach to attracting the attention of online viewers.

I’m sure you are already are guessing how admination works – some of you are guessing wrongly while some of you’re just spot on. If you think admination is an animation base ad program, then you’re right because the core of the company’s approach is animation, but it’s not trying to create normal animated ads. Instead, it layers animations on top of standard banners.

What are Animated Ads?

Animated Ads by Adnimation are highly effective premium rich media ads for both Web and Mobile that consist of two parts: first, a contextually relevant short animation clip that grabs the attention of the viewer in a positively entertaining way; second, a floating advertising frame with a premium placement spot, in which any type of ad can be inserted – textual, banner, or flash.

Animated Ads in Action

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine what a video could do. As a first example, check out this video of an ad placement in a jewelry blog here:

Premium Rich Media Ads

The animated ads are also known as premium rich media ads, as they are the latest stage of online advertising evolution, after hyperlinks, banners and rich media banners. Check out this example for an animated ad on a personal finance related page:

Use Your Standard Campaign

One of the leading advantages of Adnimation’s vision of Better Ads for All, is that to place your own ads, you can use standard text ads or banners. Adnimation enables you to upload your campaign and Adnimatio will complete the animation part. Check out this demonstration, which shows a potential premium placement spot on a website about pets care:

Truth is there are quite a number of Ad Programs on the internet today, with the likes of Adblade, Infolink, Chikta, Google Adsense, and a host of other advertising programs but Admination comes with a very impressive and world class program that offers a wide range of settings that will aid your chances of making those cool dollars. 🙂

If you see those videos, I’m sure you would have fallen heads over hill in love with Adnimation like I did when I first heard about it. 🙂

If you would ask me, I’d say Adnimation brings back attention to online and mobile ads by matching unique original animation with standard ads, creating a new kind of animated ads.

The Adnimation ads work very well. They are like a pre-roll for standard banners, but with a unique twist. Advertisers love the real attention they get (no misleading into clicks here), publishers love the CTR and the new source of revenue, and even users prefer the fun animated ads over other types of ads.

How do I know? Simple. I have tried it on my blog and I love it plus I’m sure you, my readers love it too.


The Adnimation team is also working on enabling other ad networks to tap into their technology and creative solution and implement animated ads on their own publishers and advertisers.

So whilst I was making further researches about Admination, I came across some fantastic articles about Admination….I actually  consume them all.

One of the post was lovely and I’d love to share with you an excerpt from the conversations between the author of that post and Tomer Treves – founder and CEO of Admination.

Here you go:

Anthony Ha: What exactly is Admination and how does it works?

Tomer Treves: Adnimation is an emerging ad network with a growing network of publishers and advertisers.It works on PPC basis, paying per click, and with a high click through rate.

The animation clips are fun and they create more all the time. The network is open to publishers and advertisers of all sizes (as long as they have clean content, no adult), currently in English and expanding soon.

Registration is very easy and so is implementation. Advertisers can use their standard campaigns, no need to change anything, since Adnimation ads the animation layer.

Publishers simply need to paste a line of code and there is even a simple WordPress plugin.

Now, if a cat food company was running an ad, Adnimation could show a cartoon of a cat jumping around the page, then drawing your attention back to the banner.

The animation isn’t created by the advertiser, and instead comes from the library of animations that Adnimation has built up.

That means advertisers can continue creating standard banners without spending the extra time or money on animation, yet hopefully still see increased engagement.

Anthony Ha: You seem to have said so much about everything, but from a consumer perspective, Treves, don’t you think users will think it’s just another annoying ad program?

Tomer Treves: Truthfully speaking, I don’t think there’s nothing here that’s deceiving users, my suggestions though would be that users should stick around and see the wonders of Admination as the company’s fun animations mean that people will “come in with a smile.” (You can see a sample animation in the video below.)

Vision: Better Ads for All

Two motivations and vast experience sent us on the Adnimation journey with one vision in mind: better ads for all.

The Web is supposed to level the playing field for all so that medium and small publishers and advertisers can compete in eye level with major brands, but today the top tier of players keep the best type of paid content for themselves.

Our mission at Adnimation is to enable all publishers and advertisers to enjoy to best online ads without limitations.

Through innovative business models and technology, Adnimation now invites all players, publishers and advertisers alike, of all sizes, to enter the high-end field of premium rich media advertising, and enjoy positive attention and engagement, which until recently was reserved to limited top tier players only.

How Does It Work?

The best way to see how Adnimation works is to simply see the ads in the action. Embedded below, you’ll find a video of one of the demo ads on a computer and technology site.

Here are several more examples of the animated ads if you want to have a look. They all effectively work in fundamentally the same way, animating toward the lower third or half of the screen, drawing your attention toward the banner at the bottom. They’re mostly fun and cartoony in style.


Adnimation calls these “premium rich media ads.” One of the biggest keys here is, as an advertiser, you don’t have to pay someone to create a custom rich media advertisement for you, because Adnimation still allows you to use your standard text links and banners. You just pick from their animation library and tap into their growing list of website publishers.

Now, here’s what I feel about this Adnimation; I feel it has raised an undisclosed, “very small pre-seed investment” from Israeli angel investors.

Signing up with Adnimation is pretty much easy and it only takes a couple of minutes, either as an advertiser or a publisher, so check it out for yourself.

There are no requirements for publishers, aside from being in English and non-adult, so you don’t need to be a big site to try them out.

In fact, ad implementation is made even easier with the WordPress plugin. Moving forward, Adnimation hopes to team up with other ad networks to integrate this animation technology in their ads too.

To know more about ADNIMATION or participate in their program, do check the following links. (more…)