Successful Online Business

One of the most asked question and the most talked about subject on the internet today is “how to build a successful online business“.


People have in recent times come to understand the power of the internet and hence want to profit from doing business online.

However, to be successful at whatever you do or sell online means to have the right strategies in place. I mean strategies that will take you from starting your business to actually growing it to the point it becomes extremely successful as to rake in millions of dollars month-in-month-out.

So in this first episode of The Income Splash Podcast, Sam Adeyinka seats with Joe Pardo to ask him specific and thought-provoking questions about how to start a successful online business and Joe wasn’t economical with his ideas and strategies but churned them all out as they come to him.

What you will learn:

  • Who Joe is and why he’s qualified to teach US how to build a successful online business.
  • How to build a profitable niche
  • The ideal required time to work on a business to make it successful
  • The best time to start thinking about money in your business

So Who’s Joe?

Joe Pardo is a New Jersey based dreamer who has always believed that society starts with you and that to change society you must change how you think.

In early 2014, Joe decided to leave his family $100m business and pursue his dreams of owning his own business.

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Joe Pardo founded the Motivational Dreamers Podcast to build his platform of helping others pursue their dreams. And by late 2015, Joe already has the resume to help elevate others to pursue their dreams.

He has released two books; 31 Life Changing Concepts, which is highly ranked on Huffington Post and How to Dream Big and Win. He has started a Podcast Conference, which he called Podcast Mid-Atlantic. He has launched a speaking career, coach tons of Online Entrepreneurs, started an Online Business School, which he called Your Dream Platform.

Now, that’s it for now about Joe. So he shared some brilliant thoughts on Online Business and I will implore you to please listen to this podcast episode if you are really about growing your online business.

Sam: What is online business?

Joe: Online business can take so many different forms. There are people doing webinars; there are people writing articles every day; there are people writing books: there are people making music: there are people selling stuffs like on Amazon and on Ebay. Online business is such a wide open field of like ‘oh I’m an online business’.

Joe went on to share his thoughts on why it is important to know why you do what you are doing and a couple other ideas. Downloading and listening to the episode on your handheld will just make sense.

Joe talked successful online business

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Barriers he faced.                                 

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Joe believed his barriers have only been himself. Why? That’s because when he ought to be contacting people and putting his skills to good use, he’d just seat somewhere in his living room staring at his computer and wasting time.

Generally, you've got to be asking people and finding out what they want. Click To Tweet

He went on to advice: to have a successful and thriving online business, you need to start building your contacts and asking them the right questions.

How to Build Profitable Niche

To build a profitable Niche, Joe said you will have to do a lot of research to make sure that there’s a market for what you are building and that what you are building is affordable to the people you are trying to build it for.

He gave an example of a coolest cooler that’s being sold on Amazon for 500 bucks. SMH, that’s absurd price, is it not?

Building a business is not in hours but in days, weeks and months. - @SuperJoePardo Click To Tweet

Your prices have to be justifiable and for that to happen you would have succeeded in learning the nitty-gritties of building your business to the point it becomes highly profitable.

You want your product to be valuable for them to say, “Well, if this was $50, I would buy it maybe. But if it was $25, I will just buy it straight-up.

“If you focus too much on the selling, you will only succeed in generating a lot of waste. Make sure there’s a balance between selling and cutting costs”, Joe advised.

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Are you a podcaster and hope to grow your podcaster audience over 200%? Watch this Joe Pardo’s video.

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5 best tips of starting a successful online business

  • Find something you’re passionate about – something you can solve for people.
  • Research – obviously we don’t all know everything, this is why you need to keep researching.
  • Get men of like passion – Put yourself around people doing what you are doing and maybe smatter than you in the fields that matters to what you are doing.
  • Find people who believe in what you are doing. Lean on the shoulders of these people and I am sure you will be just fine.
  • Keep doing what you are doing!
Professionals practise and constantly they are getting better. – @SuperJoePardo Click To Tweet

That’s it with today’s episode with Joe and I am hopeful just I believe that Joe’s thoughts will definitely help you start, launch and grow your own successful online business.

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How to Dream Big and Win

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