Petal Segal wrote, “I think superheroes are heroes with flaws, and in their flaws, there is a sense of humour.”

In the world I come from, there live so many powerful, famous, and influential superheroes. These are people who over the years have journeyed on a recess to the inner place of their minds. They are people who know and understand who they are, why they are here and where they are going. They then married their imagination with hard work, which was the hallmark for their fame.

These set of people look to their immediate environment to find people’s needs, brand a solution, attack the problem then help their subjects solve these needs and problems, which they were initially faced with.

That said. My superheroes are those that have understand the technical/business know-how of their niche. They have a specific niche, a target audience and they reach out to these folks via these mediums; podcast, blogs, social media, just to mention a few.

Who are they?

I will tell you in a minute…

Sometime back, I attended a conference in Lagos State University about “Social Media/Branding”. There, I met a young lad whose understand of poetry shook me from my seat and draw out strands from my hair. I even had goose pimples. I thought his spoken-word poetry was perfect!

A month ago, I got his contact because I wanted him to come shake the whole building (I am having a similar conference tagged: Digital Marketing; maximizing Online Opportunities for National & Global Efficacy. Register to attend the event here: with his witty words. That was when he sent me a recording of his poetry recording. He had recorded a little something on #selfcrush and wanted me to listen to it and possibly help broadcast it.

I keenly listened to it and fell in love with it almost immediately. Every person that listened to it, loved it and wanted to know who the person was that recorded it.

My friend immediately became a superhero. I believe being a superhero is tantamount to being a person of value, the go to guy or the go to girl.

So my friend; His value is embedded in his poetry and the platform to which he reach out to his subjects is audio recording and social media.

What’s your value?

Who are your target audience?

How do you reach them?

You can click here to download and listen to Adigun Shola’s spoken-word poetry, ‘selfcrush’.

Let me share with you my Superheroes from the month of February.

N/B: This list is in no particular order.

Superheroes from the month of February.

  1. Abraham Ologundudu – Is the founder of Seasoned Life Journal and the convener of “Leverageng”, an initiative centred on breeding savvy social media guys who will turn the world upside down. He has the mandate to show you your unique selling point and teach you tactical ways to run with your life’s vision.

I first met Abraham 3years ago when he submitted a guest blog on my then blog Promotivator (now incomesplash) about “5 Warning Signs You are Addicted to Your Smartphone”. We did things together with the blog and outside the blog and trust me it was fun working with this dude.

Why is he my superhero?

Simple! His “Leverage” program inspired me into taking action with the idea of a conference I had nurse in my heart throughout the year. Not just that, herecently have been helpful to me as he allowed me the opportunity to drink straight from the cup of his vast knowledge in digital marketing. Bro, I am so thankful!

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  1. Sefa Tsegha – Is the founder of The Fruitfulujah Podcast a subsidiary of The Fruitfulujah Projects. He his enthusiastic about teaching his findings about wordpress, running successful membership site, building emailing list, all of which are centred on technology. His catchword is simply to help “simplify technology for everyday people”, which he is enthusiastically doing with his podcast.

I found Sefa on Nigeria Podcast Network and immediately got interested in what he’s got to offer (not money but knowledge) via his blog. Matter of fact, the initial connection was his amazing, thoughtful, and helpful response as regards the crowdsourcing question I posed about my upcoming conference.

Sefa has been really helpful to me. His calls, texts, Fb chats, guides are what swelled me up to start my own podcast. Sir, I really appreciate you. You are indeed my superhero!

  1. Olumide Ojeleye – Is a public speaker, leadership expert, mentor, coach, trainer and a pastor, who is very passionate about developing people, products and places.

I attend a lot of seminars and it was in one of such seminars I met uncle Olumide who was part of the organizers of that powerful program.

After “Press Play”, I made a resolute conviction to do something almost similar to that that will strictly be to impacting on young minds and in the process breed world changers!

And later last year when I finally process and decided to run with the vision that was made plain on the tablet of my mind and on the pages of my notebook, I contacted him about it, we met at Tantalizer (we didn’t eat though he offered to buy us something) to discuss the program. His advice and tact so far has been helpful towards the success of Connect+ Conference.

Less I forget, Olumide Ojeleye will be speaking on the subject of “Dynamics of Digital Marketing (making yourself visible online & offline) come March 18 at my event “Connect+ Conference” in Ibadan.

See why he is my superhero of the month of February?

  1. Segun Akiode – Is the author of Corporate Misfit, a chemical engineer turned career & employability coach, and a columnist at Mobile Punch.

Segun Akiode’s posts and replies to statuses made on the Nigeria Podcast Network are always very insightful and helpful. Following his advice to search for and download Vivian Jokotade’s podcast on SoundCloud, I made for running a search on his name as well and stumbled on his own podcast too. I listened to them and fell in love with his person.

Then I came back to engage him in his inbox on Facebook and fella shared amazing tips and techniques to start and run a successful podcast show myself.

I want to say thank you, and yes, you made my superheroes list for the month of February!

  1. Esohe Iginoba – Founder of The Global Brand Network, Esohe Iginoba is indeed a rare gem, a strong brand catalyst!

I stumbled on her profile on The Highly Paid Expert’s Network and being that she caught my attention with her habitually powerful and branded content, I added her to my BBM Contact and kick-started a conversation that will help in the clarification of my purpose and how I was supposed to run with that in other to achieve my goals.

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Esohe has been really wonderful. She accepted to speak at my event and also attended my TweetCast event on Twitter where she taught extensively on the subject of “Branding your Online Business”.

Thank you so much Esohe, you are worth celebrating. You are my superhero!

  1. Shola Ajayi – Founder of BishopForte Studio is one of the best graphic designers I’ve seen. I will admit that he allowed his simplistic nature to rub off on his designs. And that is a bonus to him I believe! Did I mention that he’s also a photographer?

I needed a good graphic designer for my event and I knew I cannot rely on myself to carve out a nice creative for this event, hence the need to outsource. Realizing that my account blinks red, I quickly went on a search for sponsorship in graphic design and that was when I stumbled on this Mr and he’s insofar did a nice job in branding the event and my company’s image.

Dayo Samuel and Esohe Igbinoba has nothing but kind words about his designs. I’m stunned on the number of calls I have received as a result of his amazing graphical know-how.

His calls, texts, chats and advice on proper branding of my social appearances and the likes has made enough sense to me to think of staying put with his company to further shoot the image of my own company up. Thanks boss Shola. I tua you and nobody else!

  1. Dayo Samuel – Founder of Nigeria Podcast Network where he help entrepreneurs, thought leaders and experts connect, engage and inspire their tribe. He is the right host of Audacity2Lead Podcast where he gives you the necessary courage to get focus, get started and be impactful.

I first stumble on this man early 2014 when I read one of his blog posts. I had loved that post so much that I bookmarked his website. But that was the last time I visited his blog.

Things however turned around and I got in contact with him again late last year but he was now the bomb, everyone wanted to listen to him, his podcast had gain traction on iTunes and he had become quite the online guru and the go-to-guy as far as podcasting his concerned.

I am a better person, a serious blogger and a focused podcaster due to the influence of His Facebook Community and of his amazing podcast. I can now beat my chest of starting my own podcast April 1 and achieving limitless success in the process.

Sir, I salute and celebrate you for allowing yourself to be my superhero!

  1. Vivian Jokotade Adeniyi – Is a Nigerian born Africa-American who is passionate about helping young women find and develop their personal rhythm of life. She’s a notable stylist catalyst and a well-rounded conference speaker.

I first stumbled on Vivian’s comment on Nigeria Podcast Network and wanted to know who she was and where she got her amazing knowledge from. And then I found out that she too is podcaster and since my discovery of her “Jokotade Show”, I’ve remained glued to SoundCloud where I regularly listen to her episodes.

Ladies! You don’t want to joke with the Jokotade Show if you know that you know that you want to thrive in every areas of your life, wants to live the life of your dream, Impact others and chart a course towards greatness and hence live a successful life.

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Vivian is my superhero of the month of February simply because listening to her podcast has brought this unusual tranquillity, self-love, and confidence in my guts and in myself to start and live out my dreams.

The Great Investment, The Visionary Woman, 5 Steps to Start & Grow Your Business are just few of what you will learn from listening to the Jokotade Show.

I however I’m not happy with the ma’am because she will not reply my Facebook messages. Hehehe….I kid…I kid!

  1. Vick Law – She’s a future lawyer, a graphic design, creative writer, social media junkie, product development consultant and the founder of Product Creators Mastermind.

Where did I meet Vicky? Uhmmm…I think I met Vicky on Pat Flynn’s Facebook Community – The Smart Passive Income Community. Her posts and comments were very thoughtful and because I love well-thought-out works (write-ups) I followed and added her on Facebook.

We’ve been in constant touch since then and we will be meeting for the first time on Monday before I relocate back to Ibadan.

Just yesterday, she agreed to be my brainstorming and accountability partner and she has given me loads of assignment to complete and trust me that sure seemed like fun.

Vicky is an amazing lady whose passion and drive ignited in me the burning desire to start my own podcast. Her Creating Increase Podcast was live last week and trust me I enjoyed the 18minutes I spent listening to her show.

I love you Vicky Law. You are my beautiful and lovely superhero! Thumbs up to you.

  1. Dan Henry – Is a digital marketing nerd who with batman underwear has used digital marketing to build a $30,000 per month affiliate blog on e-Cigarettes, the hottest nightclub in town using Facebook Ads, a T-Shirt Line with thousands of Amazon sales. The former Pizza delivery guy now earns a monthly 6-figure income as a digital marketer.

I joined his Facebook Community – Digital Marketing Nerd, six (6) nights ago upon Vicky’s recommendation.

Dan and I had a Facebook conversation, though tough, I was able to clarify what aspects of digital marketing I am trying to get into. Yes, it was rough and tough my conversation with Dan as it was obvious that dude don’t like scammers who will do anything possible to scam other people all in the name of providing them with information.

He said:

“If you try to teach people something that you don’t know how to do, or that you are not really good at, then technically that’s scamming. It will backfire!”

And also said:

“Pass the knowledge on that you have, not what you think you have.”

Aren’t those wise thoughts and advise?

See, Dan is sure the boss and I am glad we had that conversation. I salute you man, you are a worthy superhero!

Conclusively, these folks are my superheroes of the month of February, not that they are the most perfect of all those I met this month but because there sense of humour rubbed off on me and that indeed has made a better person, a serious blogger, and a very impactful podcaster out of me.

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