An Inspiring Interview with Abhishek Tavasalkar –

An Inspiring Interview with Abhishek Tavasalkar –

Hello Friends, right now with me I have a young entrepreneur with me who is also an accidental blogger. Very quickly he has been able to learn the tricks on the trade due to his quick learner attitude and ability to help people and even learn from them too.

Abhishek Tavasalkar Interview

India a land of flourishing new bloggers, one blogger that has been able to stand out is Abhishek Tavasalkar. He blogs at and the blog has been able to show lot of traction and only last month it showed a growth of 1100%+ compared to his blog traffic in June.

It feels very proud to present readers and lover of Pro Motivator with an awe inspiring blogger like Abhishek Tavasalkar. I wouldn’t waste much time and here is the conversation I had with him.

I hope you will enjoy it.

1. Hey Abhishek, welcome to Pro Motivator! My readers would love to know you. Would you please introduce yourself to them?

Thank You Sam! for having me here, its feels really great here with all the motivation floating around. It feels enthusiastic to reach out to another awesome country like Nigeria which has some great names in the blogosphere and some really cool flourishing bloggers.

To my Nigerian friends to whom I haven’t reached yet; I am Abhishek Tavasalkar, an optimistic 20 years old blogger from Mumbai, India. You’ll find some nice stuff about computer and technology tips and tricks at which I believe you all will love to read.
Right now I’m pursuing Computer Engineering, along with that I also work as a computer technician from past 5 years and a graphic designer too.

2. How and when did you get started as a blogger?

Blogging for me was accidental. Like most bloggers; I too hadn’t planned for serious blogging but it came, hit me like a bullet and I felt for it. Imran Uddin, a big name in the Indian blogosphere scene inspired me to start blogging. His blog was the first on which I had seen an income report from a blogger and he was making cool money.

Being a 20 something you always think of utilizing your life for the best and try to pull out some money from it. For me blogging is it, since I am a computer technician too, I naturally have immense knowledge about computers, mobiles and new tech and it led to start of, a computer and technology blog.

3. What are your top 5 blogging mistakes and how did you get them fixed?

I’d like to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger here and motto that I live by, “Don’t be afraid to fail. Anything I’ve ever attempted, I was always willing to fail. So you can’t always win, but don’t afraid of making decisions. You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure or you will never push yourself. You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and in your vision and you know that it is the right thing to do, and success will come. So don’t be afraid to fail.”

5 Blogging Mistakes Made by Abhishek Tavasalkar.
Took Blogging for Granted – You have to care for blogging like a baby. If you don’t give it your precious time, fuck it won’t give you back the money you deserve.

Thought blogging as a 2 hour extra work – Right now 70% time of a day is spent in blogging.

Believed I could make huge money in the 1st month itself – I was wrong.

Went for fancy theme rather than a simple one – Thankfully I have reduced the theme glamour and just kept the bare essentials.

Cared less for SEO – SEO can make the difference between you making $1/day, $10/day or $100/day. Don’t neglect it.

4. Some of my readers are tech lovers. To be able to present them more value for their time on my blog, where do I get latest and trending tech news?, and are the three sites from which I keep myself updated for worldwide tech news. For Indian tech update news, and do all the needful.

5. What advantage do bloggers from India have over those from other parts of the world? And do you feel privileged to have come from India?

There’s one word which synonyms with India and it is called ‘Jugaad’, Wikipedia defines it as innovative fix – solutions that bend rule. This is the reason why most tech companies have Indians in their technical department. Even Indian bloggers have a god-gifted ability to come with an innovative solution for a problem even though with limited resources.

Even Bill Gates says, “there is a lot of technical expertise in India.” And yeah I feel a lot privileged to have come from India.

6. What is the greatest thing blogging has helped you achieved?

Blogging has helped me believe that Nothing is Impossible, even though it seems that way keep trying till its done. If you fail to do it; nothing to worry because you finally find a way that doesn’t works, so you’ll always take away something useful.

7. What are the necessary skills every bloggers must possess?

Every blogger must be able to ‘Jugaad’ his way out. 😀

8. If you were to advice someone interested in starting a blog, what niche would you advise him/her to go into and why?

A lot of probloggers talk about profitable niche and non-profitable niche. I believe one should be able to write about something he/she loves. I love tech but if my first blog was about health niche then you can imagine, I would really be a terrible blogger.

At start a blog should be hunch driven and a little later data driven.

9. With Google’s clampdown on poorly written sites, do you think link building is still relevant?

High quality articles supported by high quality link building can do wonders to a blog. Google isn’t a bot; its run by humans. Just like you wouldn’t want a cockroach to live in your home, how can Google let low quality articles rank on its search engine and disappoint users.

10. It’s been a debating topic: “Which blogging platorm is the best?” Abhishek, which do you prefer – wordpress or blogspot? Kindly state your reasons.

Both are great I believe. For anyone who is starting a blog, I’d advice him to start with blogger. Once he/she gets the basic understanding of the barebone system, working on WordPress will be cheerful. Here is an exhaustive article which states complete difference between both platform. Click here to access it.

11. What are your 3 favourites SEO tools?

For on-page SEO I use WordPress SEO by Yoast. Other tools I’d advice bloggers to use is OpenLinkProfiler and Keyword Inspector.

12. Anything else you would like to add?

Since this is a motivation blog, I’d like to share something motivational which I shared in my previous interview and here it goes.

“I strongly believe that successful are the people who are willing to die every day, who are willing to cross the line, who are willing to take a chance, who are trying to make a mark, who aren’t afraid to make mistakes, who aren’t always thinking of the consequences.
You may call them idiots, jerks, out of the world, crazy, non-cooperative, arrogant. But these are the people who are always going to reach where they want. Maybe a little late but surely they will.
And I strongly believe you’re one of them.”

13. In your honest opinion, what do you think we should do right here on Pro Motivator?

We all, love something and motivation helps us to hold onto it. Pro Motivator hits the bull’s eye. I loved the article about 5 Ways to Write Like Seth Godin and I’d gladly request Sam to come up with more such kind of articles. If you keeps working hard on this blog Sam, you can make it more successful than

I hope that interview was the best that you could get out of Abhishek Tavasalkar, a 20 year old blogger. Hope you’ve learned something useful today.

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The #1 Way to Hack into Your Competitors Blog Without Them Knowing

The #1 Way to Hack into Your Competitors Blog Without Them Knowing

Have you ever been perplexed, frustrated, just because you love the theme the other blogger is using and you wanted badly to know the name and it seems just impossible except you ask the blogger?

Well, I was too but after a lot of research I found a very easy means of knowing everything – yes everything, including the theme and the plugins your blogger friend uses.

Now, what I’m trying to tell you is that you can quickly and easily check and know the WordPress theme of another blog without asking the owner of the site what theme he or she used. Cool, right? I know. 🙂 and I call it “The Law of Hack into Your Competitors Blog”.

So, today I will like to expose you to a fascinating tool that can help you check the theme of a particular WordPress site, especially when you like the design of the website.

What tool is that? It is called


The tool to hack into your competitors blogs

Just like me, I’m sure thousands of bloggers are always on the lookout for a good WordPress theme, isn’t it?

Most times, you might stumble upon a wordpress site that has a stunning design and you fell heads over hill in love with the site and wanted to know the theme.

You quickly roll your cursor down to the footer area only for you to find out that there wasn’t no link to the theme.

Trust me I know how sad it can be cause I’ve been there myself.

Now, If you are the type that knows exactly what to do, you can look at the HTML source and hunt out the information.

For some bloggers, it might be either they don’t know how or they are just too busy to start reading codes.

Don’t worry. What WordPress Theme Is That? was created in order to make it really easy for you to get all the details of what WordPress theme and what WordPress Plugins are being used on a site, so that you too can create your own perfect WordPress site.


Search for the site and hack-in

Why I particularly love this tool is the fact that aside of searching out what theme is being used, you will also be able to see what WordPress plugins are being used. A perfect way to Hack into Your Competitors Blog!

Over to you.

What is your take about this subject? Do you think the tool is worthy of use? Oh you think it is, right? Okay, did you finally Discover that Site’s Theme and Plugins?

Please do share your experience of using the tool with us by using the comment box below.

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101 Top Questions Everyone Should Ask

101 Top Questions Everyone Should Ask

Hello dear readers, it’s so amazing to see a new dawn yet again and whenever I think about the goodness of the Lord by giving us the gift of life I always shout Hallelujah!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my reader the 101 questions I believe if you would ask yourself will bring you ultimate success.

I have lately been reading a lot, both books and blogs and I have through reading this great blogs make some amazing friends, amongst which are Ramsay of Blog Tyrant, Christo Van,  , Angela McCall, Silviu Constantinescu, Leigh Shulman and a host of others. Ramsay recently commented on my article here and Christo accepted that I share with you my amazing readers This 101 Questions he feels will be of immense value to you. Isn’t that amazing?

Do not let me bore you with too much words…I will now leave you with Christo himself! Christo over to you now.

Need Answers?

So you want to become wealthy – yes? A key secret is to understand that almost everything in your life – especially if you want to create wealth – is about making choices. About making good choices. About making more choices. About making better choices. You make better choices when you ask better questions, and then realizing that the answer, no matter which way, is a choice – your choice. And the reason(s) – the why – can be your choice also. To demonstrate this I have prepared a list of the 101 top questions everyone should ask – and answer – about creating wealth. You should ask them. You should answer them. They will help you to forge a better, wealthy lifestyle.

[Tweet “After all said and done, our success in life bothers on the choices we make and the questions we ask.”]

A few key points before we begin, note the following secrets to wealth:

  • All the questions are phrased positively.
  • You should not allow any of the questions to have negative, restrictive answers.
  • Each of these questions, in one way or another – can drastically affect the quality of your life.
  • They all refer to an aspect of creating wealth.
  • Many of them should be substantiated with a reason – the “why“.
  • The why is your reason for taking action.
  • All of these questions are personal. They are all about you!
  • You don’t need to answer them all straight away. It takes time.
  • It serves you well to at least ask these questions.
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an immediate answer.
  • Just asking the question already changes the way you think.

Ladder of success

The 101 top questions everyone should ask – and answer – about creating wealth:

  1. What kind of person will I choose to become.
  2. What is important to me.
  3. What will I spend my time on.
  4. What do I choose to learn more about.
  5. Who do I choose to surround myself with.
  6. What do I choose to surround myself with.
  7. What do i want to achieve in my lifetime.
  8. How will I be remembered.
  9. What kind of legacy will i be leaving.
  10. What is “good enough” for me.
  11. How will I make better choices from now on.
  12. Will I take action. Why?
  13. Will I create a budget. Why?
  14. Do I choose to reduce my spending. Why?
  15. Do I choose to increase my (personal/mental) value. Why?
  16. Do I choose to increase my production (volume or rate)
  17. How will I manage my time better.
  18. Do I choose to learn from [everyone, average people, experts]
  19. Do I choose to learn more. If so, in which field(s)
  20. Do I choose to do nothing. Why?
  21. Do I choose to do something. Why?
  22. Do I choose to do something amazing. Why?
  23. What do I choose to think about. Why?
  24. What do I choose to think about more often. Why?
  25. Do I choose to make my own choices. Why?
  26. What do I choose to be important to me. Why?
  27. What do I choose to be more important. Why?
  28. What reasons do I choose for what I believe.
  29. What reasons do I choose for what I value.
  30. What reasons do I choose to justify my choices.
  31. What reasons do I choose to justify my actions.
  32. What do I choose to be possible.
  33. Why do i choose to believe this.
  34. Do i have adequate supporting facts?
  35. Which Incoming communication will I allow to be processed?
  36. Which incoming communication will I allow to be accepted.
  37. Do I believe what others say.
  38. Do I value Internet Articles
  39. Which Radio stations will I listen to.
  40. Will I read or ignore Newspapers
  41. Will I watch TV? If so, how much.
  42. Will I improve my outgoing communication. If so, how?
  43. Will I improve my ability to write [better, clearer, more specific] How?
  44. How will I say best what I really want to say?
  45. Which words can I use to better reflect my true question
  46. What tone will I use to get my message across in the best possible manner?
  47. Which activities or goals are most important to me?
  48. How much time will i dedicate daily/weekly/monthly/yearly to those activities/goals?
  49. How much time will I dedicate to spending quality time with people?
  50. Who am I?
  51. Will I watch less TV or eliminate it altogether?
  52. Which time slots will I dedicate towards checking & responding to emails?
  53. When will I answer my phone? [sometimes, always, never]
  54. Which meaningless activities can I eliminate to get back more time?
  55. What does spiritual health mean to me?
  56. Who or what do I believe in?
  57. Will I attend a spiritual institution? [Yes/No]
  58. Will I meditate? If so, how often, where and when?
  59. When will I allow myself time to think?
  60. When will I allow myself to truly relax?
  61. What kind of audio do I like? Why?
  62. Is what I am listening to helping me to relax?
  63. Is what I am listening to helping me to grow and learn?
  64. How important is being physically in shape for me?
  65. What can I do to improve my physical health?
  66. What changes can I make to my diet? Why?
  67. How much time will I dedicate to physical exercise?
  68. Which bad habits can I replace? Why?
  69. Which good habits do I want to adopt? Why?
  70. Who do I choose to learn from. Why?
  71. Do I choose to learn from people?
  72. Who is most important to me in my life?
  73. Which friends are truly adding value to my life?
  74. Which friendships do I need to end in order to get more out of life?
  75. Who do I choose to spend more time with? Why?
  76. How will I treat people? Why?
  77. Will I speculate with my money? (Buy and sell for profit)
  78. Do I understand the associated risks?
  79. Will I learn more about risk management?
  80. Will I invest? How often? How much? Why?
  81. Will I invest in myself? Why? (Think about personal value.)
  82. Will I invest in people? Why? (Think about exponential growth.)
  83. Will I invest in the stock market? How much? How often? Why?
  84. Will I invest in products? Why? (Think about “simplicity”)
  85. Will I invest in services? Why? (Think about “saving time.”)
  86. Will I invest in businesses? Why? (Think about already established.)
  87. Will I give to others? Why? How? How often?
  88. How will I give to myself?
  89. Do I choose to save? Why? How much? How often? Why?
  90. What mechanisms can I establish to help me to save without effort?
  91. How will I ensure that I keep on saving more and more?
  92. Will I spend money on things that make me money?
  93. Will I keep track of my money? Why?
  94. What will I do to decrease my expenses?
  95. What will I do to increase my earnings?
  96. Will I learn the rules of money and practice them?
  97. What do I really want?
  98. Will I make a difference in my own life?
  99. Will I make a difference in the lives of others? Why?
  100. Do I choose to become wealthy?
  101. When?

What you can do:

  • Pick one question which tickles your interest.
  • Keep asking this question as often as you can.
  • Do not worry about the answer – your subconscious will work on it for you.
  • When you get an answer, check if you are happy with it, and if it makes sense.
  • Ensure you make a conscious choice: Say your choice out loud as often as you can.
  • Pick the next question and repeat.

My Final Thought For You Guys:

I’m sure like me when I first read it, you are like WOW! Isn’t it? Christo sure did a great job in providing us with this amazing wealth creation questions and if I were you I will do well in bookmarking it for future reading and referencing.

Did you learn something new from this post? Will you take up the challenge by give answers to all the 101 questions above? Please do share with me and Christo and the rest of our readers what you feel about this post by dropping your two cent in the comment section below.

I’d appreciate if you would please share the ish out of this post for me. Thanks! 😀


Represent Your Business Online – 8 Steps

Represent Your Business Online – 8 Steps


Before the twenty first century, we used to live in a world where acquiring a computer was like building a house, you had to save, plan and execute your plan to bring a computer home.

Today, you do not have to be rich to own a computer, neither should you be so much educated to operate one, nor should you have a big size computer to perform duties that the big machine could.

Before the world of computers, communication was the hardest thing and the only thing that needed one to be so patient, this is because, you could send a letter to a client in Paris from Pretoria, in South Africa and the letter is replied after two months. Technological miracles have made the distance between Shangai China and Nairobi Kenya, shift from months to seconds. I simply mean that talking to someone in China from Kenya, today will only take you a simple smart phone and twenty seconds duration to have the person reply your message or post on a social site.

Being a beginner business person today, does not need you to have a million shillings to pay local media houses for you to get mass attention. Proceed to the nearest phone outlet and get yourself a simple smart phone and consider the steps below, if you can afford to buy a laptop and install some internet then employ a full time internet market, the better for you.

Twitter: Have a twitter page that is operational twenty four hours, let it sell itself with your business name, let all the people tweeting, sending direct messages, and replying to your tweets, thanked or have what they want to know sorted out. Monitor all your happenings on twitter inclusive of your competitors most used £tags through tweetonomy.

Facebook: Open a facebook account and let it again sell itself out just like the twitter one, if you wish to be bright enough, link the two pages and let the customers or online customers if you like to call them, interact via the pages. Observe and make sure, no one who needs your reply or answer on a certain product goes unsatisfied.

The reason for pleasing all customers is because, if one of them is unhappy with you or your products, it will only take five seconds to log in to the pages and notify the rest.

Email address: Email marketing is a very important tool in the world of today since, mostly, it will be direct communication with your customers, the customers will even feel greatly welcome to your business for through email marketing, and you can as well notify them of new products personally.

You tube: You tube is a good home for you to even make your own advertisements and post them in your youtube account, have them linked to all your other social sites and create more links to tag your number one customers, who will at times invite their friends to check it out, video is more interesting to the eyes than print, you tube is the home of that video.

Emotionally attached employees: Remember, having many customers streaming to your outlet for products is not enough without the people serving them having a smile on their faces. You need to put up a mechanism to ensure that your employees feel proud to work for you, and are emotionally attached to your premises for them to be good to the customers, and for them not to live their job in big numbers, because loosing an employee is more expensive than just increasing their salary by 10%, remember that when you lose one, you will need to recruit and train another one at your cost, what if they were 10?

Blogs: Blogs are free in most cases, and if you feel that going premium is good or easy, brother, it is the best idea, since having gone premium to the wise one tell more about internet traffic. Make sure you have someone good at blogging about your products each minute.

Mobile marketing: Marketing your business or products directly to your customers through phone calls, is one big idea, texting them about products is closer to them than tweeting them, remember, some of them are already addicted to chatting via their phones.
Right internet tools: For you to sustain your free online marketing, you need to know the right internet tools for you to communicate with your customers well, easily, and interestingly. Remember, there is no media marketing without the right tools.

The best tools for this are:

Lucky orange – make sure you interact well with your blog visitors through it, it helps you even communicate directly with a reader. Remember, the more you know about your site visitors, the more good content you develop for them.

Nowem – let this tool help you search if your business name is already available online since it can search over 500 sites in an instance.

Broken link checker – this is a tool that goes through your sites, and detects any broken links, remember, it is not good for your business to have broken links, they might turn away an interested customer.

Pickmonkey – add test to photos you upload to your social sites using pickmonkey, which is a tool that helps you have interesting text on your photos. Some photos tell a story by themselves, but remember others don’t.

In Conclusion

Doing what I just asked above does not mean that you have represented yourself in all social sites, no! But at least, you will be in the most common ones.

The above is just a guideline to help your business get out of your village to the biggest village around you, by this I mean ‘Global village’, keep practicing if you have never, or keep on if you are doing it. You don’t have to squeeze yourself dry in the name of advertising through the main stream media, so as for you to be successful.

It’s your turn, buddies!

Any additional knowledge to this article is welcome and most welcome in the comment box below.

Thanks for your time.

Sir. Qobiqom.








How Do I Come Up With a Winning Business Idea?

How Do I Come Up With a Winning Business Idea?

Many times aspiring entrepreneurs ask this very common question “How do I come up with a winning business idea?” Well I’ve always believed that coming up with a winning business idea is simply a matter of creating a vision, leveraging your strengths and knowing what the market needs.

These three uncommon steps should get you started in developing a winning business idea.

1. Create a vision

If you don’t have a vision yet you can create one now. Just shut your eyes for a few minutes and conjure up a comprehensive image of what you want your life to look like in 5 years. Be as detailed as possible.

Where do you live?

How do you spend your days?

What kind of work do you do?

Do you work alone or with other people?

Who are you surrounded by?

What do you do when you aren’t working?

Be free to ask yourself more questions; just create a vibrant vision of yourself, touching on things that are essential to you. These are all personal issues that will impact the type of business you pursue – being a city or country person; wanting to travel or sit at your computer; liking to meet people or work on the phone. This activity will help you create a foundation for choosing a business, making business decisions, and setting clear goals.

It is best to do this exercise with someone else and share your vision. If you can’t, write it down to make your vision more concrete.

2. Find out what you’re good at and what you like to do

It’s often useful to look inside yourself to figure out what you like and dislike, and where your talents lie. The idea is not just to come up with a winning business idea but to come up with one that fits your skill set and interests you. Your business has to keep you excited so you can thrive over the long haul.

You can easily do this by making three separate lists:

List 1: What you’re good at

Everyone is good at something and many skills can be the foundation for a business. You might be naturally organized or have a knack for fixing things. You may be so used to your skills that they don’t immediately come to mind, so assemble this list by observing yourself for a few weeks with an eye out for your aptitudes and by asking people who know you well for their impressions of what you excel at.

List 2: Skills you’ve acquired over the years

Whether or not you’ve worked in a conventional environment, you no doubt have accumulated many. Write down all the work responsibilities you’ve had; think about the varied tasks you know how to complete. Make sure this list is complete — there should be at least 10 distinct items.

List 3: Things you like to do

List the things you take pleasure in doing. This may not be as straightforward as it sounds. This list should be at least 10 items long. Stretch beyond your hobbies and interests that spring to mind immediately. If you’re stymied, ask people who have known you for a long time — particularly people who knew you as a kid — what they have seen you doing when you’re happiest.

Keep these three lists in an accessible place (for instance on your desk) for several weeks, and every time an idea comes to you, jot it down in the proper category. Ask people who know you well for their input or to help you jog your memory.

3. Figure out what the market needs

So far, you’ve been looking inward to come up with your business idea. Now it is time to look outward to discover an unfilled need that you can meet with your product or service.

There are plenty of “Top 10” or “Hot New” business lists out there. These may stimulate some ideas, but the best business ideas will come from you and will be based on who you are and what the market is looking for. So while you’re doing your soul searching and list making, put up your antenna and look out for business opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to be outlandish and don’t be discouraged if your first few ideas are flawed. Put them aside and keep working. Never give up.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you’re thinking by writing a comment below! Also feel free to share with us how you came up with your business idea. These three steps should get you started in developing a winning business idea.

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Ultimate Guide: How to Port From Blogger to WordPress

Ultimate Guide: How to Port From Blogger to WordPress

port fom blogger to WordPress


In this past three weeks, I have literally lost count of people who have been asking me on how they could move from blogspot to WordPress. Here you have it guys!

So if like me you seek a better platform than Blogspot then WordPress would be your best bet. Let me guess, you are probably thinking blogspot is the best because everyone uses it. Yeah we all do, even Harleena Singh does, and at some point we realized for us to be more productive we will need a platform such as WordPress, which is more versatile. (more…)