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Keeping a blog up to date is one of the most important aspects of blogging. This is so important because regular blog visitors expect new postings on a regular basis. In case you don’t know, visitors expect to see a new post as often as once a day while some would love to get content updates on a weekly basis. It however depends on the subject matter such visitors might be looking for, which is either more frequent. Similarly, some visitors may not be willing to get this updates more than a few times a year. That’s why we say blog owners should be aware of the frequency of which readers expect new posts and should make an effort to compelling such readers with regularly updates.

In this article, I will be discussing with you some of the many methods for keeping a blog up to date, including scheduling a regular time to publishing posts on your blogs, using publishing tools wisely and hiring guest bloggers when necessary. I hope you will find what you want here.

Finding Time to Post Daily

I know of bloggers who schedule their blog postings on whatever day and time they wished for it to pop out to the world to see, and this I believe is one of the best ways to ensuring your blog remains up to date.

This is highly and particularly important when blog readers expect to read new posts from your blog on a daily basis or perhaps several times in a week. So it is in your best interest to therefore over deliver by allotting specific block of time each day to researching, writing and publishing your blog posts as this will likely help your blog be up to date and make you and authority.

Truth is bloggers who engage in the said activities have high tendency of keeping their blogs up to date than those bloggers who only plan on accomplishing tasks when they find time to do so.

Well, there may still be days whereby the blogger would be unable to publish new posts on the blog but you can bet that these days will be less frequent than if the blogger does not have a block of time strictly dedicated to keeping the blog up to date.

Sometimes you are unable to post due to so many other engagements, especially offline engagements and are unable to devote time to blogging, as a blogger who have the interest of their readers in mind; you will want to at least publish a short message explaining why it wasn’t possible to post a new blog entry. Doing this will let your readers know you are aware of their desire to read more information from your blog but are simply unable to publish a new post. Blog visitors are not likely to stop viewing your blog simply because you skipped a day or two but you shouldn’t make it a regular thing.

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Another way to ensure your blog remains up to date is to schedule time to publish blog posts on a daily basis. This is really important as many of your readers are expecting to get your post updates either on a daily or weekly basis. For instance, I have devoted my time in researching, writing and publishing my articles three (3) times every week. Truth is bloggers who observe the same ritual as me are likely to have a blog which is up to date than bloggers who plan on accomplishing tasks when they find time to do so.

Are there times I fall short of this strategy? Truth be told, there are days in which I’m unable to publish new post on my blog but they are always less frequent.

Taking Advantage of Publishing Tools

There many different blog publishing tools which enable bloggers to write blog posts with the aim of specifying when each post should be published. This is a great way for some bloggers who seriously want to publish new posts daily but can’t due to time limit in scribbling down words.

With this blogger can actually dedicate a block of time each week to write blog posts and have them published throughout the week. This of course is an easier method for keeping a blog up to date and helps the blogger in being efficient.

Let me share with you some of the publishing tools that will help you in keeping a blog up to date. Don’t be deceived friends; these tools are the reason behind the success of those A-list bloggers you aspire to be like. Read on…..

Publishing Tool to aid Quality Contents

The following tool I will be sharing with you will help you create your contents much quicker and also helps your posts to be more interesting to your readers.

Zemanta: I just downloaded this plugin, but prior to downloading it I remember I read a review about it on one of the websites I was reading and got so fascinated about it. So what does it do? Zemanta is a tool that works on the side of your blog editor. Just as you typing in your editor Zemanta automatically begin to analyze your words and then suggests images, tags, links, and related articles for your content. It features over 15 million images that you can use and with proper licensing.

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Publishing Tools for Screenshots

Perhaps you want a quick and easy means to grab screenshots for your blog posts, without downloading any software, these 2 tools I will mention here will really make your life as a blogger much easier.

Awesome Screenshot: This tool is a capture, footnote and sharing tool by Diigo, Safari and Firefox. You can capture the visible part of a page, selected area or entire page. Footnote tools include adding shapes, arrows, lines and text. It also provides you with a blur tool which majorly is great for protecting your privacy and personal information that you might have captured.

Pixlr Grabber: This tool helps you copy, save, edit and share screenshots and images from the web. There is an extension for both Firefox and chrome. With this you will be able to grab only the visible part of the page, a defined area or an entire web page.

Publishing Tools for Optimization

SEO Blogger: is another tool that comes to mind and with it, you can find the most sought after keywords for your subject without having to leave your blog editing screen. It currently works only in the Firefox sidebar via an extension. SEO Blogger allows you to research keywords, see how popular they are, and compare them instantly with other keywords. This is really great for keeping the density in your posts.

Publishing Tools for Sharing

Ping-O-Matic: is a pinging service that lets search engines know that you’ve just updated your blog. You can select the different services you’d like to ping. Ping-O-Matic is a great way of splashing your posts across search engines.

Shareaholic: We all know this one right? Well, for some who don’t, Shareaholic helps for quick and easy way of sharing your blog posts all over the social web. The last time I checked, it supports over 100 services for sharing and saving your content.

Other great sharing tools I’d like to include are AddThis, Flare and Feedburner.


I’d like to stop here but you should please indulge me by sharing your take about other tools you feel would help in keeping a blog up to date.

Hiring Guest Bloggers

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As a blogger, another way you can update your blog is by getting guest bloggers to guest blog for you. You can either hire them or get them for free, it seems to me that these days, there are more people willing to do guest blogging for free. Isn’t that wonderful? Oh as a matter of fact, I do it for free too.


This can be a worthwhile method for bloggers as there are times when you get busy both online and offline that you don’t even have the time to scribble down anything, and sometimes it might be that you just want to provide your readers with a little variety.

But you should also consider the reactions of your readers towards this as some of them might not be interested in reading any guest article. The use of guest blogging can therefore be actually detrimental than regularly updating your blog. That’s why you need to be wise.


After all said and done, keeping your blog up to date is all that matters and therefore must be strictly worked upon for better ranking and being an authority in whatever niche you’ve chosen to blog about.

Remember, to successfully keep your blog up to date you would want to find time for posting, making to use to your advantage the many publishing tools and lastly, to get a likeminded teacher to teach your readers in another dynamism.

Over to you

Of course there are thousands of ways of keeping a blog up to date and there are lot of publishing tools with which we can you use to better our blogging endeavours and efforts. My question is do you use any of the methods mentioned above? I’m sure there is, so please be sure to drop your comments in the comment section so we could rub minds together.

I hope to hear from you. And don’t forget to share this post, if you think your friends and followers would enjoy it

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