Want to learn how to start an online business? Good. In this “How to Start an Online Business MasterClass”, I will teach you how to just that and trust me if you follow well my strategies, you will soon start to make money online. isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?

Back story…

I have suddenly gone on low-key since I concluded my first ever physical event called CONNECTPLUS CONFERENCE 2016. And truth be told, I have not enjoyed myself (health-wise) since then because it seems I have only been taking from and not giving anything back to my community.

Has it rendered me empty?

Yes, it has!

So I thought to get out of my shell to further reinforce myself as the authority that I claim to be by inviting you to my “How to Start an Online Business MasterClass” that is to hold 27th of April, 2016 on Whatsapp.

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SO you are wondering “What is a MasterClass?” I will tell you…

A MasterClass is a class that is put together by an expert in a particular field of endeavour (for me, it’s Digital Marketing) to train highly talented students like YOU!

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Really, Connect+ has come and gone and I just want to yet again be a blessing to some of you, just 15 people though…oh I mean just 5people…10 spots have already been booked by some friends from Facebook.

How to Start an Online Business MasterClass

Modules for How to Start an Online Business MasterClass:

  • What online business is and why you need to start yours;
  • How to find & know your niche;
  • 10 online business models that helps you make money online in your pajamas;
  • How to register your business online (choose & buy a memorable domain name);
  • How to get a reliable hosting company to host your online business;
  • 3 secrets sauce of growing an online business;
  • 5 simple yet effective ways to drive traffic to your online store;
  • 5 strategies of monetizing your online business.
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Learning Outcomes for How to Start an Online Business MasterClass:

  • How to start and grow a successful online business;
  • How to attract the right customers;
  • How to create & design your own website without coding techniques
  • How to get found on Google’s SERPs. And of course how to
  • Build a community of loyal & buying clients.

Like to be a part of this class, please shoot me a message now via my mobile on 08161646027 (Whatsapp number). In the main time, JOIN our Facebook Platform @ Accelerated Income Mastermind (AIM) to start building contacts for a successful online business experience.

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