Adnimation – A New Generation Advertising Program

Adnimation – A New Generation Advertising Program

Some few weeks ago when I was perplexed and thinking about sure ways to make money from my blogging endeavors, I contacted Babanature, owner of OneNaijaBlog – about the possibility of making money.

We chatted profusely and almost non-stop that day and then he told me about an Ad Program that offers sure way of making money.

Now, I know some of you will be like, “But Sam, you once said you hated ads on your blog”.

Oh yes I did guys but you know things do change, right? And this Ad Program I will be herein sharing with you is pretty cool not to give advertising on my blog a second thought.

So what Ad Program is that? Well, it’s called ADMINATION.

Adnimation is a newly created company – an ad network with a new approach to attracting the attention of online viewers.

I’m sure you are already are guessing how admination works – some of you are guessing wrongly while some of you’re just spot on. If you think admination is an animation base ad program, then you’re right because the core of the company’s approach is animation, but it’s not trying to create normal animated ads. Instead, it layers animations on top of standard banners.

What are Animated Ads?

Animated Ads by Adnimation are highly effective premium rich media ads for both Web and Mobile that consist of two parts: first, a contextually relevant short animation clip that grabs the attention of the viewer in a positively entertaining way; second, a floating advertising frame with a premium placement spot, in which any type of ad can be inserted – textual, banner, or flash.

Animated Ads in Action

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine what a video could do. As a first example, check out this video of an ad placement in a jewelry blog here:

Premium Rich Media Ads

The animated ads are also known as premium rich media ads, as they are the latest stage of online advertising evolution, after hyperlinks, banners and rich media banners. Check out this example for an animated ad on a personal finance related page:

Use Your Standard Campaign

One of the leading advantages of Adnimation’s vision of Better Ads for All, is that to place your own ads, you can use standard text ads or banners. Adnimation enables you to upload your campaign and Adnimatio will complete the animation part. Check out this demonstration, which shows a potential premium placement spot on a website about pets care:

Truth is there are quite a number of Ad Programs on the internet today, with the likes of Adblade, Infolink, Chikta, Google Adsense, and a host of other advertising programs but Admination comes with a very impressive and world class program that offers a wide range of settings that will aid your chances of making those cool dollars. 🙂

If you see those videos, I’m sure you would have fallen heads over hill in love with Adnimation like I did when I first heard about it. 🙂

If you would ask me, I’d say Adnimation brings back attention to online and mobile ads by matching unique original animation with standard ads, creating a new kind of animated ads.

The Adnimation ads work very well. They are like a pre-roll for standard banners, but with a unique twist. Advertisers love the real attention they get (no misleading into clicks here), publishers love the CTR and the new source of revenue, and even users prefer the fun animated ads over other types of ads.

How do I know? Simple. I have tried it on my blog and I love it plus I’m sure you, my readers love it too.


The Adnimation team is also working on enabling other ad networks to tap into their technology and creative solution and implement animated ads on their own publishers and advertisers.

So whilst I was making further researches about Admination, I came across some fantastic articles about Admination….I actually  consume them all.

One of the post was lovely and I’d love to share with you an excerpt from the conversations between the author of that post and Tomer Treves – founder and CEO of Admination.

Here you go:

Anthony Ha: What exactly is Admination and how does it works?

Tomer Treves: Adnimation is an emerging ad network with a growing network of publishers and advertisers.It works on PPC basis, paying per click, and with a high click through rate.

The animation clips are fun and they create more all the time. The network is open to publishers and advertisers of all sizes (as long as they have clean content, no adult), currently in English and expanding soon.

Registration is very easy and so is implementation. Advertisers can use their standard campaigns, no need to change anything, since Adnimation ads the animation layer.

Publishers simply need to paste a line of code and there is even a simple WordPress plugin.

Now, if a cat food company was running an ad, Adnimation could show a cartoon of a cat jumping around the page, then drawing your attention back to the banner.

The animation isn’t created by the advertiser, and instead comes from the library of animations that Adnimation has built up.

That means advertisers can continue creating standard banners without spending the extra time or money on animation, yet hopefully still see increased engagement.

Anthony Ha: You seem to have said so much about everything, but from a consumer perspective, Treves, don’t you think users will think it’s just another annoying ad program?

Tomer Treves: Truthfully speaking, I don’t think there’s nothing here that’s deceiving users, my suggestions though would be that users should stick around and see the wonders of Admination as the company’s fun animations mean that people will “come in with a smile.” (You can see a sample animation in the video below.)

Vision: Better Ads for All

Two motivations and vast experience sent us on the Adnimation journey with one vision in mind: better ads for all.

The Web is supposed to level the playing field for all so that medium and small publishers and advertisers can compete in eye level with major brands, but today the top tier of players keep the best type of paid content for themselves.

Our mission at Adnimation is to enable all publishers and advertisers to enjoy to best online ads without limitations.

Through innovative business models and technology, Adnimation now invites all players, publishers and advertisers alike, of all sizes, to enter the high-end field of premium rich media advertising, and enjoy positive attention and engagement, which until recently was reserved to limited top tier players only.

How Does It Work?

The best way to see how Adnimation works is to simply see the ads in the action. Embedded below, you’ll find a video of one of the demo ads on a computer and technology site.

Here are several more examples of the animated ads if you want to have a look. They all effectively work in fundamentally the same way, animating toward the lower third or half of the screen, drawing your attention toward the banner at the bottom. They’re mostly fun and cartoony in style.


Adnimation calls these “premium rich media ads.” One of the biggest keys here is, as an advertiser, you don’t have to pay someone to create a custom rich media advertisement for you, because Adnimation still allows you to use your standard text links and banners. You just pick from their animation library and tap into their growing list of website publishers.

Now, here’s what I feel about this Adnimation; I feel it has raised an undisclosed, “very small pre-seed investment” from Israeli angel investors.

Signing up with Adnimation is pretty much easy and it only takes a couple of minutes, either as an advertiser or a publisher, so check it out for yourself.

There are no requirements for publishers, aside from being in English and non-adult, so you don’t need to be a big site to try them out.

In fact, ad implementation is made even easier with the WordPress plugin. Moving forward, Adnimation hopes to team up with other ad networks to integrate this animation technology in their ads too.

To know more about ADNIMATION or participate in their program, do check the following links. (more…)