Was 2015 great for you? Did you achieve all of your set goals? How many clientele do your company successfully recorded from the beginning of 2015 till now, the last day of 2015?

These questions and many more are what was running in my little mind-head while thinking in the early hours of this morning and I have decided to drop my position on what you should do and not do to make 2016 a better year and not just another year where you write down resolutions only to drop them somewhere in your house.

Now, just before I go on to share my top 15 ways to lead a better and stress-free lifestyle in 2016, I'd like to share a remark of one of the blogging greats here in Nigeria in the name of Nosagie of TechRez.

"I have seen a lot of people screaming 2016 go make sense, money no be problem in 2016. That's fine but it would interest you to know that some of these guys said the same thing in 2014 and their lives were totally miserable in 2015. It is not enough to scream, it's better to act and be guided. Pay attention to mental development ; where you are today and where you will be by the end of 2016 is directly proportional to what you know…"

You would agree with me that Nosa's remark is quite inventive and useful if one were to truly lead a better and stress-free lifestyle in 2016.

It seemed to me that most people just like Nosa said go about making New Year resolution and most times, these resolutions are nothing but unrealistic resolutions that but set them up for failure after failures. Imagine setting a resolution such as hitting the gym every day when you haven’t exercised since college. πŸ™‚ Funny, huh?

I remember one of my New Year's resolution for 2015 was solving mathematical problems 2hrs everyday. It never happened and that's because I hated math so badly since high school and if you ask me what is 2 + 3, I will have to count my fingers before I could say 5. It's that bad. Now, Isn't it all clear that this exactly is why over 80% of people give up on their resolutions within three months?

Thought leaders around the world have come to an agreement that it’s more important to identify what you really want to change in your life before taking simple yet manageable steps to put those goals in your reach.

I'm I not talking too much already? How about let's get down to business as I share with you my top 20 tips for living a better and stress-free lifestyle in 2016….

1. Write it on a Tablet

Write what on a tablet? Well, you read that write. "It" in that sentence means vision, which as well could be termed as your resolutions for 2016.

Habakkuk famously stated "Write down the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it."

What that simply means is that your vision becomes potent and achievable once you plan it out first on white paper.

This cannot be over emphasized as experts all around the world agrees with the philosophy of writing down ones goals as it strengthens our mental chords to act out that which we've written down.

2. Visualize the Written Resolutions

Call it imagination, all I care! I define imagination as an image nation where one is free to create mental pictures of the kind of life he would love to lead. Some experts love to call it visualization.

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Now, envisage 3 groups of basketball players. The first group would practice free throws for 25minutes every day. The second group would not practice free throws but would visualize themselves making free throws. And the last group will neither practice free throws nor visualize making free throws. What would the result be? Your guess is as good as mine, the first would record a significant result and the second group as well would record almost the same success. That's the power of visualization at work.

This was an experiment that was actually carried out by an Australian Psychologist Alan Richardson.

So friend, if you want to make millions in the first 3months of 2016, imagine yourself starting a business, striking huge business deals, and receiving checks or alerts in your GTBank account, if like me you use that amazing bank. Just visualize what you want 2016 to be and you can bet you will live it if you can write it down and take disciplined actions.

3. Take Disciplined Actions

This is where most people get it wrong or should I say twisted like Oliver Twist. πŸ™‚ Actually, most people are good planners and yet they fail miserably at what they hope to achieve and that's because they don't take action on the things they planned.

It was Albert Einstein that said, "Nothing happens until some thing moves." That's very correct! You don't expect to achieve the result of success if you are not ready to take maximum action.

Making plans is not enough to succeed in 2016, you will need to plan action for you to experience and lead a better and stress-free lifestyle in 2016.

4. Look before you leap!

This one is very important!

A lot of my friends complained of being scammed in 2015 and I also was scammed by some guys who was supposed to do a tweak on my blog's template, he didn't do it and got away with my money. Designed a logo for some guys, delivered it and he stopped picking my calls.

Those scam experiences wouldn't have happened had my friends and I looked well before we decided to align ourselves with those folks. What do you think?

You want to do a business, find out about everything that needs to be found out about that business before you put your money into it. Don't waste your money on a business that wouldn't do you any good.

Please, look before you leap in 2016!

5. Why do you want to do it?

Nike had a great vision, they just wanted to do it. I'm sure a lot of thoughts would have gone into those three words, which reads something like "Just Do It".

The problem with a lot of people in 2015 was that they just went ahead and do things without figuring the WHY(s) behind the WHAT(s) they set out to do. That's pretty bad!

You've got to know what's driving you and you won't be able to find out without first of all dealing with the WHY.

Why should people listen to you in 2016? Dude, you've got to figure out your why and that would be your motivation to be able lead a better and stress-free lifestyle in 2016.

6. Understand Your Strength!

I ask this question a lot of the time and I usually phrase them like this; "What are you most strengthened at?" Breaking it down, it simply means what are you most talented at.

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While it is tempting and of course great to be versatile, that is, good at everything, be able to talk about every topic, it is advisable to master one aspect, be an expert at it such that people will come to you when they can't find their way.

For instance, you want to go to Darren Rowse to learn tips on how to make money blogging, go to Jon Chow to learn how to boost your blog traffic or say to what's his name again…Pat Flynn to learn how to create and run a successful podcast.

These guys have over the years found out the why(s) they do what they are doing and have also understand fully well where their strength lies and what they should do to amplify these talents of theirs. Tells why they are extremely successful, right?

Truth be told, if you're going to lead a better life and a stress-free lifestyle in 2016, you will need to understand and focus on your strength and learn how to amplify it rather than becoming a mediocre at everything.

I once heard that "Better to be an expert at a few things than a mediocre jack of all trades!"

7. View Challenges as Opportunities

Trust me, there would be a lot of challenges in the year 2016. I know some of you have been going about saying 2016 is a blessed year because your pastor last Sunday prophesied it so, I'm so sorry to burst your bubble. πŸ™‚

While 2016 would be a blessed year, it holds with it challenges upon challenges but you've got to have a great hindsight to be able to spot the blocks of opportunities that accompanies it.

Guessing you've read that story of how colonial Africa was opening up as a market and all the manufacturers of shoes in Victorian England sent their representatives to Africa to see if there might be an opportunity there for their wares.

All duly came back in time with the same answer. ‘Nobody in Africa wears shoes. So, there is no market for our products there.’

All, that is, save for the Bata rep. He came back saying, ‘Nobody in Africa wears shoes. So, there’s a huge market for our products in Africa!’

And that’s why signs promoting Bata appear all over Africa, even in the remotest of spots. It’s why Bata’s shoes are known as the shoes of Africa.

So dude, don't just let me here you complain in 2016 when challenges hit you on the face, if I were you, I would go ahead and embrace it cause I know that those challenges are opportunities in disguise. Got my gist yet?

8. People Rocks!

Whether you like it or not, people are the reason why the world is what it is today; they are the reason why some succeed and why some fail.

The truth is that Every person you meet is a potential door opener to a new opportunity. Want to be extremely great in the coming year? You'll need to start being nice to people cause you never know how you can help each other down the road.

My blogging friends are the reasons I'm still blogging. I love people!

9. Trust Your Gut Instinct!

Sometimes data-driven decisions become obsolete or perhaps they are not just useful to your situation. In those cases, just follow your gut-instinct, they won't fail you!

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10. Make an Impact in People's Lives!

There's no way you can become great, that is, lead a better and stress-free lifestyle in 2016 without making great impact on people's lives.

Your articles needs to be impactful, every single projects you take on has to promise to impact people if you were to be an achiever come next year.

11. Humble People Get Exhorted

Fine, you're good and are the best SEO guy in town. My friend, stay humble because people don't really care much about the skills no more but rather about the one who's humble, that can be calm in the face of pressurized people. A word is enough for the wise.

12. Embrace Failure.

Yes, embrace failure! See it as a chance to grow and a chance to doing something better at another time. Success is failure turned inside-out.

J.K Rowling who now rolls in a lot of Harry Potter dough was an unemployed single mother living off unemployment benefits and in only 5years she rose into a state of huge affluence, becoming one of the best selling authors of all times.

Don't expect not to experience failure in 2016. In fact, you will fail so many times but you must not allow it to shame you into inaction. Rather, let it harden you and make you want to dare, to want to sour on higher grounds.

Remember, failure is not a person but an event.

13. Lean on other's experiences

Leverage on the experiences of others, let their experience be your watch guide. It was Albert Einstein that penned "If I have ever achieved huge success, it would be because I leaned on the experience of those that have gone ahead of me". Did you decode that?

14. Listen more and speak less

I love this one! Why? That's because it works like magic if well practiced. Ever heard of Socrates? Socrates is the one who penned that famous word "Man know thyself!"

Socrates while in council with other great minds that lived during his time would constantly shoot them questions, not that he didn't know the answers but he wanted them to do the talking, share from the cup of their knowledge while he just sit there to drink from it. Now, that's called wisdom!

Tells why we know Socrates and not the other men. That's because the old man learned early on the power of talking less to know more.

In 2016, this mentality well deployed would help you achieve lot of things without you realizing.

15. Measure Your Progress

2016 sure will turn out in your favor but boy, you need to measure your progress. It is very important. While changing or applying your resolutions for this year, it is easy to misremember how well (or poorly) you did as the year runs by. Just make sure you keep track of your progress in a way that makes sense (number of dates you went on, number of gym visits, number of people contacting you to do business and etc).

That's my top 15 ways to lead a better and stress-free lifestyle in 2016. Hope it helps you drastically like I have envisaged while scribbling. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year!

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